Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK TWELVE

It’s break week for the Bengals and we need the rest. The last half of the season will be tough and we need to plan ahead. Grin. We can do it!!
Now, let’s get to those Honorable Mentions!
“...they go with the five wide man look...”
Fun times!
“...the big hand-off...”
What are they handing off? And to whom? Can we watch?
And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.
“...coming up the middle with the sack...”
He’s got confidence. Nice.
“...knew what he had in coverage...”
Well, he should! Protecting is key!
“...any time you extend that arm, you can get caught...”
There’s only so far you can extend.
“...almost completed it...”
Well, drat. No one likes when they come too soon and nothing gets completed.
“....trying to bounce the ball back into play...”
I wonder if that’s new slang for gettin’ some after being shot down? Could be. I like it.
“....Good job with the strip...”
Naked time in football? I’m on it!

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.
“...really struggled when it counts....”
Aside from the tense issues, you have to feel bad for the guy. He can’t perform. Shucks. That’s no fun.

Stay tuned for the quotes from Week Thirteen. The best is yet to come and it’s only going to get harder from here. Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK ELEVEN (On Thursday!)

The Browns put up a good fight, but the Bengals came out on top. The Bengals are still on top of the division, but the Steelers and Ravens are on the way back. This week is the bye week and thank goodness! We need the rest. 
 Here’s to keeping up the momentum after the break!

Now, let’s get to those Honorable Mentions!
“...a lotta girth down there...”
Oh my!.
“...stacking the box...”
That one sounds like a hot time in the old town tonight. Grin.
And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.
“...the hand off and it’s stuffed...”
Passing around the partner. Nice.
“...cowboys are 1 for 5...”
Now I don’t believe that at all. They usually score!
“...big dump in the third...”
“...good feet for such a big guy...”
Well, you know what they say about guys with big feet...
“....giant sacks...”
Snort. I have nothing for this one. Just Snort!
“....Manning underneath...finds Pasco...”
Orgy time!

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.
“...Drives forward into the arms of Wilbur for three....”
For three what? Inquiring minds would like to know—with video. Thanks.

Stay tuned for the quotes from Week Twelve. The best is yet to come and it’s only going to get harder from here. Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hump Day Humps with Drive My Car

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This week its my brand new release, Drive My Car. Where driving the limo can have some definite benefits!

Drive My Car by Megan Slayer  

Totally Bound
M/M, BDSM, Anal Sex, Toys, Spanking, Bondage

Can the one being led, do the leading?
Miles Hornish has seen it all—men, women, ménages…but none of them make the grade. No, this self-made real estate magnate wants one person to share his wealth, his bed and his platinum handcuffs. No one seems to fit the bill—except his limo driver, Fynn. But Miles has issues in his past. Will Fynn be enough to help Miles overcome his past?
Fynn Gold likes his job chauffeuring Miles. What's not to love? Witnessing encounters in the back of the limo and being the one person Miles can trust…it's a dream job. Except Fynn wants more with Miles than endless miles on the road. He wants to be the only person in those shiny handcuffs. Can Fynn convince Miles he's ready to be more than just a driver?
Sometimes it takes the right pairing to make love work out right.

Reader Advisory: This book includes the use of sex toys, anal sex, BDSM play and a flogger or two.

Available at Totally Bound:

And a Hot Excerpt:

“I think I’d like to ride up front this time.” Miles slid forward and emerged from the back seat. “You ride up there all alone. Might as well keep you company for a change.” He opened the passenger door and plopped down on the seat.
Stunned, Fynn shut the back seat door and scurried around the back of the vehicle. Something wasn’t right. Miles never sat up front. Hell, Miles never said much more than directions to where he wanted to go and to ask about the weather.
Fynn opened the driver’s side door and sat down behind the wheel. “Where would you like to go, Sir?”
“Home, Gold. I’d like to go home.”
Miles clicked the seatbelt into place and noticed the item on the front seat. Ah, so that’s what Fynn does when he’s waiting. Miles touched the worn edge of the leather cover. Here I thought he watched me.
“I’m sorry, Sir.” Fynn grabbed the iPad and opened the glove box. “I shouldn’t have had that out.”
“Why?” Miles turned in his seat to watch Fynn move. The younger man’s hands trembled. The aura of control slipped, revealing the truer Fynn.
“I’m protecting you when you’re out, not reading the latest by Cash Norman.” Fynn put the car into gear and edged out into the flow of traffic.
Miles focused on Fynn. He wasn’t about to let anyone see into his secret fear. No fucking way. Being in the front seat of the car sent shudders through his body. Instead of closing his eyes, he studied Fynn’s profile. If he closed his eyes, he’d see the accident again. Damn it, he’d relived the crash so many times in his brain, he wanted the whole thing to fizzle away.
Fynn sped around a corner and pitched Miles sideways in his seat. The move squashed him tight against Fynn’s shoulder. “Oh my God. I’m sorry.” Fynn gripped the steering wheel. “The traffic’s bad for this time of night. A ballgame must be letting out.” He came to a stop at the traffic light. “I’ll go a little slower.”
“It’s fine, Gold.” What a freaking great way to come on to a guy! Miles bit down hard on the tip of his tongue. So many other things popped up in his brain. I enjoyed leaning on you. Nice, but the sentiment sounded goofy. How about you take another corner that fast so I can stay tucked against you? Oh brother. Mind if I practically sit in your lap because riding in the front seat reminds me of the car crash that killed my first lover? He’d rather eat live bait.
Miles could almost hear his former lover laughing. God, Hornish. You’re a confident real estate mogul and a Dominant. Stop being a fucking pansy. Make a move or shut the fuck up.
Except he hadn’t said much at all.
“Gold, do you mind if I call you Fynn?” Miles balled his fists to keep the trembling at bay. From the ride or because he’d ventured into a new area of his relationship with Fynn? He wasn’t sure.
“Uh, that’s fine, Sir.” Fynn kept his gaze forward and his grip tight on the wheel. “You can call me whatever you’d like.” He maneuvered the car off the freeway and headed down the city streets to Miles’ mansion. The other mansions and estates twinkled in the bright moonlight. Splashes of color from the landscape lighting offset the pale hues from the moon.
Miles’ thoughts turned from the scenery to Fynn. Had Fynn watched him masturbate? Miles snorted. He sure as hell hoped Fynn had seen the show. The girls did nothing for him. Even Galen, his one-time fling, hadn’t set his pulse racing. No, only the sexy man behind the polished shades seemed to give him wood.
Within moments, Fynn drove down the tree-lined lane leading to Miles’ house. He stopped the car beside the main steps. “Home, Sir.”
“Thanks, Fynn.” Miles placed his hand on Fynn’s. “Come inside with me.”

Copyright Megan Slayer 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK TEN

 I missed last week’s post. I’m bad. Call it a slack in posting because of the loss to the Ravens. Sheesh. In overtime, too... Sigh. But you have to take the bad with the good.
I’ve only got two from the week before for an Honorable Mention, but they are worth the read!

“...Busts through the hole...”
Wow. He wants to make an impression.

“...pounded the ball off the right hand side...”
Ummm... ouch?

And now for the Quotes of the Week. Some of these are real winners.

“...patience in the hole...”
Yes, patience is a good thing. Too much bursting and something could go terribly wrong.

“...tight end play...”
Is that anything like a loose end play?

“...ball handling—extreme...”
Have we turned football into an X Games sport?

“...wide perimeter jet sweep...”
I’m not even sure what to say to that one, but I hope they have a towel to clean up the jet sweep.

“....He’s doing a lot with his arm...”
Hey, no crime in getting the whole body involved.

Now for the Doozy of the Week. This was said on national television and I still can’t believe it.
“...opened up holes everywhere....”
My, he is aggressive.

Stay tuned for the quotes from Week Eleven. Coming later this week as I get caught up. After the losses to the Dolphins and the Ravens, the week Eleven win against the Browns was certainly needed. Thanks for reading and Go Bengals!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hump Day Hump with Film Me!

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My Hump, which is unconventional, comes from Film Me. Grin. I love this story!

Film Me (Challenges 5)
Author: Megan Slayer
BIN: 06473-02081
Word Count: 8K
Page Count: 26

Genres: Erotic Romance, Razor's Edge, Contemporary, BDSM
Themes: Voyeurism

Wes Long is a legend. Everyone wants to be in his films. But Wes has challenged Jinx for more.

Jinx Star has been around the world of adult films for more than five years. Leading man Wes Long is a legend with a long list of partners to his credit. But Wes has challenged Jinx for more. He'll accept nothing less than her total submission - on and off the set.

Jinx Star,

I have a challenge for you. If you accept, I will make it worth your while.
I want you to star with me in my last movie. Hunger involves more than just sex.
Are you willing to submit to me? Completely submit to me?
I'll be on the set at five.


Her heart hammered and she sank down onto the chair. Wes not only wanted her, but also her submission? She'd only done a few BDSM movies with light bondage and a little spanking. Nothing truly hardcore. Hell, she didn't understand the harder stuff. She dropped the note, then scrubbed her hand over her mouth. What time was it? The clock over the bed read five minutes to five, but sometimes the set designers used the clocks as nothing more than props.
Did she want to submit to him? She closed her eyes and a vision of Wes came to mind. He stood over her, staring down at her with his icy blue eyes and scruff on his cheeks. His steely jaw was set, every muscle in his body defined. Her mouth watered as she imagined his cock, erect and waiting for her. A thin trail of hair led from his belly button to the thatch of curls at the base of his cock. He wielded a flogger with the same determination he used when he bent his partner in half during sex. She could almost feel the sting of his paddle on her ass.
"Do you wish to submit?"
His words dragged her from her fantasy, and she snapped her eyes open. Wes folded his arms, blocking the light from the set lamp. "Carrie?"
Holy shit. He'd used her real name. Her mouth opened and closed twice before she finally managed to say something.
"Sorry. No one -- no one uses my real name around here." She fumbled to her feet, then stuck out her hand. "Nice to meet you."
Wes smiled, the dimple on his cheek deepening. He tugged her tight to his chest, almost like they were being filmed, but with more emotion. "Do you know how long I've waited to catch you between movies?"
She reeled. "I didn't think you'd noticed me." She glanced up at him. He'd been fantastic to watch on the screen, but being with him in person trumped any movie. What would it feel like to have those whiskers abrading her inner thighs? What about his ropes around her wrists? She shivered and continued to stare at him.
"For now I'll use your real name. We need to talk -- not as adult stars but as regular people." He settled on her chair, then tugged her onto his lap. Wes used his middle finger to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear. His touch brought on another round of shivers. For a moment, she almost believed he cared about her as a person.
"I'm listening." She fought the urge to touch him. "What's up?"
"I've made plenty of movies in my time and I'm just about done, but there's one last person I want to work with." He smoothed his fingers down her cheek. "You."

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK NINE

Well... the Dolphins ended up being a bigger foe than we expected. That's okay. 6-3 isn't anything to sniff at. Snicker. 

Are you ready for some funny quotes? I am. Here we go!!

But first, let me mention the Honorable Mentions...those quotes that were not quite right for last week... or came on Monday night.

“...all over the field - inside/outside...everywhere...”
Thanks Captain Obvious. 

 “...looks like he's a dead duck and then he keeps his feet moving...”
He's talented.

And now for those quotes this week. Some real zingers in this bunch.

“...Stuck in the slot...”
Bet he likes it. 

 “...Gets off under no duress...”
Some people don't like having hardships in getting off.

 “...Seven sets of hands on that ball...”
Heaven, he's in heave. 

 “...the three man rush...”
Is there a woman in the middle?

 “...I'd continue to pound the ball...”
Then have at it!

And now for that Doozy of the Week:

 “...Trying to hogtie the wild boar...”
I'm not sure if he's talking about football or hunting. Kinky, though. Very kinky. 

Thanks for reading. Hopefully your team won and if they didn't, well, there's always next week. 
Stay tuned for my picks from Week Eight!