Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Soft Marble ~ OUT NOW! #mmromance #mmparanormal #shortstory

Soft Marble 

M/M, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Quickie line – Contemporary, Fantasy, LGBT
Ellora’s Cave Spectrum Short Story

One touch from his lover and this marble will come to life.

Kratos, God of power and strength, has been imprisoned in pure white marble for more than two centuries. His lover can break the spell—if only his lover would find him.

Andy Green knows his ancient artifacts. He spends his days restoring works of art. When the sculpture of Kratos enters his studio, he can’t hide his attraction. Will he be able to free the god or will forces beyond his control destroy everything he’s earned?

©Megan Slayer, 2014, all rights reserved

Andy strolled down the hallway to the restoration room with his bag slung over his shoulder. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around what had happened. One minute he was cleaning a sexy statue and the next he was talking to the man who’d been the statue. His stomach rumbled. Maybe the encounter with Kratos came out of his lack of food in the last twelve hours. Possibly.
When Andy entered the room, Kratos stood next to his pedestal. He grinned and pointed to the place he’d once stood.
“Magic.” Kratos’ smile grew and he shrugged. “Gods can do things like that.”
“You—you put you up there.” Andy touched the marble. The stone chilled his fingers. The statue resembled the one brought in for him to clean. He studied the facial expression. “It’s almost like you.” His gaze switched between Kratos and the marble. “He’s not so pensive. Less detailed.” He turned his attention back to Kratos. “What happened?”
“I am a god. We have magic at our fingertips.”
Andy stared at the naked man. He kept saying he was a god. The replica statue helped—especially since it had been conjured seemingly out of thin air, but still. The bag on his shoulder slipped to the crook of his arm.
“Oh fuck.” Andy offered him the gym bag. “Here are some clothes. I’ll leave you alone to get dressed.”
“Why?” Kratos accepted the bag. “How does this work?” He tugged on the bag. “I’ve never seen one like this before.”
“I forgot. It’s a zipper.” Andy tugged the tab, opening the bag. “If you’re sticking around a while, I’ll have to get you up to speed on current culture.” That is, if Kratos wanted him to teach him. The man could always tell him to get lost.
“I hope you do.” Kratos withdrew the T-shirt. He wrestled the garment over his head, covering his chest. The shirt molded to his upper body like a second skin.
“Wow,” Andy murmured. “Looks great on you.” He expected Kratos to kick him out of the room and want privacy. He was a god, right? Didn’t gods expect preferential treatment? “I’ll leave you alone to change.”


Monday, July 28, 2014


It's everyday kinky time! This is the challenge above. Want to read the other kinky stories? Then click here. 
Hmm...that's a luscious cake. What to do with it... Hee hee. I know. Read on!

Surprise ©Megan Slayer, 2014

He'd worked so hard on the cake. He wanted it to look just right. Anything less than perfection simply wouldn't work. The man loved his cake and his frosting even more. He placed the last candle on the cake, then flicked the lighter. 

"Damon?" He carried the cake into the bedroom. "Happy birthday, baby." He grinned at his husband. "A sweet for my sweet."

"Nice." Damon crossed his ankles. His arms were bound to the headboard and his erection pointed toward the ceiling. His nipples beaded. "Decorate me?"

For being the bottom, Damon did love to push. Adam grinned. "Have you been good?" He knew the answer, but he loved to push Damon in return. 

"I have. Not a peep from me until you came up the stairs." Precum glistened on the tip of his dick. "Please?"

Adam couldn't make him wait forever. He pulled one of the candles from the cake, then tipped the candle over Damon's chest. The blue wax dappled Damon's skin. He winced and groaned, but didn't argue. His toes curled.

"More?" Adam asked. The candle had burned down to a nub. He extinguished the flame, then picked up another candle. "You do need more color." 

"Yes, please." 

Adam dripped red wax onto the blue, making a star burst effect on Damon's chest. A blush spread down Damon's cheeks. Adam grinned. Time to cool things down a bit. He plucked two of the strawberries off the cake, then used the whipped cream to affix the berries to Damon's nipples. 

"Holy shit, that's cold." Damon gritted his teeth. "Love it."

"I'm not done." Adam smeared the frosting and whipped cream down Damon's erection. His mouth watered. He couldn't wait to suck off his partner and blow his mind.

"Adam? This is the best birthday ever." Damon rocked his hips, simulating sex but without someone touching his cock. 

Adam grinned. "Oh, honey. I'm just getting started."

Monday, July 21, 2014


FLASHERS!! Got your attention, didn't I? Giggle. The idea is to write a piece of flash fiction based on this photo. Could be easy or hard...depending on how you work it. Here's how I'm working it. Check out the other flashes here! And now for mine!!!

The Slap ©Megan Slayer, 2014

My boyfriend and I have a great sex life. It's vanilla by some standards, but hey, we get what we want out of it. Lately, I could tell he wasn't happy. I didn't know if it had to do with our sex life or life in general. Sometimes he doesn't like to talk. I knew if I didn't push, he'd never tell me what was wrong. One way I get him to open up is to pose a challenge. He can't pass up challenges. It's fun, but it also brings us closer together. 
I set out these five utensils in the kitchen. I knew he'd wonder what I was up to. I left him a piece of paper that simply said, Pick one and meet me in the bedroom. This could be good or could be bad. If he picked the spatulas and wanted to use those on my ass, the pain would be pretty great. I blew out a long breath. I could handle the pain. To make him happy, I'd endure just about anything.
I knelt beside the bed and waited for him. I heard his footsteps on the carpet. My heart hammered. Just another minute and he'd be in the bedroom. My skin prickled. What would he choose?
"What's this?" He appeared in the doorway, the scraper in hand. He tipped his head to the side. "You're naked."
"I am." I looked him in the eye. "You've been upset and I wanted to make you happy."
"With a scraper?" He crossed the room to where I waited. "How did you know?"
"I just know." 
He bent over behind me and kissed my shoulder. "I needed some heat in our relationship. I have no control in so many areas of my life and I need one here."
"I know." I glanced over my shoulder. 'I'm happy to submit to you. I love you."
"You're ready to have your ass spanked red?" He smoothed the scraper over my butt. "Really?"
"I am. Punish me, sir." I closed my eyes and awaited his sensual assault. He could control me for the rest of my life. "I'm yours."