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Desperately Seeking an Alpha with Ascher from Cat Style (R RATED EXCERPT)

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I love heroes that take charge. You know, those ones who don't give up and strive to make the heroine feel wonderful. He's controlling the situation. Ascher, from Cat Style, is one of those men. Here's one of my favorite scenes featuring him:

"You were protecting yourself. I'm glad you did stop me. I want our time together to be special." Ascher crossed the space and took the tablet from her hands. The electronic device ended up on the dresser and he cupped her jaw. "What's happening between us is a big change. Even I don't understand all of it."

"It's a good change." She leaned closer to him. "I wanted to show you something on the tablet, but it can wait. This can't." She rose up on her tiptoes and kissed him. Penn eased her palms over the planes of his chest, eliciting many sensations in his body -- his blood heated, tingles zapped him from within and relaxation settled around him. His cock responded and thickened behind the constraining fabric. His cat rejoiced. His mate wanted him.

Penelope bit his bottom lip and moaned. She stayed in his embrace. "My knees are weak," she whispered.
"Show me how to love you." Ascher kissed her again, drowning in her sweetness. He caressed the satiny skin around her middle, beneath her sweatshirt. The more he touched her and tasted her, the more he wanted her. He dragged her to his chest and walked her to the bed. He wanted her bared for him and beneath him as he made her his.

Penn reached behind her head and removed the elastic from her hair. The dark tresses spilled over her shoulders. She eased her shirt over her head and whipped the garment somewhere behind her. Her breasts pressed against the lace of her bra. He preferred when she went without the pesky lingerie.

Ascher palmed her chest, loving the feel of her satiny skin under his hand. He'd dreamed about touching her. Reality pleased him so much more than dreams. He flicked his thumbs across her nipples.

"Ascher," she groaned. Penn tipped her head back, exposing her throat.

He trailed his fingers over her neck. She felt so delicate in his arms. "Tell me what I need to do."

She disengaged from him and shoved her yoga pants to the floor. She crawled on the bed in nothing but her panties and bra, then flopped onto her back. "You come to me and let me touch you." She spread her legs. "Please?"

"You don't have to beg." Ascher grabbed the waistband of his pants and tore, shredding the elastic as he pushed the pants to the floor. The cool air in the room swirled around his dick. Oh, Goddess. He'd wanted Penn for so long, but he'd never last at this rate.

She sat up and reached between his legs. "Let me please you."

She kissed her way up from his belly to his pecs. Penelope crawled to the end of the bed and sank to her knees. From her position on the end of the bed, she stared up at him. From his knee up to his hip, she kissed and touched. The moves elicited a deep groan from his chest. When she brushed her cheek against his cock, he jerked forward. He'd never felt anything so sexy in his life.

Ascher couldn't move. Instead he focused on her. The woman rocked his world. She flattened her hands on his upper thighs and flicked her tongue over the blunt head of his erection.

"Shit," he murmured. He threaded his fingers into her hair. Butterflies swarmed in his belly. He shifted his hips, easing his dick in and out of her mouth. "Feels good." Fixated on her, he fought to catch his breath.
Damn. He knew this wouldn't last long. The climax was too close. The more she took him in and sucked him, the closer he came to losing control.

"Stop, sweetheart." He eased his cock from between her lips. Time to let nature take over. Ascher spread her out before him. Goddess, she turned him on. He moved on instinct. With one hand, he stroked his erection and used the other hand to tug on her panties.

"I need you," he growled.

"Yeah." Penelope helped him shove her underwear down her legs. She reached between her legs and caressed her pussy.

"Holy shit." He shivered and crawled between her legs. In one thrust, he entered her. The moment he sank into her sweet heat, his head swam. She might not understand their connection or the magic, but the magic didn't lie. He kissed her upper chest, then made his way to her throat. The urge to bite her overwhelmed him.
"Mine," he roared.

Cat Style (Stray Cats, bk 2) by Megan Slayer
BIN:  06761-02176
Word Count: 10K
Page Count: 37
Genres: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal
Themes: Shapehifters, Magic

He’s got cat style, but does he have what it takes to win her heart?

Penelope went to the witch’s house to look at the cats, not bring one home. The moment she spotted the tiny fur baby with huge green eyes, she lost her heart. But Hildegard’s cats aren’t all they seem. One skeptical owner plus one affectionate shifter equals love cat-style -- but will love prevail over the evil threatening to kill her furry best friend?

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