Thursday, October 23, 2014

Out Now for Halloween ~ Soldier Boy!

Soldier Boy by Megan Slayer 

Shara Azod Publishing
Contemporary, Short Story, M/F, I/R, BWWM

Plenty of surprises in store when the party goes from costumes and fright to sexy delight.
Vada hadn’t planned on finding a man at the Halloween party. No, she came to hang out with her best friend, Maya. She’s not there to snag a date, especially not since she’s sworn off men. When a handsome man wearing an Army uniform shows up, Vada begins to rethink her decision. Halloween is a time for rebirth and change. Maybe change—in the form of the blue-eyed, handsome man—is just what she needs.

Features Maya and Levi from Guarding Me

©Megan Slayer 2014, All Rights Reserved
Charlie Frye wiped his hands on his pants and eased backwards against the wall. He hated to be pinned down, but he wasn’t sure what else to do. Most women he’d been interested in didn’t take the forthright approach. Not this woman. She stalked across the room, a vision in gold sparkles and poufy hair. The blood rushed through his body. The predatory gaze in her eyes called to him. He suppressed a groan.
Levi had sworn Charlie needed to come to the party. They’d have fun, Levi said. Charlie could get out and meet people. Well, he needed to get out of himself. He’d been alone for too long and stuck in a rut.
Seeing the ebony goddess certainly made him rethink his unintended solitude. He forced himself away from the wall and met her in the middle of the living room. The other partygoers swarmed around them, but barely seemed to notice them. He held out his hand to the woman.
“Care to dance?” he said, although he wasn’t sure she could hear him over the music.
The woman didn’t answer him in words. Instead, she slid her hand into his. One of the people behind her nudged her forward, pressing their bodies together. He groaned. She fit against him perfectly.
“Tell me your name,” he said, his mouth a fraction of an inch from her ear.
“Vada.” She leaned back in his arms and grinned.
God, she had a gorgeous smile.
“I’m Charlie.” He wrapped his arms around her. “Nice party.” Christ. He sucked at small talk.
“It’s not mine.” She wriggled against him, rubbing him in all the right places. Her breasts bounced with each step.
“You’re not looking into my eyes,” she said. She curled her fingers under his chin, redirecting his gaze. “You’ve got nice eyes and I’d like to see them.”
“Oh.” The tips of his ears burned. He’d never forgotten why he’d been crap around women and her harsh words reminded him he didn’t belong there.
“What’s wrong, sugar?” The corners of her crimson lips kinked and her dark eyes glittered. “Don’t like the noise? Or do the jack-o’-lanterns freak you out?”
“I’m not wild about the gigantic spiders,” he confessed. “But it’s more the crowd. I don’t do well when I feel penned in.” He pressed his lips together. He’d never mentioned that tidbit to anyone. Most of the time his issues with crowds were hidden and ignored. A man in the service didn’t show his fears. Never.
“I feel you.” She nudged him toward the edge of the room. The music blared, making conversation nearly impossible.
Good thing he could read her lips. He wondered what she tasted like. Would she nip his bottom lip or shy away from him if he tried to kiss her? Something about Vada screamed she wouldn’t pull back. She seemed like the type who loved with her whole heart involved.
Vada led him through the kitchen to the back of the house and into a screened-in porch. The walls drowned out most of the music, providing some peace and quiet. The chill from the night air seeped into the room, though, and she rubbed her arms.
“There isn’t much privacy in this house.” She shrugged. “My best friend likes to throw parties, and ever since she and Levi bought the house, she’s made a point to celebrate every holiday.” She smiled again. “You said your name is Charlie?”
“Yeah, I’m in the Air Force. I borrowed this get-up from a friend. He said I’d look cool.” Charlie scrubbed one hand across his forehead. “I don’t know if I look cool or not.”
“You’re very handsome.” She tugged at his collar. “I like a man in uniformeven if it’s borrowed. Bet you look sexy in your dress blues.”

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