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Out Now ~ Trusting Nat by @MeganSlayer ~ Book 2 in the Sanctuary Series, #mmromance #lionshifters #lions

Trusting Nat by Megan Slayer 
Book 2 in the Sanctuary Series
Resplendence Publishing
Contemporary, Paranormal
M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation

The key to his humanity is finding his place in the pride.

Sydney came to Sanctuary believing he wasn’t anything other than the runt of the litter. Strengths? According to the others, he had none. But one special shifter seems to think otherwise—Nat. To bring out the brave side of Syd, he’ll need to trust.

Nat has always known he’s a beta. No question. He’s drawn to Syd and wants to find out if their existence at the Sanctuary should be more than platonic. When he and Syd are called upon to bring back more lions from the petting zoo, he not only sees Syd’s true potential, but realizes his true feelings for the fellow shifter.

Can these two shifters forge an alliance and grow together or will their heated experiments between the sheets be the end for them both?

Out now from Resplendence Publishing:

And Now, an excerpt!
Copyright © 2015, Megan Slayer
“I’m not happy about this, but I’ll leave you alone. Get your rest, and I’ll check on you later, okay?” Nat trailed his fingers down Syd’s chest. “You worry me.”
“Sorry,” Syd mumbled. He hadn’t meant to be a bother. He waited for the other lion shifter to leave the room then he flopped onto the bed. He unzipped and eased his still rock-hard dick from his jeans. Jacking off wouldn’t make him feel better. Using his dildo wouldn’t work, either. He needed the touch of the man he crushed on to make everything level again. Except, he’d just caused Nat to leave him alone.
Syd wrapped his fingers around his cock and stroked. Just like downstairs, he wouldn’t need much in order to come. He stretched one leg out on the bed and draped the other leg over the side. He planted his foot on the floor.
As he jerked himself off, he pictured Nat with him. Nat knelt on the bed between Syd’s knees. Fire blazed in his eyes and his cheeks were stained red. His blond hair stuck up in odd tangles.
“Love watching you do that,” Nat said in the fantasy. “It’s sexy when you jerk off.”
“Love when you watch me,” Syd murmured. He closed his eyes and arched his back. With one hand on his dick, he used his other hand to stroke his balls. The fever in his veins engulfed him. He couldn’t think straight. The only thing that mattered was finding release. He puffed and grunted.
“I want to see you come. All over me, Syd. Decorate me.” Nat, now nude, perched between Syd’s knees. He plucked his nipple and licked his lips. “Come on.”
Syd nodded.  His breaths turned ragged, and his mind fuzzed. The orgasm built low in his body and spread throughout his groin. He parted his lips. “Nat. Fucking hell, I’m coming.” Something deep within him snapped, and he sagged against the bed. A rope of cum stretched across his belly, staining his shirt. The warmth seeped through to his skin. He panted, and when he opened his eyes, the room spun. Damn.
“Syd?” Nat raced into the bedroom and stopped. “I thought I heard my name…” He didn’t finish his sentence.

Syd tipped his head. He knew Nat was in the room, but anything he wanted to say was gone. He’d been found out. Well, shit.

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Out Now ~ Ripples in Cedarwood by @MeganSlayer ~ Single Father Society, Book 2 ~ #mmromance #singledad #LGBT

Ripples in Cedarwood  
Book 2 in the Single Fathers Society
Loose Id Publishing
M/M, Anal Sex

An Amazon and AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller!

One never intended on being a father and the other isn’t looking for a relationship, but they’re about to find out what they want and what they need might be the last thing they expected.
Steve Moore wasn’t planning on being a dad. He envisioned a life of teaching and professional swimming. Fast forward a year and he’s the guardian of his ten-year-old sister. He wants love and passion, but who wants to date a guy with a family?
Farin Baker believed love wasn’t in his cards—until he takes his nephew to swimming lessons. One glance at the water-slicked hunk teaching the class has him thinking about jumping into the dating pool once again. He’s ready for a fresh start and a hot guy for his bed.
Will these two men find heat between the sheets or will the guardianship situation be the biggest detriment to them finding happiness?

Available at these fine retailers:

©Megan Slayer, 2015, All Rights Reserved
Farin drifted his gaze over the man. He liked tall men, and this one was at least five-eleven. Thin, but not too thin. When he glanced back at Farin, he offered him a good look at his face. Chocolate-brown eyes and a dimple. Goodness fuck, the man had a dimple.
The tips of Farin’s ears warmed and his neck prickled. Shit. He shouldn’t be ogling the swim instructor. He was a dirty old man who needed a date.
The guy clapped his hands. “Okay, you guys. The others will be here shortly. I want you and Gage to do laps. Show me you’ve been practicing your breathing.” He put his hands together and dived into the water. He barely made a splash and moved through the pool like a fish. When he surfaced, droplets glistened on his body and accentuated his strong form.
Farin’s jaw slackened. The man was so hot and even better wet. He’d read plenty of books describing characters as poetry in motion, but he’d never believed something like that was possible until he saw the swim instructor. Or was he the coach? Farin wasn’t sure.
By the time Gage and the other children climbed out of the pool, an hour had passed. Farin barely noticed. He’d been too engrossed in watching the teacher.
Gage wandered up to Farin, leaving sloshy wet footprints in his wake. “Hey, Uncle Farin. Are you in there?” He waved his hand in front of Farin’s face. “Uncle Farin?”
“Sorry.” He focused his attention on Gage. “I was thinking.”
“About a guy?” Gage’s eyes widened. “Dad always says he’s thinking when he’s really thinking about Jordan—or when I’m in trouble. I’m not in trouble, right?”
“I don’t think you are.” He handed his nephew the towel. “It looked like you were having fun. You’ve got the backstroke down pat.”
“It’s my favorite one.” Gage draped the towel over his head. “I’m going to change. Mr. Moore wanted to talk to you once we’re all done. I don’t know what about. He’s in the changing room, so I can’t get into any trouble.”
“Oh.” Farin tucked his tablet into his bag, then stood and stretched. His ass ached from sitting on the hard bleacher, and his back had stiffened from being hunched over. Part of him wanted to follow his nephew into the changing room to monitor the situation. The rest of him wanted to check out the swim instructor. The wet trunks left little to the imagination, but Farin wanted to unwrap him and check out his package.
Farin blinked. No—no dirty thoughts about the swim teacher. Squelch the dirtiness before it overtakes you. Time to let his head, not his heart and libido, lead the way. If only his libido would agree to the decision. He’d screwed himself over one too many times by thinking with his dick. This guy had to be about nineteen at best and way too young. Farin sighed. He was thirty years old. He needed to start thinking about settling down and planning for retirement, not finding a date.