Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Is It Summer Yet?

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So what's my best summer memory?

It would have to be last summer. Yep, last summer. What was so great about a year ago (or there abouts)? I'm not much of a camper. My idea of camping includes a hotel room. Why? I tend to freak out that I've forgotten something along the way - like leaving my camera in the room, forgetting clothes or something else slightly off-kilter. Yeah, I'm a worrier.

Three years ago, we bought a camper. Actually, it's an RV. It's not fancy and it's not new. It's got a few years on it. Now, remember, I'm not a big camper. In order to go to a race, I was left in the camper with the tot. Tot and I are great. We have a solid relationship. But leaving the both of us in the RV could've been really, really bad. Yeah. Why? Although I know how to operate the appliances in said RV, along with the central air, there was also a good chance I could blow the whole RV sky high - like by leaving the gas on or forgetting to turn on the hot water before showering (I've done that, it's not pleasant).

What made this summer fun was how tot and I got to bond. Yep. We had to work together. We work together pretty well as it is, but if we turned on the hot water, he reminded me to turn it off when we were done. He helped me cook and kept the dogs under control. We laughed together and had a good time.

When Dh came to 'rescue us', it wasn't a big deal. Sure, I wanted him there. I love him. But tot and I had everything under control. The funniest part? DH thought for sure we'd blow up the camper, too.

Guess we proved him wrong.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Blisse Bunnies!

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It's time for the Blisse Bunnies to invade the blog! I'm excited. I love when the bunnies HOP by. I know, I know. Bad joke. Grin. But the cool thing is the prizes are for you. Yep! I've got a two up for grabs!! One winner will receive a copy of Tied Desire. The other winner will receive a prize pack featuring a bracelet and earring set made by me as well as signed swag! What do you have to do to get your name in the hat to win? Leave a comment about the excerpt of Tied Desire, your name and your email. Easy peasy! Good luck, happy hopping and happy commenting. 

Tied Desire by Megan Slayer 
Club Desire Book 1
M/M, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking, BDSM
Resplendence Publishing

Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the club.
            Ford Gehrig likes everything hard—his racing and his sex life. His career driving stock trucks is riding high. He’s a top performing rookie. Club Desire fulfills his needs for pain in his pleasure. But even a strong man has his breaking point. His wounds run deep and won’t be easy to overcome. Will the club be his salvation or his downfall?
Master Zane knows the rough side of the club well. He’s been at Desire longer than many of the Doms. Few subs turn his head like Ford. He wants the hot blond on his table, against his cross and in his bed. Nothing at the club comes easily, but Zane’s not one to give up. Will he be able to pierce the protective walls around Ford’s heart, or will his own past be the barrier he can’t destroy?
Only time, some cuffs and a few spankings will tell if this tied desire is meant to last.
An AllRomance Ebooks #1 Bestseller!
“Stand. I want you to sit on the couch with me.” Zane offered his hand.
Albeit tentatively, Ford cooperated. He rose and followed the Master to the oversized leather sofa. For the first time since he’d entered Zane’s private space, he glanced around. Instead of the stark look of T’s room, this one was decorated in rich burgundys and navys. A couple floor lamps provided light. The standard bondage bed and a mattress on a platform completed the otherwise lush look.
“We need to talk. Please sit.” Zane’s words forced Ford to look at him. “Were you happy with T?” 

Ford eased down beside Zane, not touching the larger man. Should he answer honestly? Might as well. “I enjoyed our time together.”
But I’d rather he’d have been you. Oh shit. He couldn’t admit that.
Ford allowed himself to ogle Zane. Full muscle in every part of his body, his arms were both sleeved in tattoos and a thick leather X crisscrossed his sculpted chest. A barbell decorated his right nipple. His leather pants molded around his strong legs.
For the first time since Ford had come to Desire, he looked Zane in the face. Scruff darkened his thin cheeks and dark lashes ringed his eyes. His black hair stood in spikes and twin earrings dangled from his left ear. He didn’t have telltale smile lines around his mouth. Didn’t the man grin at anything? Ford doubted Zane could be sad with all of the sexy men and women at his disposal.
Zane’s brown eyes narrowed, and the crinkles formed at his brow. “Somehow, I don’t believe you enjoyed being with T.”  He trailed his fingers down Ford’s cheek. “He claims you get off on name calling and degradation. I don’t buy that. I can see you getting off on the power shift, but not the other. You seem too timid—in a good way—for that harsh of treatment.”
Ford pressed his lips together to keep from gawking. In less than a minute, Zane had read him well. “You’re correct, Sir.”
“I want to start there. I’ve watched you in action. I know what you like and don’t like, but I want to hear you tell me your boundaries.”
“No needles or blood. I’m squeamish. Don’t choke me or abuse me. I can take pain, and I’ll use my safe word when I get to my limits.” Ford held his head high. “I enjoy the paddle, being restrained and sucking cock.”
“Very good.” Zane curled his fingers beneath Ford’s chin. “What’s your safe word?”
“Biscuit, Sir.”
“Nice.” Zane nodded. “Since T has seen fit to toss you back into the submissive pool, I’m stepping in. You’re mine. Do you wish to play?”
All of Ford’s desires and fantasies were coming true. Sure, he hadn’t wanted to part with T, but if he could spend time with Zane, then perfect. Ford wished he’d worn appropriate clothing for a scene, but who cared. He didn’t. Time to channel his sorrow into something sexy.
Ford placed the still full beer bottle on the floor, folded his hands and bowed his head. “Yes, Sir. I’d like to play.”
©Megan Slayer 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Release ~ Cat Groove, Stray Cats - Book 3

 Cat Groove (Stray Cats, Book 3) by Megan Slayer  
BIN: 06884-02217
Word Count: 13K
Page Count: 45
Changeling Press

He’s found his mate and his groove, but he’s got to convince her they belong together.

Watching his woman with another man just about killed Roman. His heart beat for Jessa. His ability to switch over to his human form has allowed him to show her his other side, but will he scare her away? He’s willing to work his groove in order to win the heart of the woman he loves.

Available here:  


©Megan Slayer, 2014

Roman's cock twitched beneath the towel. She would have to pick right now to want him to shift. He'd have to ditch the cover-up and she'd see his erection. Great. She'd think he was nuts and a perv. Whatever. No one had said finding his mate would be easy and he doubted convincing Jessa they belonged together would be a small task. He stood and followed her back to the bathroom. Along the way, she grabbed a baseball bat.

Now she wanted protection. He sighed. He'd do whatever he needed to in order to make her feel safe. He waited as she closed the door.

"Okay. Shift." Jessa stared at him. "Do it."

"Yes, ma'am." Roman crouched down and closed his eyes. His back itched as fur sprouted from his skin. His bones popped and shrank. Tendons shortened and his claws protruded from his fingers. He shook his head and then opened his eyes. The change had worked. She had to be his mate! He stared up at her and meowed.

"But..." Jessa reached for him. "Roman?" She clutched him in her arms. "How? Why?" Tears slipped down her cheeks. She held him up to her face. "Brat. You watched me change and shower... you know everything." Her voice trailed off. "Everything."

Roman licked her face, tasting her tears. She'd been through the wringer in the last year. He'd wanted to shift so badly, but he needed the Halloween moon in order for his change to work. All that time he'd watched her stumble into the relationship with John. He crinkled his nose and sneezed. Just thinking about her boyfriend pissed him off. The man wanted her to change. She needed to diet to be thinner because John said so. Her hair wasn't the right color so she dyed it because of him. Then there was the clothing he insisted she wear -- all black and nothing too revealing because she didn't have a figure to reveal. The jackass cut her down at every chance, and she believed him because he reminded her over and over he was the best she'd get.
Bullshit. Roman wriggled in her arms. He could shift and by goddess, he'd prove John wrong. He'd win her heart and seal the deal with his mate. He'd prove to her she was more than a dress size or an "almost" pretty face. He imagined sliding into her pussy and hearing her scream his name. Yeah, he wanted to hear his name on her lips.

"So now you change back?" More tears streamed down her cheeks. "Do you still work your protection duty?"

He'd lay down his life for her in a heartbeat. When she placed him on the floor, Roman closed his eyes and shifted back into his human form. His bones snapped and changed shape. The fur disappeared and his claws retracted. He crouched on the floor and opened his eyes.

"I'm here for you, sweetheart. Protection, defense... whatever you want." He snatched the towel from the floor. "But first I need something besides this towel to cover up with. I'm a tad exposed."

The soft terry cloth barely covered his butt when he wrapped the towel around him. If it slipped, he'd flash her. Part of him wanted to show her everything. Hell, he'd fallen a little in love with her when she'd picked him up at Hildy's house a year before. He couldn't wait to make love to her and seal the bond between them. The rest of him knew better. The more he pushed, the better the chance he'd freak her out -- again.

"I don't have anything that'll fit you." She grabbed her robe from the hook. "Will this work? You'll look silly, but you're thin enough it should wrap around you."

"Perfect." He shrugged into the robe, then tied the belt. Good timing. The towel gave way. He wasn't totally at ease, but he'd make do. Besides, he didn't like hearing her talk about size. She was beautiful in every way. Size didn't matter to him. "Why don't we talk? I've got a lot of explaining to do and not a lot of time to do it in."

Jessa shrugged. "What the hell? Why not? I can't see where anything else can go wrong tonight. To the living room?"

Now he could explain everything to her. Roman nodded. He'd take the chance available. "To the living room."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Release ~ All on the Field, Club Desire - Book 3

All on the Field by Megan Slayer 
Club Desire, Book 3
M/M, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking, BDSM
Resplendence Publishing

Get your rocks off however you want at Club Desire. We’re not easy and we’re not free, but we are discreet. Find your fantasy in the Club.

Coming clean and accepting what you want has never been this sexy.

Jordan Brody commands the landscape on the football field. His punt returns are legendary. What’s not so legendary? His sexuality. The hulking football player likes to be spanked and dominated, but he’s not comfortable explaining his needsuntil he visits Club Desire. The visit just might signal the game changer he’s been looking for.

Simon Blue knows how to dominate and how to read people. The moment he sees the sexy football player, he’s transfixed. Taking on a sub isn’t in his game plan, but there’s something about Jordan that calls to Simon’s soul. He’s convinced that a little spanking, some rope and a lot of patience will help Jordan seek the peace he desiresif he can convince Jordan to trust and submit.

Will these two wounded souls charge down the field in the ultimate score or fumble before the game begins?

©Megan Slayer, 2014

Article by article of clothing, Jordan stripped himself bare. Being naked didn’t bother him. The locker room afforded no privacy. After a win, the guys routinely slapped each other on the ass, back and chest in congratulations. After a loss? The rookies tended to bear the brunt of the frustration and anger. Anyone with less than two years in the league was hazed by the older players. Jordan had been with the Wild Cats for five years and had never participated in the hazing, but he’d been on the receiving end a couple of times. He’d had his locker stuffed with soiled uniforms, his belongings hidden from him and the inside of his locker plastered with pictures of naked women.
He’d laughed and brushed off the incidents, knowing he’d gotten off easy. The taunts lobbed at the rookies could be harsh. Sometimes there were scuffles. He’d kept his head down and focused on his football career.
But he wasn’t at the practice complex. He was in the middle of the club with Simon. No one would be making fun of him here.
Jordan folded his clothing and placed the garments in a neat pile on one end of the couch. He sat on the cushion. What was he supposed to do while he waited until Simon returned? The chilly air in the room wrapped around his body, and his balls tightened. His nipples hardened, and he fought off the desire to touch himself. Simon hadn’t said a word about masturbating.
Anticipation slid through his veins. He’d never been with a Dom before, but from what he’d seen in porno movies and what he’d heard from Rocke, a Dom wasn’t a bad thing. The man in charge would demand the events of the evening were on his terms.
Jordan could handle taking orders. But for how long? When would his sense of pride enter and scream to take over? When would he realize he was being a pansy by letting another man spank him?
Shit. He hated when the dark thoughts entered his mind.
Behind him, the door creaked. Jordan bowed his head. Did Simon expect him to show respect that way? Or should he drop to the floor on his knees? Was Simon even behind him?
“You’re quite colorful.” Simon placed his hand on Jordan’s back. His breath warmed Jordan’s skin. “Soon, I’ll have you explain each marking.”
Oh? He’d never told anyone about the art—not all of it. Even his tattoo artist didn’t know the meaning of many of the images.
Simon stroked his fingers up and down Jordan’s spine. “Interesting.” He strolled around Jordan, giving Jordan a chance to look at him again. Instead of the tight black T-shirt, Simon wore a black tank top. He crouched in front of Jordan.
“I can see the wheels turning in your mind. You’re not sure what’s about to go down. You’re keeping yourself guarded in case you do something you believe is stupid.” He curled his fingers under Jordan’s chin, forcing him to look Simon in the eye. “When we play, I have rules. Rule one is no secrets. Tell me everything. If something feels good, bad, hurts, makes you mad, whatever, you tell me.”
“Yes, sir.” Was he supposed to call Simon by his name or sir?
“Rule two is how you will address me. In a scene, you will call me S. Out of a scene, you may use my name.”
“Yes, S.”
“Good boy.”
“Rule three is the boundaries. I will abide by your boundaries, but I reserve the right to push you when I feel you’re ready. I am here to make you happy and give you the release you desire.”
“Yes, S.”
“Rule number four concerns trust. I need your total trust. I respect you and will do my best to give you what you need. You must trust me that if I push, I’m doing it for a reason, not out of some perverse pleasure. You control what we do and when. Understand?”
“Yes, S.” Actually, he wasn’t sure he got what Simon meant. He’d been under the impression that the Dom ran the show. According to what Simon had said, the control was more or less in Jordan’s hands.
“You don’t look convinced.” Simon swiped his thumb across Jordan’s bottom lip. “If you use your safe word, we’ll stop. I respect you and your wishes. If you can handle offering up your control to me, I offer up mine to you, as well.”
“Thank you, S.” Jordan shivered. At least, he’d found a man who wanted to play equal. “What’s my safe word?”
“String bean.” A smile twitched on Simon’s lips. “Do you wish to back out?”
“Not a chance.” Hell, being under Simon’s care seemed like the most natural thing in the world. “I accept, and I’m grateful. Thank you, S.”
“Now, we’ll begin.”

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Out Now and a Sunday Snog ~ Paint My World

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Paint My World by Megan Slayer
Available here!
M/F, Contemporary
Spring Fling Short Story
Shara Azod Publishing

Spring means open windows and open hearts.

Danielle Lane isn’t looking for anything other than paint when she goes into the home improvement shop in town. She’s not ready to offer up her heart again, but the sexy man behind the paint counter is making her think twice.

Garrett Granger has everything he ever wanted—except honest love. Working at the local hardware store suits him just fine. But the moment Dani walks into the store, he’s ready to give up his single life for a chance with the sexy woman.

Will this spring fling turn into something more or flop by the end of the night?

Available here:

And now for that Snog!
©Megan Slayer 2014

“I’m sorry I was so blind.” He wanted to touch her, to kiss her.
“You were sidetracked.” Her voice turned husky and a wild spark shone in her eyes.
“I’m not sidetracked any longer.” He dropped his crust onto the plate and closed the gap between them. The moment his lips touched hers, his entire being tingled. She moaned again and he swallowed the sound. He tugged her into his arms, loving the feel of her soft body against his. The tang of pizza sauce and the sweetness of her cola exploded on his tongue. A man could definitely get used to kissing her.
Dani pulled back just a bit, breaking the kiss. “We shouldn’t do that.”
“Why?” He smoothed a hank of her hair between his fingers.
Her gaze searched his and she pursed her lips a couple of times before she finally spoke. “Come with me.” She laced their fingers and tugged him down the short hallway to the bathroom. “We should get cleaned up first.”
“I don’t know.” He snagged her in his arms again. “I kind of like you covered in paint. It’s sexy.”
She flattened her hands on his chest. “I’m not the type of woman who falls into bed with every handsome man I see, but you make me want to do all sorts of bad things.”
“Like?” He smoothed his hand over her ass and gave the supple skin a squeeze.
“I think I’ve figured out how I’m going to pay you for your hard work.” She slid her hand over the growing bulge in his pants. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since high school. I’m not taking no for an answer.”
Garrett kissed her again and sucked on her tongue. Making love to Dani? He’d dreamed of time alone with her. Hell, yes, she could pay him in every sexy way possible. Then he’d come back for seconds and maybe thirds. He’d never get enough of Dani Lane. Never.