Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Christmas Paws Blog Hop!!

Its time for Santa Paws and all the other wonderful critters of Christmas. I thought for my part of the hop, I'd showcase my critters. I have quite a few because well... I like critters.

Jojo - our first forray into dog ownership. She protects DH and growls when I touch him. Otherwise, she's a good dog. I love her.

Ah, Darlington. I named her after a raceway in South Carolina. Yep, I'm odd like that. She poops on the floor when she's nervous and freaks out during thunderstorms, but I love her. 

Kenny Wallace is my old man cat. He's missing quite a few of his teeth and tends to be grumpy--nothing like his NASCAR driver namesake--but he's my baby. 

This is Vader. He's a pill. He lives up to his moniker. He stalks trouble and is wicked dangerous with feet under a blanket. He's the best alarm clock a gal could want. Every day at 7:25 sharp, he's pawing my face wanting fed. That's how we roll. 

This is Captain America. He started out as Unsinkable Molly Brown, but that had to be changed when I found out she was a he. He's a real pill. If there's anything moving, he's there to investigate.He got the name Cap because I wasn't sure what his personality would be and it was a nice and simple name. Oh and the white on his face looked like the shape of the Avengers A, too. Hee hee. 

So...now we're at the part of the hop where the prizes are for you! Leave a comment, your name and email in the comments section and you're not only entered in for the big prize, but also entered in to win a pdf from my backlist! Easy peasy!

Good luck, happy hopping and be sure to check out the other stops. 
Happy Holidays!

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Grandprize drawing:  For our grandprize we will be giving away $200 dollars and something special for the winner's pet!! 

And be sure to follow the linky list! :-)  Good luck and happy furry holidays!
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Anonymous said...

What darling pets! I've had a few in my day, but these days I live vicariously through my brother's family (they have a huge Bernese mountain dog)!


Michelle Willms said...

I have four doggies, two birds, and a cat. One of my dogs is so old, his teeth look horrible. They must hurt. He dislikes most everyone except me. I love all my pets very much; they are a vital part of my family. Thanks for the giveaway and thank you to all the sponsors for making this possible. michelle_willms(at)yahoo(dot)com

ghwasd said...

What a cute bunch! They look adorable in the photos - but don't they always? ghwasd at gmail dot com

Iris Pross said...

your pets are adorable! Thanks for sharing them with us


bn100 said...

Cute pics

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

BookLady said...

What a great group of pets! Thanks for sharing.