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Football Funnies of the Week!

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Like football? Love when the commentators say something that makes you do a double take? Then you'll be right at home here. I"m featuring some of the goofiest things the announcers said...that are real plays. Read on!

“ tight on the tight end’s outside...”
Sounds painful, but maybe its how they like it. Tight. 

“...airing it out deep...”
Oh, he must be done, then, and airing it out. 

“...a big receiver with good hands...”
Well, yeah, because if he's got big hands...then he's got a big..well, you know.

“...defensive backs are being more oppressive and they are winning the battle...”
But the battle for what? Hmm. Hinky, though.

“...a hook-up with Bollen...”
They finally announced it. Good for them to come out about it. Kudos!

Giggle. I hope you enjoyed the quotes. Next week is the special Super Bowl Edition! Don't miss it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ten Line Tuesday...WIP Style!

It's time for ten lines and this week it's from a WIP. Gotta love the WIPs. So enjoy this hot excerpt!!!

“Nice, Pet.” Will stilled Adam’s hands, then smoothed his palms over Adam’s pecs. He missed Adam, missed the sounds of Adam in ecstasy, the glow on Adam’s skin when he came. Most of all, he wanted the love they once shared.

Will wrapped his arms around Adam, drawing him close. He rested his forehead on Adam’s, breathing in the spicy scent of Adam aroused.

“What do you want me to do to you?” Will kissed Adam on the lips, tasting the tang of steak and Italian dressing on his lips. “Spank you? I’ve got a new paddle. One with holes for maximum pleasure.” He kissed Adam again, this time closer to his ear. “Or I could use the one with the studs. Your favorite, if I remember.”

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New Year's Resolutions with Edmond and Tobias from Black Cat

For Edmond Chancellor and Tobias Crawford from Black Cat, January is more than the start of a new year. It's also the start of their new life. Men of their age tend to be set in their ways, but they've been ready for this particular change for several centuries.

They'd like to share their New Year's resolutions with you.

December was a miraculous month for me. After three-hundred-sixty years of loving a man who refused to commit, I'd started to wonder if I'd somehow failed to gain his trust. Tobias is complex, even for a cat shifter. He's secretive and elusive by nature. In the year ahead, I plan to work on our relationship and do all I can to see that we're happy now that he finally believes I would never hurt him. Over the past centuries my house has undergone many changes, but I intend to make more renovations to accommodate the feline members of my new family. I'm looking forward to the coming year with Tobias and many years after that.
~Edmond Chancellor, Vampire

This year will be quite different for me. It's been over a thousand years since the end of my first marriage and just as much time since my Roman lover betrayed me. Although I know Edmond is honorable--strange for a vampire--the thought of binding myself to someone permanently, of sharing my heart and soul with them, terrified me. I don't like to admit that. I'm not comfortable with sharing my innermost thoughts with others. This year I plan to work on that, but only with Edmond. I know it's important to him that we're open with each other, and I want to make him happy. I don't think he realized until the incident this past December. Everything has changed for us and I know it will be for the better.
~Tobias Crawford, Cat Shifter

I hope you enjoy the following excerpt from Black Cat!

Whisper 4: Black Cat
by Kate Hill
(M/M Vampire/Shapeshifter)
From Changeling Press

Vampire Edmond Chancellor and cat shifter Tobias Crawford have had a not-so-secret affair for over three hundred years. Edmond wants to bond with Tobias permanently, but Tobias has reasons for keeping his distance.

On a chilly December night, both men turn to past memories for guidance, but it's a present danger that makes them realize that time is precious, even to men who are practically immortal.

The following excerpt from Black Cat is for readers 18 and over.

Tobias had hoped that by bringing his family to this new world, they would have a chance to build a life for themselves, away from the unsubstantiated hatred. The endless wilderness of this place would take generations to populate, even for creatures as ambitious as man.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heavy breathing and the familiar slash of a blade through air. Tobias growled and his fur bristled. On silent feet he stalked through the snowy woods and paused behind a boulder outside a clearing. A man wearing boots, breeches and a linen shirt, damp with sweat despite the weather, practiced with a sword with a silver pommel. He had shoulder-length brown hair bound at his nape. Several tendrils had come loose and clung to his damp cheek and neck. His wide-set blue eyes gleamed in the moonlight as he fought an imaginary opponent. Tobias' heart skipped a beat at the fierceness in those eyes.

Tobias knew this wasn't a mere human--the man's scent told him that. It was a deliciously powerful aroma, similar to that of an animal shifter. It was musky yet fresh but with an underlying potency-like the finest Egyptian incense. Tobias had met people with a similar scent and they were invariably dangerous.

Blood drinkers.



Tobias tensed. He hadn't expected to find a vampire here in this untamed land. Vampires liked their creature comforts, not to mention they preferred to mark their territory in heavily populated areas where hunting was simple, plentiful, and where no one asked questions when slaves and peasants went missing.

Worst of all, Tobias knew that there was never only one vampire. Like wolves, they traveled in packs, yet unlike wolves they killed for pleasure, not simply to survive.

Tobias' protective instincts rose. Should he attack now and rid his new home of this fiend? Yet if he did, this vampire's kin would hunt him and his family. Although they despised most other races, vampires were fiercely loyal to their own families.

The vampire stopped his practice and stood, panting, his jewel-like eyes surveying the area.

"Who's there?" he called in a smooth voice, neither too deep nor too high. It was perfect and Tobias resisted the urge to purr at the sound of it.

Tobias remained still, blending in the shadows.

"I know you're there. I can smell you."

Damn. Vampires' senses were almost as keen as those of cat shifters.

"Show yourself, since I've ruined your plans for a surprise attack. Or perhaps you'll run. I wouldn't be surprised if you did. After all, only cowards hide in the shadows."

Tobias nearly snorted with laughter. It was a childish taunt, designed to draw out a stupid foe. Tobias hadn't lived thousands of years because he was stupid or merely lucky.

For several moments neither Tobias nor the vampire moved or spoke. It seemed they didn't so much as breathe.

Then the vampire approached. Tobias considered running or attacking, but like most cats, curiosity got the better of him. He stepped from behind the boulder, directly in the path of the vampire who stopped walking, his blue eyes wide.

Tobias' tail swished in a warning and he growled softly.

"Can't say I expected this," the vampire said.

Tobias circled him. The vampire turned slowly, following Tobias' movements. He held his sword firmly, but not in an attack position. Still Tobias was prepared to dodge a blow and defend himself. He knew better than to trust a vampire.

Previous books in the Whisper series:

Whisper 1: Dragon's Bar
Whisper 2: Bronzed
Whisper 3: Mating Call

About Kate

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets.

She enjoys hearing from readers and she can be contacted at Visit Kate online at


To enter this contest you must be 18 or over.

To enter for the chance to win a pdf download of a Kate Hill or Saloni Quinby Changeling Press ebook (winner's choice of title), please comment. The contest will run for three days from the day of this post. At the end of that time, a winner will be selected from the comments. Thank you!

Whisper Video

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Football Funnies of the Week

Time for some football funnies! All those quotes the announcers said on prime time television that made me wonder. And now I'm going to share them with you.

“...tucked the ball in deep...”
But where?

“ an extra lineman in and made the play...”
Hmm. Sounds like the start of an orgy. Grin. 

“...fighting some holds down deep...”
Holding him in or out?

“...never been blocked...”
Must've eaten his Fiber One bars. Or he's really...large. Worn out? Put away wet one too many times? Something like that.

“...juggling a good grab for 44...”
INCHES!?!?!? Holy cowabunga Batman, that's big!

“...this is an offense that spreads it around more than any...”
Kinky... Now THIS I want to see. And take pictures of. 

So those are the quotes this week. Only a couple more weeks left, then it's NASCAR time! Enjoy!

Five Sentence Friday!

tradigi / 123RF Stock Photo

Bondage, submission and some fun window play are all involved in this week's fast, fun, Five Sentence Friday, courtesy of Show Me. Enjoy!!

“You please me.” Calen kissed her neck, the action whispery soft against her pulse. “They can see you. They want you.” He shifted his hips, rubbing the silk of his suit jacket lapels along her spine and ass. His hands roamed her stomach and the swell of her hips, not quite finding the apex of her thighs.

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Gonna Make You sWet!

Like a hot story with zing? Then try the stories in the sWet line. You'll be glad you did. Check 'em out!
buy the books here!

Sometimes the typical Happily Ever After isn't what you're looking for. Sometimes
you want it quick. You want it erotic. You want it dirty. Sometimes you. Want. It.
Now. Sometimes, you want something to make you sWet.

Locker Room Blitz

Angelica Whetter was willing to do just about ANYTHING to get an interview for
her station WSXT. She just didn't know that sneaking into the men's locker room
during a pro football game would actually force her to put her money where he
mouth was. When she suddenly finds herself trapped in a snare created by one
gorgeous linebacker, not only is the interview forgotten but so is any sense of
reason to stop her from participating in a little locker room blitz...

Little Black Book

For three tortuous years Parson has been watching Dontae, trying desperately to
figure out exactly what is it that makes her tick but she never gives him an inch.
At least not until he finds himself having the upper hand, and small but VERY
descriptive account of every one of her fantasies. Fantasies that she's written about

Body of Art

Sullivan Byrne had been talked into many things in his lifetime, most of them by
his younger sister Rhona. So when she asks him to be the one to share her father-
daughter dance with her at her wedding, he’s surprised and touched at the request.
At least until he figures out he has to take dancing lessons for two weeks straight.
His irritation quickly turns to intrigue when he’s introduced to Rhona’s close
friend and his new instructor, the alluring Channing Harris. Now Sullivan wants to
know more about what she can do with her hips in other activities aside from her
amazing dancing skills. The question is; can he get her to stop being skittish long
enough to admit she feels the same attraction he does?


Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?
Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape
the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all
his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest
dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, it is so

The Education of Donovan

Bored. Donovan was so goddamned bored. Everything in his life is quiet, and
simple. From his job to his wife. Sex between them has been relegated to a closed
door, lights off, missionary obligation that's lost its spark, its passion. So its no
surprise that his eyes go straying to the mahogany skinned, buxom girl next door.
His interlude with her leaves him feeling as though he needs to finally be honest
with himself. But it also leaves him wondering when his wife is going to be honest
with HIM?

Prelude to Launch

Alexia needed to convince Heath and Cody that their current situation had to
end, it was time for them to grow up and live in the real world. In the real world,
a woman doesn’t have two boyfriends. In the real world, two men don’t share a
girlfriend. In the real world it just isn’t right. Heath and Cody need to show Alexia
that everything about their world is very real and very potent.

Lawman's Pleasure

Marshal Obidiah Matlock could invoke fear into Satan himself being that he wore
don't-fuck-with-me better than some women wore stilettos. He was a man to be
respected and given a wide berth...Apparently Megan Tully either ignored that bit
of information or straight out didn't give a shit. The moment the good Marshal
pulls her over for speeding she makes it abundantly clear that she's not afraid of
him. And with the sensual curve of her smile and the twinkle in her eyes, she also
makes it clear that Obidiah and his handcuffs are more than welcome to follow her

Cheri Red

Office politics can be tricky. Throw a ménage in the mix and you have all kinds of leg room for trouble.
But what's a girl to do when it seems that her body's needs far surpass the risks of spending her
mornings, evenings and nights in the arms of two delicious co-workers? Cheri has much to lose if
anyone suspects that Tom and Dan are sharing more than just business plans with her on a regular basis.
The issue is, that the wetness between her thighs when they're near and the lust in both their gazes
have a direct correlation with making her forget everything aside from how she feels when they touch

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Ten Line Tuesday ~ Make Me!

I thought I'd spotlight ten lines from one of my favorite stories, Make Me. This one is white hot! A little BDSM, some toys... yeah, hot night! Enjoy!

A crop, some rope, a sweet little plug... just what she wants, and all she had to say was make me.
Dixie wanted out of the daily rut and a night to reconnect with her husband. What she got went far beyond her wildest dreams. Who knew a Tuesday night could be so white hot?

Ten lines, here we come!

         “What do you want from me?”
         He crooked one brow. “I want everything. Turn around.”
         The cool air in the hallway caressed my nipples as I did as told. I panted.
Whatever he had in mind, I was up for. “You going to make me?”
        “Yes, bad girl. Give me your hands.”
        Zeke grabbed my wrist, not giving me much of a chance to argue. Something cool slipped over it and clicked. Handcuffs? Oh, hell, yes. He placed the other cuff on my left wrist and turned me back around. Heat and lust burned in his eyes. His jaw worked as he appraised me.
         With one finger, he drew a line from my throat down between my breasts to my stomach. God, I wanted him to touch my breasts. Tweak my nipples. To do something. The touches, light and tickly, were sheer torture. I shifted my hips. Damn, I still had my panties on.

Changeling Press  Razors Edge Press
  AllRomance Ebooks  Amazon  Barnes and Noble 

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Sunday Snoggin' with Gifted!

It's time for the Sunday Snog! Love these! Thought I'd share a white hot kiss from my latest release, Gifted with you. Yeah? Here's the info if you decide you'd like a copy of Gifted for yourself!

Gifted by Megan Slayer
BDSM, Contemp, M/F, D/s, toys, Spanking
Short Story
Available here!

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, it is so sexy.

And now for that snog!!

“So many choices and only a short period of time.” He withdrew a length of rope, something in plastic she couldn’t see, a leash and another collar. Something else crinkled, but she couldn’t make out what he’d picked up.

“You need a proper collar.” He crossed the short distance back to where she stood and left the other items on the metal table at her side. Master S unlocked the collar and held it around her throat. “As long as you wear this, you’re mine. Do you accept this collar?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Even Master G never used a collar on her, and she’d been his primary play toy. The collar, leather and thick studs, rested heavy around her throat. When she swallowed, the weight of the collar reminded her she belonged to someone.

“Turn around,” he said and snicked the lock in place. When she did as told, he unlocked the cuffs around her wrists long enough to pull her arms behind her back. “That’s better. On your knees. I want to see what you can do.”

Nadia settled at his feet. The cushioning on the floor padded her where she’d landed on her knees. She reached forward, grabbing his zipper with her teeth. Although she shouldn’t, she glanced up at her new master. His hands on his hips, Master S tilted his head to the side.

“Do you want my cock?” He arched his hips, giving her more access. “Work for it.” She gripped the metal tab in her teeth and tugged. Eventually the zipper parted and his dick sprang free of the leather constraints. His cock slapped her on the nose. “Thank you, Sir. Use me some more?” She squatted down more and licked the underside of his prick.

“Bad girls don’t follow the rules,” he said and swatted her cheek with his cock. “I’ll punish you later. Get me nice and wet.” He fisted her hair once more and guided himself into her mouth. “Take it all.”

Every nerve ending in her body misfired. She craved his touch and his domination. The rest of the world did slip away. Nothing mattered but what he wanted to do to her. Would he use the wax? Clamps? Vibrating ass plug? God, the possibilities were endless.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shiny New BDSM Novella - GIFTED - out NOW!!

New Release!! Gifted!

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, it is so sexy.

Check out the video here:

And how about an excerpt!!

She wasn’t sure how long she stood there, balancing on her toes in those boots. Master G loved her in the ballet-style pointed boots. She didn’t care. They looked hot on her feet and the feel of the leather surrounding her legs past her knees added to her pleasure. She closed her eyes and listened for the next person to enter the room. Her new master.

The door creaked, causing her to open her eyes. The moment she caught sight of the man, her anger toward Master G evaporated. Long legs encased in tight-fitting leather. Muscle-corded arms with just a hint of hair sprinkling on the surface. He wore the standard leather-and-studs harness, which accentuated his broad chest. His boots padded on the thick carpeted floor as he stalked towards her. A shiver ran up her spine. She liked men who looked like they could take charge. She’d asked for a man just like him when she signed up for sessions at The Q—someone to make her forget the stress at work and to take the control from her hands.

He fit her bill. Like to a T.

Nadia forced her gaze to the floor. He deserved respect, no matter who the hell he was.

“So you’re mine?” He curled his fingers under her chin, forcing her to look at him. “My name is Master S. I’m told your name is Pet. Correct?” He removed the gag. “I do want you to answer me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The corner of his mouth twitched. She noticed the dusting of scruff on his cheeks. What would that feel like on her inner thighs? Heaven, most likely. Master S pulled at the bow between her breasts. Slowly and with the right amount of drag to remind her she’d been bound, the ribbon came away from her chest.

“Such a pretty present. You will address me as Sir.” He rubbed his thumb across her chin. “I’ve been given a list of your nos, per the club agreement, and I’ve been watching you with Master G. So willing and responsive to him, but he isn’t what you need. I’ll push you while making sure you’re pleasured the way you crave. Tell me your safe word.”


“Good, Pet.”

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Football Quotes of the Week!!!

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I love these posts because it's so much fun to take what the commentators say out of context. Even more fun when the commentators screw themselves over. Oh well. Here's the quotes!!

"...playing hard inside..."


"...defensive player that far inside--you won't win..."

But you'll have fun!!!

"...good slot defensive back working on the tight end..."

Hey, this is family television!

"...shoving Rodgers to the ground..."

I hope it was good for the both of them.

And lastly because I couldn't NOT post this one:

"...they have their own little packages in the game..."


Enjoy and do come back next week for more!!!

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Cover Faery Visited!!!

The cover faery visited courtesy of Marteeka Karland!! Gifted comes out soon from Shara Azod Publishing, LLC. Totally hot erotica with BDSM!! Yum!! More info when it comes out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Line Tuesday!

It's Ten line Tuesday and I thought I'd share ten lines from my latest release, I love this story and since the stories in the Challenges Series keep flowing, I'm going to keep running with them. Grin. Enjoy!!

Razor’s Edge: Show Me by Megan Slayer
Cover art: Marteeka Karland

BIN: 06148-01974

Genre(s): Razor's Edge Press, BDSM, Erotic Romance

Theme(s): Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Length: Hot Flash

Page Count: 19

Available here!

And now for those ten lines!
“Bad girl.” Calen smoothed his palms along her ribcage and grasped her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “They want to see you come. You aren’t here for them. Are you?” His hands stilled at her waist. “Are you?”

“For you, Sir.”

“Yes,” he hissed. Plunging two fingers into her pussy, he held her close to his body and wrenched the breath from her chest. His thumb grazed her clit, sending a shimmer of sparks through her veins. Cream slickened her inner thighs. The first waves of ecstasy slammed into her brain and quaked in her belly. So close and too damn fast.

Not yet, she warned herself. Not yet.

“Do you want to come?” His question tickled her nape.

“Yes.” She groaned and wiggled her bottom. “Take me.”

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Moans ~ Always

arekmalang / 123RF Stock Photo

Do you like Faery Tales? Want to see the new version of Hansel and Gretel? I do. Want to read part of my Forever Wicked: Always. The story features Peter Pan and Wendy! Check it out!

Peter Pan grew up all right!

Peter Pan was supposed to be the boy who never grew up. Then Neverland blew sky high. Now he's very much an adult and playing adult games. There's one woman he wants for his bed, his cuffs, his toys... yeah, he's ready to do all sorts of naughty things to Wendy. If he can find her.

Wendy Darling never expected him to come back. She'd grown up and moved on--to write white hot bdsm tales. Can her perfect Dom be the one man she never thought she'd see all grown up?

Available now from Changeling Press!

And here's the moan!

Wendy trailed her fingertips down his chest. The heat in his groin matched the need settling between her legs. She had to say something to test him one more time. “Don’t say what you don’t mean. You’re not dressed to stick around.”

Peter tugged the elastic from her hair and combed his fingers the tangled strands. “That’s better. I land on my feet, remember? I’ll manage.” He sniffed the air. “Do you realize you smell like lemon?”

“Toilet cleaner. Sexy, I know.” She rolled her eyes. “If you’d showed up half an hour later, I’d probably smell like the peony shower gel I use.”

“I don’t know. Lemon can be very sexy on the right woman.” He brushed a lock of her hair from her eyes. “You wear it well.”

“I do?”

“You wear it very well.” He threaded his fingers in the hair at the base of her neck. “Very, very well.”

His breath warmed her skin, and she fisted his shirt in her hand. Peter captured her mouth in a kiss. The tingles shot from her lips to her heart, to her toes, and back. His tongue speared between her lips. Wendy sucked on him, simulating sex with his tongue.

Peter broke the kiss first, but didn’t relent from her. “You taste like sin,” he puffed.

“Sin has a taste?”

“Considering you write about sex, I’d think you’d know.” Peter swatted her ass with the flat of his hand. “Take off your shirt. I want to see you.”

The tingle on her ass combined with the grit in his voice and resonated to her core. She yanked the shirt up over her head and tossed the discarded garment across the room.

Peter buried his face in her chest and groaned. His day-old whiskers scraped against her lace-covered breasts. Cream slickened her panties. He reached behind her and flicked the clasp on her bra. “I want this gone.” He heaved the bra in the same direction as her shirt. “That’s better. If I had my way, you’d never wear one again.”

The chill of the night caressed her bare breasts. She shivered. Peter rubbed his cheek on her chest again and bit down on her nipple. Streaks of pleasure-pain ripped through her body. She tensed and smoothed her palms along his arms. Absorbed in the moment, she rocked on his lap and whimpered.


Wendy froze. Anticipation ricocheted through her veins. This was the part she loved -- her lover exerting control and her not knowing what he’d do next. “No coming ‘til I say so.”

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Sentence Friday!!

tradigi / 123RF Stock Photo

I thought I'd grab five lines from my latest WIP. These two guys are red hot together, but it takes a little doing to get them there. Enjoy!!

“I think I’d like to ride up front this time.” Miles slid forward and emerged from the backseat. “You ride up there all alone. Might as well keep you company for a change.” He opened the passenger door and plopped down on the seat.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday on Thursday and Two MORE Announcements!

trebuchet / 123RF Stock Photo

I am happy to announce that two of my WIPs, which turned into submissions, have been accepted. YAY! Contracts!!

First, Gifted, a totally raunchy, fun walk on the BSDM wild side will be released soon from Shara Azod. More info when I get it, but this story is HAWT!
Here's a little bit about it:

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, so sexy.

Sound like something you'd like to read? I'll keep you updated!!

The next item is the football story, the one I've sort of talked about...well, it's been contracted through Total-E-Bound Publishing as part of the Out of Bounds Anthology. My story is neatly packaged between one by my dear friend Cheryl Dragon and my pal Stephanie "Flash" Burke! Comes out in July. Here's the info:

Crossing the Line ~ Megan Slayer

Opposites can attract and come together with explosive results.

Ryan Malone punts for the Dragons and likes his life as an art restorer. Love isn’t in his game plan—unless Paul Toth is involved. They’ve known each other forever but never taken the next step. Ryan’s not sure if Paul can accept his kinky needs. All it takes is one chance to see if sparks will fly.

Paul’s ready and willing to snag the sexy punter. He doesn’t care what team Ryan plays for as long as he’s got Ryan’s nights. But Ryan’s holding something back. Can Paul unlock whatever Ryan’s hiding before their burgeoning affair gets struck down by penalties?

This story contains two men who are so much alike it's scary, some handcuffs, a plug, a crop and love in a locker room.

Now here's the Out of Bounds Anthology Blurb

Love doesn't always happen the way we want, but it's always what we need.

The Griffons and the Dragons have a wild football rivalry and not all of it's on the field. Whether it's realizing love comes in any form and doesn't have to play by the rules or coming to grips with being true to yourself, these men are up to the challenge.

Can they play the game of love and win? Reader Advisory

Contains scenes of men hugging, kissing, roughhousing, oh and lots of sweaty sex. Sex with handcuffs, sex with toys, sex with a crop involved. Yeah, there’s a lot of sex.

So there you have it. Two announcements and a lot of nothing done today otherwise. I'm trying. Grin. But I'm getting on it. I don't want to let you, my fantastic readers, down. Promise.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Major Announcement Alert!

So it has come to pass. The awards for the Love Romances Cafe have been announced. Megan Slayer has been nominated for Best Author of 2012. Talk about knocking me over with a feather. Want to vote? Here's the instructions:

Voting begins on January 10th at NOON PM EST (USA) and goes to January 18th, 2013 on the LR Café yahoo group.

Voting will be on the LR Café's Poll page. The link to that main page is at

No Early Voting will be allowed! Anyone who votes early before Noon EST on Jan. 20th will have their vote uncounted.

One vote for each person and you must be a member of the LR Café Yahoo Group to vote.

You can join at


Granted I can't keep tabs on all the names but I can make it harder for you not to cheat.

Announcement of winners will be on January 20th, 2013 at 1 pm est (USA Time) on the LR Café Loop. All winners are final.

Do vote and even if it's not for me, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I love all my readers and am thankful for all of you!

Football Quote of the Week!

Courtesy of:

I thought, since I can now announce that the anthology, Out of Bounds featuring my story, Crossing the Line has now been accepted and contracted by Total-E-Bound and is set to release in July, might as well post some Football Quotes. Yes, I know it should be WIP Wednesday, but I like to change things up a bit. Plus, there isn't too many weeks left until the Super Bowl. Then the season is over and I'll have to post the goofy NASCAR quotes. Yes, I am looking forward to racing starting up again. Grin.

So here are the quotes!

"...he charged the protection at the line of scrimmage..."

I didn't know they could do that. Trojan or an off brand? Yes, I went there.

"...A lot of tight ends on display..."

Yes, yes there are. Grin. And I noticed them. Rodgers, Watt, Tynes...Le sigh...

"...Short shaft position and piston it in..."

That's one way to do it, I suppose. Though I think long shaft might be better in the long run. Har.

"...tight end released inside..."

Sounds messy.

"...Sack fumble..."

Bet that wasn't fun for anyone involved.

Well, there you have it. Enjoy and hold your sides in. Grin.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten Line Tuesday

Thought I'd turn up the kink factor in my latest WIP... and why not? This is from Gifted, so enjoy!

“Such a pretty present. You will address me as Sir.” He rubbed his thumb across her chin. “I’ve been given a list of your nos, per the club agreement and I’ve been watching you with Master G. So willing and responsive to him, but he isn’t what you need. I’ll push you while making sure you’re pleasured the way you crave. Tell me your safe word.”


“Good Pet.” He threaded his fingers into her hair and tugged. Electric sizzles surged from her scalp to her pussy. “You’re mine,” he whispered. “All mine.”

“Thank you, Sir. Punish me, Sir. Please?” She barely recognized the need in her voice. He let go of her hair, then slipped the cuffs off the hook above her head. “The rest of the world ceases to exist once we start. Are you ready?”

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Moans ~ Fire Woman

arekmalang / 123RF Stock Photo

It's Monday Moan time! Have you read the Glow Band Series? Yes, no? Well, here's where to start: Fire Woman!

ISBN: 978-1-60521-693-5
Word Count: 16K
Page Count: 56
Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Editor: Katriena Knights
Cover Artist: Reneé George
Genres and Themes: Erotic Romance; Novella; Paranormal; Magic & Mayhem
Available here!

She’s everything he needs… if he can withstand the burn.

Atria Moline isn’t your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She’s lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame -- if she doesn’t immolate him first.

Zac “Iceman” Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He’s not about to back down from Atria’s challenge. He’s got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

Now here's the moan!

“Come for me, sweetheart.” His words vibrated all the way to her core. “It won’t kill me. I want to see you come apart.”

She hesitated. One more push towards ecstasy, and their good thing would come to the inevitable fiery end.

“The burn feels so good, love.” His voice, controlled and patient, soothed her frayed nerves. “It feels right.”

Confusion slipped into her brain. Felt right? Felt good? Love? He didn’t… ? Zac should’ve been a gigantic ball of orange flames.

Still pumping his middle finger into her canal, Zac smiled up at her. “See? I’m good. Better than good.” His thrusts increased. “Come, love.”

He wasn’t in flames. Not a singe in sight. Could it be he wasn’t affected by her gift? Sizzles danced along her skin, illuminating the room. The scent of fresh rain filled the room. She bit down hard on her bottom lip. Hell with her fears. Atria closed her eyes and rode his hand.

“Oh, Goddess,” she murmured.

From her hairline to her toes, her body quaked. The climax washed over her like a tidal wave, burying her in warmth and relaxation. She collapsed against the bed and gasped for breath. The man should’ve come with a warning label. She glanced around the room with heavily lidded eyes. Nothing was aflame. Nothing even a bit melted.


“Fuck, you’re gorgeous when you come.” Zac snuggled up next to her, wrapping his arms around her waist. “Sleep. I’ll take my turn when you get your rest.”

She wanted to reciprocate, wanted to give him the ooey-gooey-it’s-so-good feeling in return. But damn if her limbs wouldn’t move even enough to tug her shirt down over her breasts to restore her modesty. Screw it. Sleep sounded so much better. She smiled and rolled over, curling into the crook of his side. “Never leave me.”

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years and Raunchy Fun!!

I've always been naughty and this hop is just my style. Naughty and fun! I love to write hot stories with BDSM and LBGT themes. Hey, the hotter the better.

So my plans for this year... hmm...I want to finish out my Challenges Series. I've got a couple of other ideas for the series and very much want to give it a good run. The Haven House Vampires stories are coming forth this coming year, too. There's at least two more in that series, but who knows what other characters will pop up and want to talk. I'd also love to write the sequel to Permanent this year, too.

Sounds like I've got a full plate. Grin. But I love it!

Now for you for this year, there are a lot of prizes up for grabs. Including:

$100 gift card to EdenFantasys


I'm giving away a copy of Wrapped Around, my White Hot Christmas title. So...What do you have to do to get your name in the hat for all these prizes? Simple. Leave a comment about your New Year's Resolution or lack thereof, your name and your email. We can't contact you if you don't leave an email. So go forth and comment! And so you can keep hopping once you've commented here, the linky list is below. Be sure to stop at all the sites to maximize your entering potential! And thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you were here!