Yes, My Love

Love means never having to say you're sorry, doesn't it? I don't agree.

When I said I needed a break, she couldn't believe it. "Men don't need breathers. They can last all night."

"But you wore me out."

She cocked a brow and straightened her shoulders as she rose from the bed. The ice in her gaze spoke louder than anything she might say. She stood and strode from the room, the click of her boots echoing on my hardwood floor.

I screwed up. Pissing off a mistress isn't the thing to do, and yet I did. Dammit.

I wasn't sure if she left. Once her footsteps reached the carpet, the silence became deafening. I wanted to please her, to make her come all night. Instead, I let thoughts of work enter my mind. I forgot about how I wanted to worship her in favor of figures and tallies. I caressed the heavy chain of silver around my neck. My collar. Hell, I wasn't even sure I'd told her I loved her.

What to do next? She hated when I crawled. "I want a man to walk proud in front of me." How could I be proud of fucking up?

I sighed. If she remained, I'd beg, saying the only words in my heart. I made my way to the living room straining for any sign she might still be there. I couldn't call to her. Or could I? If she sat in the living room, she'd want to punish my disobedience. My cheeks flamed; I needed to be naughty.


As I entered the living room, the glow of a single candle illuminated her body. Her flaxen hair kissed her shoulders and her taut nipples peeked over the top of the demi-bra a she leaned forward. "Yes, River?"

I bowed my head, knowing I'd overstepped my boundaries. "Permission to speak, Mistress?"


I folded my hands behind my back. "I wish to serve you."

"And your belligerence?"

"Punish me?"

"I intend to." With steps as sure and soft as a kitten, she crossed the room. Her breath tickled my bare chest as she cupped my chin. "Sit on the bench with your back to me until I tell you to come."

"Yes, Mistress." How could she do this to me? No spanking? No further commands? I perched on the bench with my face to the wall. The humiliation. Sat in the corner like a child.

"You are beautiful when you are repentant." She stroked the muscles of my back, her nails scraping my skin. "Why do you think I sat you here?" She sighed. "You work too hard. I expect some of the stress to come home with you, but not all."

"Yes, Mistress."

She sat down next to me, pulling me into her embrace. "Enough play for one night."

Was it horrible for a man to break down? I didn't cry, but the sincerity and empathy in her voice cut through me. I buried my face against her neck.

She slipped her hand into mine. "Come to me and we'll talk."

I gazed into her green eyes, losing myself for a moment. "And then more play?"

A smile kinked her lips. "Yes, love."