Monday, July 21, 2014


FLASHERS!! Got your attention, didn't I? Giggle. The idea is to write a piece of flash fiction based on this photo. Could be easy or hard...depending on how you work it. Here's how I'm working it. Check out the other flashes here! And now for mine!!!

The Slap ©Megan Slayer, 2014

My boyfriend and I have a great sex life. It's vanilla by some standards, but hey, we get what we want out of it. Lately, I could tell he wasn't happy. I didn't know if it had to do with our sex life or life in general. Sometimes he doesn't like to talk. I knew if I didn't push, he'd never tell me what was wrong. One way I get him to open up is to pose a challenge. He can't pass up challenges. It's fun, but it also brings us closer together. 
I set out these five utensils in the kitchen. I knew he'd wonder what I was up to. I left him a piece of paper that simply said, Pick one and meet me in the bedroom. This could be good or could be bad. If he picked the spatulas and wanted to use those on my ass, the pain would be pretty great. I blew out a long breath. I could handle the pain. To make him happy, I'd endure just about anything.
I knelt beside the bed and waited for him. I heard his footsteps on the carpet. My heart hammered. Just another minute and he'd be in the bedroom. My skin prickled. What would he choose?
"What's this?" He appeared in the doorway, the scraper in hand. He tipped his head to the side. "You're naked."
"I am." I looked him in the eye. "You've been upset and I wanted to make you happy."
"With a scraper?" He crossed the room to where I waited. "How did you know?"
"I just know." 
He bent over behind me and kissed my shoulder. "I needed some heat in our relationship. I have no control in so many areas of my life and I need one here."
"I know." I glanced over my shoulder. 'I'm happy to submit to you. I love you."
"You're ready to have your ass spanked red?" He smoothed the scraper over my butt. "Really?"
"I am. Punish me, sir." I closed my eyes and awaited his sensual assault. He could control me for the rest of my life. "I'm yours."

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