Yes, Mistress

Raven stood in the throng of Goth dancers and licked her lips. The crowd swayed around her, caught up in the lullaby of the heavy music. She smiled. In spectacular performance mode, her guys rocked the house. Oh sure, she liked their music, but she held something more precious.

“I could fuck him all the way to Texas,” a slip of a teen next to her shouted above the music.

“I have.” All of them. Dear Goddess, the members of Vicious Circle could do more for one woman than her wildest dreams. And all she had to do was nod.

The girl crooked her brow and snapped, “Whatever.”

Before the last song ended, Raven edged through the sweaty swarm. The music surged in her soul, but it wasn’t enough. She needed them. Once she strode into the dressing room, she shed the silky black tunic. When they showed up, clothing wasn’t important.

The sound of their voices echoed in the hallway. Her nipples pebbled and her mouth watered. After she removed the carved bamboo sticks from her hair, the soft tresses skimmed her shoulders.

Behind her, the door opened. She peeked over her shoulder, more to tease, than to see them.


Gerard, Aidan, Stephen, and Collin might command attention on the stage, but in the back room, bus, bedroom... She ruled.

Raven snapped her fingers. “I know you want to touch me. Close the door.”
When she turned, the metal door clicked. All four men dropped to their knees. Gerard, to her left, groaned. She tipped his chin with her index finger. “What my love? Speak.”

Without tearing his gaze from hers, he replied. “You wore the boots, Mistress.”

“I did.” She opened her hand. “Come here.”

While the other three remained on their knees, Gerard stood yet said nothing.

“You played well tonight.” As she spoke, she smoothed her hands over his torso. The muscles tightened under her touch. “You deserve a reward.” When her attention slipped to his cock, an involuntary groan ripped from his throat. “You want my touch?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“I shall take you, but you cannot come until commanded.”

A rivulet of sweat trickled from his temple. “Yes, Mistress.”

“I want you all to stand.” She snapped her fingers. “Gerard, drop your leathers.”

With the flick of his wrist, he shoved his pants down past his sculpted calves. His cock, long and thick pointed to her like a beacon. Still, his gaze never left hers.

“Unzip me.” As Gerard brought the pull down between her breasts, he revealed her body inch by inch. The cool air caressed her fevered skin. She held open her arms. “Stephen, Aidan, touch me.”

Two sets of hands roamed her naked flesh. Gerard’s lips parted a fraction of an inch. Ah, her voyeur. She’d reward him soon. She dropped her hands and ran a long finger over her silken cleft. Nice and slick.

“Collin, have a taste. I won’t neglect you.”

The blue-eyed vampire strode forward and took her middle finger into his mouth. Gerard groaned. The tip of his cock glistened.

Just right.
“Gerard, sit down on the couch.” Raven pointed to the leather sofa and turned her attention to Stephen, Aidan, and Collin. “I’m going to fuck him. I want you to touch me so we can come together.”

As the three men guided her to the couch, Gerard lay across the buttery soft cushions. Raven stroked his engorged member, drawing a low rumble from his chest.

She sank down on his cock, eliciting her own groan. “Now, we play.”

Raven built a rhythm, grinding on Gerard’s cock while the band’s music played over the speaker system. She groaned. Each vein, each ripple caressed her inner walls. His girth would be the death of her, but she welcomed him with open arms. The familiar tingle of climax built low in her belly, but she tamped it down. Not yet.

When Gerard’s eyelids drooped, she halted her thrusts. “Not yet, my pet.”

Sweat beaded on his brow. Gerard threaded his hands around the arm rest of the couch. His knuckles turned white under the stress.

She leaned forward. “I’ll reward you in a moment.” Raven snapped her fingers. “Collin, would you like to fuck my ass while I ride Gerard? I think you would.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Bring me the bottle.” Raven stretched across Gerard’s chest. Her palm danced on the ripples and she plucked a nipple between her fingers. Collin’s large hand smoothed along her spine, spreading warmth through her system. She peeked over her shoulder as he slicked his fingers with lube. “Yes.”

Raven kissed Gerard hard on the lips before she backed up against Collin. “Kiss me, pet.”

Collin threaded his fingers into her hair, providing gentle tugs on the delicate strands while the fingers of his other hand toyed with her tiny pink rosette. His lips met hers in a ferocious kiss. Their teeth clashed once or twice. Without breaking the connection, she snapped her fingers again. She cupped her breasts in a silent offering to Stephen and Aidan.

Both men suckled her nipples, sending pinpricks of delicious pleasure pain straight to her core. When Collin slipped his impressive cock into her ass, Raven cried out. “Oh, fuck!”

Collin stilled within her body.
“Too much, too soon, my pet. Continue.” Raven clenched her teeth as Collin nipped her shoulder and began to thrust. The feel of both cocks, moving in their unique rhythm within her body brought her to the edge. Rational though blurred in her mind. She licked her lips. “Aidan, Stephen, stand. I want to taste you.”

While Gerard and Collin impaled her, Raven greedily sucked Stephen’s dick. As she gave him special attention, he tweaked her nipple. When she had him on the edge of climax, Raven switched her attention to Aidan. “I want you to come on my breasts.” She wrapped her fingers around Stephen’s cock, caressing the throbbing flesh.

Having both cocks at her disposal, as well as the other two in her body, sent electricity through Raven's veins at warp speed. A low growl erupted in Gerard’s chest. She nodded. He wanted to come and she knew he held back for her. Another wave of power exploded in her system and sent her over the edge. She threw her head back and whimpered.

Raven wriggled on Gerard’s lap with the second wave of ecstasy. “Come, my pets.” She leaned back into Collin’s arms while Stephen and Aidan spurted seed onto her breasts. “Yes.” The heat of their sperm seared her body. She slid her fingers through the sticky liquid, spreading it over her breasts as she plucked her nipples.

At the same time, Collin and Gerard emptied their seed into her body.

Gerard shivered beneath her. He’d need to feed soon. “I’ll take care of you when we return home.” She slumped against Collin as he withdrew from her ass. “I’ll take care of all of you once we are home and can play all evening.”

After a moment, she snapped her fingers. “Shall we leave?”

Each man nodded.

Raven stood and kissed Stephen and Aidan on the mouth. “Very nice.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

When Collin offered her a towel, she smiled. “Ah, what a thoughtful pet.” As with the others, she kissed him on the mouth.

Once she dried her body, Raven ran the knobby cotton over Gerard’s chest. “You’ve treated me well.” But when she kissed him, he pushed the joining further and tangled his tongue with hers. He swallowed her chuckle. So he wanted punishment for insubordination? She tweaked his nipple. “You will pay.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“Take me home boys.” As Collin produced her silken wrap, Raven opened her arms. “I want to play in our bed.”