Siobhan's Wolf

“Wow, Jerusha sure knows how to throw a party! Don’t you think?”

The loud voice at her ear made Siobhan jump and spin to confront her friend, Wanda. The tall, slender woman arched back out of the way, barely avoiding the leading edge of one of Siobhan’s black, bat-like wings.

“Hey, watch it. You could take someone’s eyes out with those things.” Wanda glared playfully at Siobhan.

In return Siobhan grinned and continued to dance among the crush of people on the dance floor. She looked around at the many and varied costumes throughout the room and felt her smile widen. She loved this time of year. Whoever all these people were, they had great imagination when it came to costumes. She chuckled as a woman dressed as Little Bo Peep pulled a hulking man dressed as a sheep along behind her by a pink ribbon. He didn’t look like he minded too much… he was too busy trying to get his hands up her ruffled skirt. A couple dressed as those blue-skinned aliens from that popular science fiction movie danced by. Yet again, the guy had his hands all over the girl.

Siobhan sighed as the music changed from a hard pounding rhythm to a slow and sultry number designed to seduce. People paired off, and she was left standing alone in the middle of them. A couple dressed like those people from Oktoberfest in brown and green lederhosen brushed past her. Cute. They were so wrapped up in each other, it made her jealous. Everyone had someone. Everyone but her.

Her shoulders slumped and her wings drooped along her arms. Heaving another sigh she pushed through the dancers around her and tried to make her way to the edge of the crowd. She was distracted by a couple that were pretty much going at it on the floor. The woman’s leg was wrapped around the man’s thigh and his hips bumped and ground against hers to the beat of the music. The angle was right… she was almost positive they weren’t just dancing. Siobhan continued pushing through the crowd but couldn’t tear her gaze away from the couple. Heat pooled in her belly and her nipples peaked beneath her black corset, rubbing against the stiff boning of the garment, making her catch her breath.

“Holy shit, girl, you so need to get fu… oof!” Her momentum was stopped by the brick wall she ran into.

What the hell was a brick wall doing in the middle of the dance floor? The impact knocked her back, but the brick wall had hands, and they reached out and stopped her momentum. Wait… hands? This brick wall was breathing.

She stared at the t-shirt covered chest in front of her face. Wow, this guy was tall.

“Dance with me?” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine as she lifted her gaze to see the face that went with that panty-drenching voice.

“Umm… can you dance?” She almost slapped her forehead. Did it matter if he could dance? His face definitely matched his voice. Her wings vibrated behind her with the force of her attraction to the dark Adonis standing over her. That was new, they’d never done that before. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear he was… Stories barely heard in whispers from long ago echoed through her head – stories of True Mates, of knowing that person once their skin touched yours. Nah, couldn’t be – those were just stories. Weren’t they?

“I can do whatever you want me to do.” His voice deepened even further, almost a growl that sent more heat shuddering through her.

Siobhan took a deep breath, and bit back a whimper when his scent - manly, and the spicy addition of feral male, wrapped around her. This couldn’t be happening. An obviously drunk dancer bumped into her side, knocking a bit of sense into her addled brain. She looked down at the long-fingered hands still gripping her upper arms. He was rubbing his thumbs up and down the sensitive skin of her inner arms. Goosebumps spread across her skin from the point of contact. Her already hard nipples pebbled further, throwing just a hint of pain in with the pleasure.

“How about letting me go?” Was that her voice? Since when did her voice sound so husky, so… seductive?

“Anything but that.” He grunted as another person slammed into his back. What the hell? Who slam-danced during a slow song? Despite the force of the other body careening into him, he barely moved. Impressive.

She looked him up and down, as well as she could from her closely held position to his body. He didn’t look particularly extraordinary, if she discounted his gorgeous face and stellar body. He wasn’t even wearing a costume that she could tell. He wore a battered brown leather bomber jacket over a plain white t-shirt, well-worn blue jeans that hung just right off his trim hips and a rather nice pair of biker boots. “So, what are you supposed to be?” she asked.

“I’m a werewolf.”

She snorted. “Is that right? Where’s all your fur?”

“It’s not a full moon… no fur unless it’s a full moon… or with extreme emotion. Otherwise, werewolves look just like everyone else.”

“Uh huh… convenient that.”

“Isn’t it though?” He held her a bit further away from his body and gave her just as thorough a perusal as she had given him. “I’m really liking the goth Faery look you have going. Those wings are awesome. Great costume.”

“Uh, yeah… it’s not a costume.” Her eyes widened. She couldn’t believe she’d told him that. She hadn’t ever let that one slip so easily past her lips.

“So… these are real, then?” He ran his calloused fingers up the edge of one of her wings.

Holy shit. She gasped as she felt his finger run along her clit. Her eyes widened as she sagged a bit in his grasp. She quickly gathered her wits and pulled her wing back away from his seductive touch. “Yanno, it’s considered harassment to touch a Faery’s wings without asking first.”

“Is that so? Somehow, I don’t think you minded all that much.” He tilted his head until his nose was pressed against the side of her neck and inhaled. “I can smell how much that turned you on. God, you smell good.”

That was definitely a growl she heard this time. Maybe the werewolf thing wasn’t so far-fetched. He lifted his head and she caught the glint of a supernatural glow in his eyes before he closed them and took another deep breath, seeming to savor the scent he took in. Yup, definitely not… human. Why was she surprised? She couldn’t be the only non-human masquerading this night.

He leaned in and murmured against her ear. “Will your wings close around us when we fuck?” He nipped her ear.

“Maybe,” she murmured. Her common sense said to slow things the fuck down. Her libido, out for what seemed like a year-long lunch break screamed ‘Fuck him already’.

“Let’s go.”

It wasn’t a question. He grabbed her hand, escorting her away from the crowd. People blurred by as he elbowed open the kitchen door. At the threshold to the back door, Siobhan planted her feet. He might think he could run things with other people. Not her. She wouldn’t just blithely follow him wherever he led… she didn’t care how hot he made her.

“You stopped.” He turned and cocked his head. His lip lifted and she caught the slightest glint of fang at the corner of his mouth.

She should’ve gotten the shivers again. Should’ve been scared of him. She glanced at his hands. One would swallow hers—strike, his mitts swallowed both her hands. A thought popped into her head...if his hands are that big then the rest of him is huge. Holy hell. He’d rip her apart.

“I won’t hurt you.” A quick, boyish grin full of mischief flashed across his face. “At least no more than you want me to.”

She narrowed her eyes and studied his jaw. Just the right hint of five o’clock shadow marred the tanned skin. It would feel amazing as it rasped across her much softer skin. She stepped into him and smoothed her hands under his jacket. Six pack abs. Nice. But there was the tiny issue of his reading her mind. Only True Mates had such a connection. And she wasn’t moving until she knew. Her libido screamed in protest. Dammit… we haven’t had our hands on someone this hot in a long time. Just fuck him! You know he’ll make it hurt so good.

“How do you know how I feel?” She fisted her hands on his chest, bunching the soft white cotton, fighting her own arousal until she had some answers. “I didn’t say anything about harm.”

“It’s radiating from you. I feel what you feel.” He inched closer, his lips a whisper away from hers. “You’re afraid I’ll do something to hurt you. I don’t break wills or bones… but I might bend them a bit.” He ran his hand along her wing, again sending a shudder through her body as she felt it in places his hands weren’t even touching.

“You’re hot as hell, but creeping me the fuck out.” And turning me on.

“Come with me. No touching unless you ask.” He brushed his fingertips over her cheek. His breath fanned over her skin. “I’m at the end of the block. If you want to leave, you won’t be far from your friends, but I’ll give my life to keep you safe.”

Concerned, kind, and sexy. Damn. Willing to die for her? Score. Her instincts were screaming that he’d never harm her… unnecessarily. Her decision made she looked past him and out the door. “Do you ride a bike or just sport leather to look cool?”

His eyes twinkled and the beginning of a smirk twitched on the corner of his mouth. “Find out.”

“Show me.”

She nodded to the door. If this guy, whatever his name was, really was who she’d been waiting so long for… how could she pass this chance up? Warmth wrapped around her heart combined with something she’d not felt in a long time. Not just lust. Sure, there was a lot of that - the man oozed sex from every pore, but it was something deeper. He didn’t ask her to take off her wings. Didn’t laugh when they stretched and look for wires. Didn’t even blink when she said Faery.

He held out his hand again. Without a second thought, she slid her palm into his and followed him to the street. Bathed in white light from the streetlamp sat a motorcycle, but not just any cycle. A gorgeous, vintage Harley. “That’s your bike?” She strode to the machine and caressed the butter soft leather seat. “Oh, wow. She’s gotta be from the fifties, at least.”

“1950 on the money. Harley Davidson FL Panhead - Rebuilt her myself.” He caressed the back of her neck with his hand – much the same as she was stroking his bike - brushing against the fine, short hairs beneath her hairline. She arched into the touch, practically purring. Siobhan wondered idly if he would eat her if she purred for him. “You like her better than me?”

Siobhan gasped. Like the bike? Yeah. Better than him? The vision of him straddling the machine as she straddled his lap facing him formed in her mind. Not necessarily better than him… but she could sure live out some fantasies on this baby. She shuddered, and wondered why she even bothered to wear panties… this pair was soaked.

“With your wings around us,” he whispered . It took her a moment to realize he’d read her thoughts again.

“Tell me your name, then take me home.” She peered up at him the moment the words left her mouth. He said he lived down the block. Not them. She sure hoped she wouldn’t’ have to make nice with some roommate when all she wanted was to pounce and ride her wolf into oblivion.

“Christian.” His eyes flashed again as he straddled the bike. With a small nod, he motioned her to sit behind him. Siobhan kicked up over the seat and settled against his back. She bit her bottom lip, and stifled a laugh. Getting on the bike, she’d most likely mooned the entire neighborhood. Maybe no one was looking. Then again, the short skirt gave her more range of cuddle closer to him. She pulled her legs up to wrap them around his waist. His low grumbling growl vibrated against her chest, her nipples peaked further and rubbed shamelessly against his back in appreciation.

Awareness hit hard as he started up the bike. The rumble reminded her of waking a slumbering beast. The throb of the mechanical beast between her legs was rivaled only by the man in front of her. She swayed a bit, stomach muscles clenching as they roared down the street. This man, wolf, whatever he was, touched parts of her long thought to be dead inside. The ancients hadn’t lied. A True Mate could be found within one fleeting touch. And here she had him tight in her grasp — well almost. She could barely get her arms around his steely torso, not that she was in any position to complain. She closed her eyes and pressed her cheek against his back as the wind rushed through her hair and flowed over her wings. Heaven.

Siobhan opened her eyes as the bike coasted to a stop. The purr of the engine silenced. “Where are we?”

“My house. Christian Wolfe Manor.” He snorted. “It’s funny as shit being named after what you are.”

Dry sense of humor. Cute. She peered at the massive structure before her. “Manor? That’s a barn.”

“It’s renovated inside.”

“And you’re Christian Wolfe? The Christian Wolfe who makes all the charitable donations to the hospital and museums?”

“One and the same.”

“Doesn’t look like a dog house to me.”

“You push me, sweets.”

Mmm… more growling. Edging her shoulder up but not letting go of her hold on him, she shrugged and grinned. “It’s a gift.”

Christian stood and eased off the bike. She let her hands run down his sides and along his thighs as he stood and moved away from her. For such a large man, his grace confounded her. Siobhan gasped as he picked her up, wrapping her legs once again around his torso. “Much better.” With both hands splayed on her back, under her wings, he sat astride the bike. “Your fantasy, I believe.”

“How’d you...?”

“That pesky mate business.” He tugged the laces at the front of her corset. “I want to see mine in the moonlight.”

His? He knew before her? But he hadn’t even tasted her. How could he know I belong to him, when I’m not totally sure? “You haven’t kissed me yet.”

“I shall have to rectify that mistake… right… now.” Tilting her to him, he fused their lips and swallowed her groan. The abrasion of his stubble inflamed her skin, the pleasure overriding the momentary discomfort. She fisted her hands on the lapels of his jacket, pulling him tighter to her. Despite the chill in the air, her blood heated.

Breaking the kiss, she arched her back and bared her breasts to the heated gaze of the man in her arms.

“Mine,” Christian growled.

He took a beaded tip into his mouth. Electricity zinged through her veins and cream coated her pussy. She ground on his denim-clad crotch and shuddered. Her wet heat had long since soaked her panties and she could now feel it soaking his jeans as well. Her wings vibrated and stretched open.

“Need to fuck you.” He tugged at the black satin encasing her midsection. She thought she heard fabric tearing, but couldn’t bring herself to care. “No dress. Just boots.”

“Yes,” she gasped. Lost in heat, something niggled at the back of her mind. She was seriously tempted to ignore the annoying buzzing in her head. Instead, she stopped and tilted her head away from Christian’s rapacious mouth as he nipped and licked and sucked his way up her neck. Then it hit her. Damn, she needed a moment to work the spell! She placed her hand on his arm, pausing his frantic movements. “Watch.”

She waved her hand over her body, her clothes disappearing in an instant. “Handy, isn’t it?”

“Fuck me, that’s sexy.”

“I’m supposed to say that to you.” Siobhan worked open the buckle on his belt. “We need protection.”

“I can’t impregnate you, unless you’re lycan.”


“So the Elders say. Doesn’t mean we can’t practice.” Christian tweaked her nipple as his other hand caressed her nether lips, plunging two fingers into her pussy, with no resistance. “Tight and slick for me. I like that in a Faery.”

She arched against him, grinding down on the hand he had between her legs, whimpering when his thumb rubbed against her clit. As she rode his fingers, a sense of urgency washed over her. While she wanted to continue riding his fingers… she’d much rather ride his body. She tilted her head forward and pushed the sides of his jeans apart, revealing his cock. Her mouth watered at his girth. He’d rip her apart, but damn, it’d be a great way to go. Her wings opened and curled around then encasing his body as well as hers in the warm intimate space between them.

“That is so fucking cool!” he growled. “No more waiting. “ Christian yanked his fingers from her pussy, leaving her body bereft. He grasped her hips, lifted her enough that she was above his cock… trembling in expectation. He yanked her down onto his cock, spearing her with his erection. She tensed, expecting the tight fit. Instead, he eased into her body, inch by delicious inch. “My mate.” They were most definitely growls coming from him…

Siobhan clawed at his arms for purchase as he built the rhythm of their lovemaking. He lifted her up and down effortlessly. His strength turned her on and made her pant in need. The harder his thrusts became, the louder his growls grew. She gazed up into his eyes, flashes of silver and green sparkled in the dark depths. He opened his mouth and a sound akin to a howl burst from his lips. His teeth elongated. “Must claim you.”

Instinctively, she knew what he meant. She turned her head, waiting for the bite. The mark to serve as his claim on her for eternity. She winced as his fangs embedded in her flesh, but the pain eased into pleasure as her orgasm built. Her wings fluttered around them, both cooling them and capturing the magic in their lovemaking. He sucked the skin he held between his teeth, and that was the sensation that tossed her over the edge into pure bliss.

“Christian.” She moaned as the climax wracked her body. Shimmers of light and energy rocked through to her core and out into the night around them. His actions, once measured turned feral as he plunged harder into her pussy.


“No other’s.” She collapsed in his arms, her wings tight around them. Despite the dark wings blocking the cool night air, some still snuck through, chilling her sweat-soaked skin. Siobhan looked around her, the glaze of lust clearing a bit from her eyes. “I’m naked in your driveway. Not a good way to start a relationship.”

“I don’t care how it started, as long as you’re in my arms. You’re mine… Hell, I love you, sweets.”

She blinked and ran her fingers through the downy fur on his chest. No matter how sudden, that was the way of True Mates. “I’m kinda fond of you, too.”

“Fond?” More of that sexy growling!

A shiver chased down her spine. “How about completely head over heels in love with a Wolfe?” She leaned forward and nipped his collarbone.