Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week Four

Bye weeks are a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the team gets extra rest and will be ready for the next game. A curse because then I don't have my favorite team to watch. But that doesn't mean the rest of the teams weren't giving me fodder for the blog. Oh, they were. They were.

Here are the Honorable Mentions from last week: 

"bring a guy and put him right on top."
Snicker. Puppy pile!

"Stop everything up the middle and force it outside."
Well, that would keep from causing unwanted...stuff...

"Plenty o'sloppy."

"Nice to have a weapon like him."
Ah yes, the one with the impaler for a dong. Nice.

Weren't those good? I thought so. Now for the Quotes of the Week!

"Tough second ball."
Is that like a hard nut to crack?

"Gaping holes opened up."
Ah, the professionals are here!

"Gets some initial penetration, but they hold him back."
Well, yes, because he tends to go overboard.

"Get underneath and get separation."
Um...divide and conquer?

"He has tight end abilities."
He does love playing with butts.

"He was huge."
Enough said.

And now for the Doozy of the Week...because I can!

"Just a monster."
The man? The dong? The situation? 
Details, please. And maybe pictures?

Thanks for reading the Quotes of the Week. I love bringing them to you. 


Until 1966, the goal posts were only ten feet above the cross bar. Think about it, that would make some of the chip shots a whole lot harder...or easier. Ten feet doesn't sound like a lot. 

Since you're reading this, I'll bring this up. There's a Bengals player whose daughter was diagnosed with cancer. A portion of his jersey sales are being donated to the Cincinnati Children's Hospital to help with cancer research. It's a great cause. I've ordered mine. Want to know more?

Thank you!

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ Needing Desire

Announcing the Cover Art Reveal for Needing Desire!!
Squee! I'm excited. The next story in the Club Desire series. It's a quickie, but it's worth the white hot ride. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Caption This!

"The Star-Spangled Gal with the Plan (13693189765)" by greyloch from Washington, DC, area, U.S.A. - The Star-Spangled Gal with the Plan. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Leave your captions in the comments along with your email addy. You never know when I might pick a winner from the captions!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Visit from the Cover Faery!

This is for the final book in the Stray Cats series, Cat Flash. I love this cover.
 Bryan did a great job with it. :-) Enjoy the cover reveal!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - Week Three

It's already week three. I swear, this season is moving at lightning speed. 
So moving right along, here are the Honorable Mentions!

"Didn't allow him to get the easy outside release."
Because the harder inside one is more fun.

"Too deep and good coverage - gets double teamed."
Sounds like orgy fun to me.

"Who can stick it into tight spots."
Well? Who can?

"Could've been the tight end."
He could've been, but he's been around too long. He's gotten rather loose.

The Honorable Mentions are fun, but it's time to sling those Quotes of the Week. 

"Excellent ball handling."
A guy does love a person who has good ball handling skills. Makes life easier. 

"Really exposed that time."
Well, the ass-less chaps look is in. Plus, it really worked for him.

"Too big of a body to let go."
Yes, they've asked him to come back over and over.

"Slide into that soft spot."
Better than finding the hard spot.

"The risk you run when you're aggressive in your own end."
Um... hmm. This sounds like self harm, but I'm not sure. Or he blew out an o-ring.

"A little bit of pressure on your face."
That does tend to please some people. Could be messy, though.

"Stop everything up the middle and force it outside."
Photos wanted. I need to see how this is done. 

The Doozy of the Week is the most fun to find. It's devious, decadent and usually pervy. Hee hee. 
"Bring a guy and put him right on top."
Of...the puppy pile! Fetish, bdsm and orgy all in one. I like!


The Hall of Fame Game is held in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The game is held in August after the induction ceremony.

My Bengals won 33-7 over the Titans. I love it. 3-0 for the season, so far. Nice. Here's to keeping up the momentum! Gooooo  Bengals!!

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - Week Two

So we are in week two of the season. Seems like preseason just started. Wow. Time flies. 
I've been looking and listening innocently for new quotes. I've got some great ones. 
But first! The Honorable Mentions!

"shown to the package" 
They needed help finding it. It was lost.

"Has to learn how to swallow disorder."
Sounds like a template for what to do in an orgy...or at the end of the orgy.

"A little messy, but tasty."
Again, notes for the end of the orgy.

"He's a distributor."
What is it with the orgy talk? Or does this guy just get around?

"I'm sure he enjoyed the sack."
To be fair, this was about landing on the ground, but I had the vision of a guy getting tea bagged.
Yeah, I'm bad. 

And now for the quotes of the week. If you thought the honorable mentions were ain't seen nothin' yet!

"Crushed 51 balls."
Yeah, they went there. I feel bad for the guy who either had one ball or only one played with.

"That's the last thing you want to see coming...that monster."
Dick or dong?

"Doesn't always look that great."
Well, some aren't into the dong. They like realism.

"Run stunt up front."
Cuz she's really shallow or he's lonely?

"Let them work this a little." 
Dance, boy, dance!

"You'd better get someone on this guy!"
Yes, he's done dancing alone and he's bored.

"he doesn't get what he deserves."
He's been a good boy, but sometimes the shaft will come.

And now for the Doozy of the Week. I can't make this stuff up!

"On the back side, getting the big guy."
Wooo hoooo! Let's have some pictures of this big guy and whoever is getting it on the back side.

The Bengals had a good outing this week. They beat the Falcons, 24-10. It wasn't always pretty and there were some injuries, but we won. Not too shabby.

Gooooooo Bengals!!!!!

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Caption This!

It's time for week four!

Sergey Solomko 010.jpg
"Sergey Solomko 010" by Sergey Solomko (1855 — 1928) - Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Leave your captions in the comments along with your email addy. You never know when I might pick a winner from the captions!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback ~ Week One!!

I messed up and thought there was one more week of preseason, but what really occurred was the last straggler games. No problem. I've got some great quotes from the preseason, so let's go with those Honorable Mentions!

"Able to get out the back door."
Hmm... was he there when he wasn't supposed to be?

"He had him wide open."
I think I wrote this line recently in a book.

"Grabbed it off."
Did it hurt?

"Coming right up the middle."
Well... was there someone there to clean up the mess?

And now for those funnies for the week!!

"Slides underneath him."
Kinky! He knows what he wants!

"Getting it in there to bat it away."
Now that sounds fun. Like he wants it, but he doesn't.

"Get rid of that ball and sink it deep."
Just one?

"An excellent job of getting him gathered and planted."
Well, yeah. He doesn't want a wiggler!

"He absorbs a good blow."
Does he give a good blow, too?

"He has been the pressure."
Ah, so he's got girth, eh? Nice!

"Known passion for small, fast recievers."
He has a type, no knocking that.

And now for the Doozy of the Week:

"A lot of bodies flying around back there."
Snort. Orgy time!!!!

And a new thing for the season... Factoids!!

Did you know... in the preseason, the point after kick was moved to the 15 yard line, making the kick 33 yards in total. This was only used for the first two preseason games in order to see if moving the line back made the kick more difficult. 

Thanks for reading the Report. I love finding these gems and bringing them to you.
The Bengals managed to pull one out this week. It was a nail-biter. I wasn't sure if they were going to win versus the Ravens, but 23-16 is good enough for me. 

Stay tuned for next week's quotes! :-)

Andy Dalton, #14, Quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals
By Melissa Batson (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0
via Wikimedia Commons

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Inspiration for Caught Me ~ an #erotic #shortstory by @MeganSlayer

By Manu (Flickr: 20100903_316 Siri & Kyra Shine) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
This picture inspired parts of Caught Me. Definitely. It's kinky and sexy. It's also fun. Don't you just want to dive in the middle? Hee hee. Here's a little bit about Caught Me:

Caught Me (Challenges 7) by Megan Slayer 
Razor's Edge Press
BIN: 06969-02244
Word Count: 5K
Page Count: 18
Price: $2.99
Release Date: 6/7/14
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: Marteeka Karland
Copy Editor: Pat Sager
Genres: Erotic Short Story, Guilty Pleasures (Contemporary),BDSM

Finding time to spend with the one he loves is difficult -- until Trick sends up a challenge.
Trick's tired of not seeing his girl and he's going to do something about it. He's offered her a challenge. Meet him at the club. Simple, easy and sure to be decadent. He's going to make her wildest dreams come true.
Available At:
And now an excerpt:
Copyright ©2014 Megan Slayer

I’d issued a challenge. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to see her. We’d been apart a long time and I was tired of keeping my distance. Time to get my girl.
Actors are strange creatures. We’re focused and talented, but we’re also busy. I should know. In the last year, I’d starred in two productions and co-starred in another that was sure to get me plenty of attention come awards season. But that was me.
Right now I’d like to tell you about Maura. My Maura.
She’s an actress. A damn good one. She’s dangerously intelligent, funny, and sexy as hell. When she walks into a room, every head turns. Men want to be with her and women want to be her. She works hard at her craft to be the best actress she can be.
I didn’t get to see her very often. Her social calendar was full of galas, award shows, productions and television work. The gossip rags couldn’t decide if she was fucking her leading man or leaving her husband… or both. When you’re a beautiful person in the center of Hollywood and all over the tabloids, people speculate about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.
Speaking of doing it, you’d think our paths would cross. We’re both in the same business. We should have been seeing each other all over the place. You’d be wrong. In the last year, I’d spent the total of a whole week with Maura. In Hollywood terms, that was a long time. In the real world -- well, we’d never make it. The time apart had definitely taken a toll on our marriage. Why wouldn’t it? But we’re not a normal couple. Nope. The distance between us actually brought us closer together. We’re stronger.

But missing someone wasn’t the same as holding her in my arms. I was aching for her. I was done not being with her. I was going to catch her so we could play our games. I was ready for the hunt.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Release Blitz for Mustang Maddy by Kacey Hammell

Mustang Maddy  
Revved & Ready Book 2
By Kacey Hammell
Contemporary Erotica
ISBN 9780987799326 

Grey Burkhardt is an expert at a lot of things—including keeping his feelings for Madison Evans in check. Sexy as sin and sweet as honey, she's always revved his engine. But she's his next door neighbor. No way is he going to muck up friendly neighborhood relations just to satisfy the heat simmering between them.

Madison has never seen anything sexier than the tricked out GT Mustang Grey has been keeping under wraps—other than the glint of danger and intrigue in his eyes when he offers her a ride. Now is her chance to act on the deep passion she’s harbored for him because this might be her one shot at taking control.

Book Buying Links:

Coming soon to:

And get book One – 69 Mustang FREE until September 30th at all book outlets. Buy Links HERE.

Excerpt ©Kacey Hammell, 2014:
He cleared his throat and stepped closer. “You know, Mads, watching you fawn over my car, stroking her, makes me hot. I can hear every breath you take and sigh you release over her. It’s sexy as hell.”
She stood still as he moved in even closer, wedging her between him and the rear window. Thoughts of getting in the car fled as her heart raced. The hunger in his eyes called to her, her body craved it, wanted it.
She couldn’t deny herself any longer.
Leaning back against the car, she smirked. “I like appreciating great things. And to be honest, Mustangs turn me on. A lot.”
They said confession was good for the soul. Maddy was certain she’d just cleansed hers and there would be no going back.
Her palms flattened on the doors behind her. “The feel of the metal, and the pulse that emanates off the surface even when they’re not running…mmm. Everything in me comes alive whenever I see these muscled beauties.”
Grey lifted his arms, bracketing her in. “You’re one of the hottest chicks I know. No other woman has ever turned me on so much by talking about cars. You know, I’ve watched you—in a non-stalker way of course—for a long time now.”
Thrilled, Maddy’s heart skipped a beat. “What are you going to do with me now that I’m here?” What possessed her to ask, she had no idea, but the need and the desire in his gaze, aimed at her, called to all her sexual instincts. There was no way she could walk away now.
He aligned his body with hers, his eyes hooded as he gazed down at her. She surrendered to the headiness of this man, the pulsing rhythms of her body and waited with bated breath.
“I’m going to taste you...” Grey tilted his head to the side. All she could do was stare at his lips as they came closer. “ any sexy spot you’ll let me.”
His mouth met hers. Maddy opened to him like a budding flower. Claimed. Possessed. Riotous emotions swirled through her and her mind cleared. This. This type of hunger and excitement she’d been missing with any other man was all she desired. Intense, seductive and thirst to let go and give into the headiest of sexuality.
He eased his tongue into her mouth, gliding along hers, exploring, tasting... Maddy never wanted to break free.
A low moan escaped the back of her throat. She encircled his shoulders, arms pulling him in to stand between her legs.
His hardness behind his shorts pressed against her. Gasping, she broke free from his mouth and laid her head back on the car. He kissed his way down her throat. Her pussy throbbed. Her juices flooded her panties. A shiver raced down her spine. Her fingers clenching against his pecs, Maddy trembled as the exquisite tortures of his lips worshipped her, and his hips rolled his cock against her. His teeth grazed her skin along her shoulders. She widened her stance. Grey moaned as he pushed into her, harder and more aggressive.
Laying his forehead on her shoulder, he breathed deep. “Damn you’re intoxicating.”
Maddy palmed the back of his head, holding him in place as his hips still moved and let sweet agony build. The friction of her panties and shorts against her clit were spectacular. But she needed more.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Caption This!

It's time for week three!!

Soldat Marathon Cortot Louvre LP243.jpg
"Soldat Marathon Cortot Louvre LP243" by Jean-Pierre Cortot (French, 1787–1843) - Own work of Urban (2004), modified by Sting (2005-03-31). Originally from fr.wikipedia; description page is/was here.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Leave your captions in the comments along with your email addy. You never know when I might pick a winner from the captions!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Out Now – Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #erotica #romance #paranormal #ghost

Out Now – Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse @cw1985 #erotica #romance #paranormal #ghost

Emily arrives at Westbury Hall with a job to do. She’s to clean and conserve all of the books in their impressive library, preserving them for future generations. Not long into her stay at the house, she bumps into the night guard, George. She’d expected an old, balding guy with a comb over, so the hunky chap she actually meets is a very pleasant surprise. The introductions complete, George leaves Emily in peace to get on with her job. But when a falling photograph sets off a chain reaction of ghostly events, Emily and George are thrown together in order to find out who—or what—is causing them. Their investigation uncovers a tragic past, a lost love, and a stunning secret.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a revised and extended of a previously published title, Love Through Time.


Emily received some strange looks and frowns from the people she passed as she walked across the graveled drive towards the front entrance of Westbury Hall. She could appreciate their confusion. It was closing time for the stately home and the last of the visitors were being politely ushered out of the building, yet she was heading inside. What’s more, she’d been invited. She had a job to do.
An elderly lady stood in the porch smiling and nodding as she held the door open for those departing the property. Most of them seemed in no hurry to leave, stopping to make comments to the woman, thanking her for a lovely visit and so on. Emily waited patiently, allowing the patrons to leave before attempting to get in. When the staff member—most likely a volunteer, Emily thought—caught sight of her, she gave her a polite nod of acknowledgment.
Finally, the last of Westbury Hall’s visitors moved out, leaving Emily free to enter. Climbing the single stone step to the threshold of the front porch, she took the hand that had already been offered to her.
Shaking Emily’s hand with a surprising firmness, the woman said, “You must be Miss Stone.” Her smart appearance and the intelligence in her eyes indicated that despite her advancing age, she was far from past it, “I’m Mrs. Thompson, house supervisor.”
“I am,” replied Emily, dropping her hand back to her side, “but please, call me Emily. It’s lovely to meet you. So, house supervisor? Do you live on site?” Not a volunteer, then, but a paid member of staff.
Indicating Emily should step inside the entrance hall, Mrs. Thompson proceeded to close and lock the porch and front doors of the house, securing them in.
“I do,” the older woman said, turning back to face Emily, “I have rooms in a separate building just off the back of this one. So you needn’t worry about me disturbing you.”
“Oh no,” said Emily, worried she’d inadvertently rubbed Mrs.  Thompson up the wrong way, “I didn’t mean that. I was just curious, that’s all. You’re more than welcome to see me at work, Mrs. Thompson, although I’m afraid you won’t see anything terribly exciting.”
Mrs. Thompson smiled now, the warmth reaching her eyes. Emily almost sagged with relief. She’d yet to see the extent of the work she had to do, but she’d been told it was no easy task, so she could be here for some time. The last thing she needed was to upset any of the staff.
“Oh, you’d be surprised, my dear. This is a fascinating old place. Of course, all these old houses have history, but Westbury Hall’s is particularly rich.”
Emily smiled. The woman’s enthusiasm was infectious. “Well then,” she replied, “I can’t wait to learn more about it. I hope you’ll feed me some historical tidbits throughout the time I’m here?”
Mrs. Thompson gave an enigmatic smile. Then, startling Emily somewhat, she turned smartly on her heel and walked deeper into the house. “Come, my dear, I won’t hold you up any longer. I’ll show you to the library, where you’ll soon start uncovering Westbury’s illustrious history for yourself.”


Author Bio:
Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: