Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is It Summer Yet?

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So what's my best summer memory?

It would have to be last summer. Yep, last summer. What was so great about a year ago (or there abouts)? I'm not much of a camper. My idea of camping includes a hotel room. Why? I tend to freak out that I've forgotten something along the way - like leaving my camera in the room, forgetting clothes or something else slightly off-kilter. Yeah, I'm a worrier.

Three years ago, we bought a camper. Actually, it's an RV. It's not fancy and it's not new. It's got a few years on it. Now, remember, I'm not a big camper. In order to go to a race, I was left in the camper with the tot. Tot and I are great. We have a solid relationship. But leaving the both of us in the RV could've been really, really bad. Yeah. Why? Although I know how to operate the appliances in said RV, along with the central air, there was also a good chance I could blow the whole RV sky high - like by leaving the gas on or forgetting to turn on the hot water before showering (I've done that, it's not pleasant).

What made this summer fun was how tot and I got to bond. Yep. We had to work together. We work together pretty well as it is, but if we turned on the hot water, he reminded me to turn it off when we were done. He helped me cook and kept the dogs under control. We laughed together and had a good time.

When Dh came to 'rescue us', it wasn't a big deal. Sure, I wanted him there. I love him. But tot and I had everything under control. The funniest part? DH thought for sure we'd blow up the camper, too.

Guess we proved him wrong.

Now what about you? What's your favorite summer memory? Comment on the main page, but in addition to those giveaways, I'm giving away a prize pack featuring a tote bag, a unique beaded bracelet/earring set and signed swag! Sure! All you have to do here is leave a comment with your summer memory, your name and your email. Giveaway is open to everyone - USA or International.

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Jill Prand said...

I'm not big on camping...unless it's on the beach with a big bonfire!

Kristin Linehan said...

When I was a kid, we would drive 13 hours to northern CA and stay with our friends at Trinity Alps resort, outside of Whiskytown and Trinity Lakes. We would inner tube down the creek, fish for trout, ride horses in the forest, pick blackberries for my mom to make pies….it was truly idyllic.

Kris Linehan
simondex68 at gmail

sarah-madison said...

A college friend and I took a major camping trip in the Smokies many years ago. We ended up covering 40 miles on foot in four days but my friend, who was in charge of provisions, had VERY different ideas as to what constituted food. She only brought corn muffins and a sack of apples for us to eat! I went on strike and demanded we eat at least one real meal at a restaurant every day. :-)

Brandi said...

I'm not much of a camper either but when I was a teen, I would drive with my friend & her mom to Maine & stay at their cabin for long weekends! It was kinda like camping! They didn't have running water, so I remember we had to wash in the nearby lake lol. At the cabin we'd cookout & I remember shooting a BB gun for the first time there. And we went to the outdoor Movie theatre. We had lawn chairs to sit on outside of the car, & I remember my friend checking a guy out so hard that the chair collapsed on her & she rolled on the ground!! HAHAHA!! It was so hilariously funny! Lots of great memories that summer. =)

Thank you for sharing your post & Thank you for having this giveaway!!

I hope you have a great week! =)

BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

Leslie Rodriguez said...

playing with friends, camping, fishing.

H.B. said...

I love french fries so the one thing I look forward to in the summer is visiting the beach with family and getting myself a bucket of fries to share.

humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Westbrooke Jameson said...

Thanks for the laugh, Megan! I think you faired better than I would have. ;)

ShirleyAnn said...

No I've never been camping or even stayed on a campsite the whole thing scares the life out of me.

Anders said...

Hi Megan,

I want to send a personal thank you for your participation in the Is It Summer Yet? Blog Hop. Thanks to you the Blog Hop was a great success.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe summer.

All the best,

Founder/Administrations Manager
Queer Town Abbey

Wendi Zwaduk said...

My winner is Kris! simondex68 at gmail

I'll be emailing you very shortly. Thanks to everyone who commented. I hope you found some great reads at my site. :-)