Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Release ~ Cat Groove, Stray Cats - Book 3

 Cat Groove (Stray Cats, Book 3) by Megan Slayer  
BIN: 06884-02217
Word Count: 13K
Page Count: 45
Changeling Press

He’s found his mate and his groove, but he’s got to convince her they belong together.

Watching his woman with another man just about killed Roman. His heart beat for Jessa. His ability to switch over to his human form has allowed him to show her his other side, but will he scare her away? He’s willing to work his groove in order to win the heart of the woman he loves.

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©Megan Slayer, 2014

Roman's cock twitched beneath the towel. She would have to pick right now to want him to shift. He'd have to ditch the cover-up and she'd see his erection. Great. She'd think he was nuts and a perv. Whatever. No one had said finding his mate would be easy and he doubted convincing Jessa they belonged together would be a small task. He stood and followed her back to the bathroom. Along the way, she grabbed a baseball bat.

Now she wanted protection. He sighed. He'd do whatever he needed to in order to make her feel safe. He waited as she closed the door.

"Okay. Shift." Jessa stared at him. "Do it."

"Yes, ma'am." Roman crouched down and closed his eyes. His back itched as fur sprouted from his skin. His bones popped and shrank. Tendons shortened and his claws protruded from his fingers. He shook his head and then opened his eyes. The change had worked. She had to be his mate! He stared up at her and meowed.

"But..." Jessa reached for him. "Roman?" She clutched him in her arms. "How? Why?" Tears slipped down her cheeks. She held him up to her face. "Brat. You watched me change and shower... you know everything." Her voice trailed off. "Everything."

Roman licked her face, tasting her tears. She'd been through the wringer in the last year. He'd wanted to shift so badly, but he needed the Halloween moon in order for his change to work. All that time he'd watched her stumble into the relationship with John. He crinkled his nose and sneezed. Just thinking about her boyfriend pissed him off. The man wanted her to change. She needed to diet to be thinner because John said so. Her hair wasn't the right color so she dyed it because of him. Then there was the clothing he insisted she wear -- all black and nothing too revealing because she didn't have a figure to reveal. The jackass cut her down at every chance, and she believed him because he reminded her over and over he was the best she'd get.
Bullshit. Roman wriggled in her arms. He could shift and by goddess, he'd prove John wrong. He'd win her heart and seal the deal with his mate. He'd prove to her she was more than a dress size or an "almost" pretty face. He imagined sliding into her pussy and hearing her scream his name. Yeah, he wanted to hear his name on her lips.

"So now you change back?" More tears streamed down her cheeks. "Do you still work your protection duty?"

He'd lay down his life for her in a heartbeat. When she placed him on the floor, Roman closed his eyes and shifted back into his human form. His bones snapped and changed shape. The fur disappeared and his claws retracted. He crouched on the floor and opened his eyes.

"I'm here for you, sweetheart. Protection, defense... whatever you want." He snatched the towel from the floor. "But first I need something besides this towel to cover up with. I'm a tad exposed."

The soft terry cloth barely covered his butt when he wrapped the towel around him. If it slipped, he'd flash her. Part of him wanted to show her everything. Hell, he'd fallen a little in love with her when she'd picked him up at Hildy's house a year before. He couldn't wait to make love to her and seal the bond between them. The rest of him knew better. The more he pushed, the better the chance he'd freak her out -- again.

"I don't have anything that'll fit you." She grabbed her robe from the hook. "Will this work? You'll look silly, but you're thin enough it should wrap around you."

"Perfect." He shrugged into the robe, then tied the belt. Good timing. The towel gave way. He wasn't totally at ease, but he'd make do. Besides, he didn't like hearing her talk about size. She was beautiful in every way. Size didn't matter to him. "Why don't we talk? I've got a lot of explaining to do and not a lot of time to do it in."

Jessa shrugged. "What the hell? Why not? I can't see where anything else can go wrong tonight. To the living room?"

Now he could explain everything to her. Roman nodded. He'd take the chance available. "To the living room."

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