Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hump Day Humps with White Tiger Christmas - Jingle Claws


Jingle Claws by Megan Slayer  

Paranormal, Contemporary, Holiday
Shara Azod Publishing

Christmas is the time to come together. But for a tiger shifter stuck in his tiger form, it can be a lonely time. Kash isn’t just alone, he’s stuck in the zoo. He needs to find his mate and fast—or his human form will be lost to the tiger forever. There’s one woman who can help him out...if he doesn’t scare the hell out of her first.
Charise doesn’t believe in shifters. There isn’t such a thing. When the man appears in the sick bay where the tiger once lounged, she’s not sure what to think. He claims she’s his salvation. Will she be able to accept the Christmas spirit and his wild story in order to get her happily ever after? Only time and a little visit from Jingle Claws will tell.

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And now that Hump Day Hump!

Kash thanked the goddess Charise hadn’t bashed him over the head or locked him back in the enclosure. She even seemed to be enjoying their time together. He wanted to kiss her. Wanted to pin her to the wall and taste her sweetness. Would she moan? Writhe beneath him? Beg him for more? Charise locked the door to the break room, then dashed across the space and yanked the curtains shut. Kash flipped the light switch, bathing the small area in yellow light.“Do you believe in animal magnetism?” she asked.
“Completely.” Kash strode to where she stood and scooped her into his arms. He needed to learn the mechanics of making love, but he knew plenty about sex. The instinct to claim her welled inside of him and he tamped down the feeling. Right now he needed to proceed with caution.
Charise pressed her body to his and threw her arms around his neck. “This is so far out of my comfort zone.” She walked them both to the wall and pinned him to the chilly drywall. She tipped her head, barely giving him time to register what she was about to do, and kissed him.
He kissed her back with ferocity. Every taste, every nibble imprinted in his memory. Her sweetness exploded on his tongue and a groan ripped from his throat.“You’ve never had sex?” she murmured. Charise stroked his chest, running her fingertips over his pecs. His synapses misfired. Damn, she had him on a hair-trigger.
“Never.” He tangled his fingers in her hair. “You’re my first.”
“I’ll teach you.” She kissed him again, this time fluttering her attention over his cheeks, chin and nose. Kash panted. He’d never felt so much desire in his life. She slipped one hand over the bulge in his pants. She bit his bottom lip, then smiled. “I’ll make you feel really, really good.”
Charise knelt at his feet and unbuttoned his pants. She stared up at Kash. “I promise not to hurt you.” She eased the front of the khakis open. The garment plopped at his feet. She whistled. “Damn, you are endowed.” She wrapped both hands around his cock and stroked. He couldn’t think. He widened his stance. His blood turned to fire in his veins. His balls ached. He’d never felt so aware in his life. “Baby,” he murmured. He thrust his fingers into her hair.
Charise flicked her tongue over the blunt head of his cock. Sparks shot through his body. “Charise,” he panted. He couldn’t stand up straight. Hell, he couldn’t stand.“Just a little longer.” She pulled a tiny square packet from her pocket. What the hell was that? he wondered. She tore the corner of the packet in her teeth, then rolled a translucent white tube over his erection. “Protection,” she said, as if she understood what went on in his head. He didn’t understand what she meant, but he didn’t care. He hauled her off the floor and his cat roared within him. The cat clawed him and took over, giving him the strength to take what he wanted. Kash pinned her to the wall and ripped the pants from her legs. The panties shredded and landed with her pants on the floor. Time to claim his woman. He smoothed one hand between her silky thighs. When she groaned, he bit back a chuckle. Her juices coated his fingers. She wanted him as much as he craved her. Kash hoisted her up in his arms and continued kissing her. He entered her tight heat in one thrust. The cat roared again, then settled. He’d found his mate. He stared deep into her eyes. His fellow tigers mated from behind. No looking at their mates, just getting what they wanted. Not him. He needed to gaze into her eyes. “Damn, you feel good.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Give it to me. Make me feel you later.”
Careful not to crush her, he allowed his animal to take full control. Kash pistoned his hips and filled her to the brim. Each time his body connected with her, he stumbled closer to orgasm. The cat paced within him, not totally settling. He didn’t understand what the hell was wrong with his animal, but the good feelings inside him were too strong to ignore. His skin heated and he gasped for breath. He listened for the voice of the goddess while they had sex. Where was she and when was she going to bless the union? “Make me come,” Charise shouted. She tightened around him. “Oh, fuck, make me come.”

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