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Red Velvet Christmas - White Hot One Liners!

It's time for the Red Velvet Blog Hop Stop here at my blog. I thought to celebrate the heat of the season with some white hot one-liners from the series. Enjoy the hotness and be sure to enter the contest! 

Ribboned by Megan Slayer  

Red Velvet Christmas

Ribbons aren’t just for decorating anymore.

Daria Elf never expected to be moved to the velvet ribbon department right before Christmas. She also never expected her boss to be the object of her wettest fantasies. Can she keep her cool, or will she end up on Raven's Naughty List?

Raven Elf has his sights set on Daria. He wants her for his department, his bed and bound in his thick velvet ribbons. He'll get his girl, but the hard part is convincing her that their connection is meant to last.

White Hot One-Liner:
“Raven,” she whispered, “I want you to tangle me in your ribbons. Please?”

~ ~ ~ 

Yet to Come by Zenobia Renquist  

Red Velvet Christmas

Rae is a ghost of Christmas future. Her track record for making people see and turn to the light is unblemished, except for one man. Zane has hit her list for the third and final time. The incentive he wants to be good is one she refuses to give him. Rae cannot be with a man who allies so easily with bad, but her desire demands she not be without him. At sunrise Christmas morning, her powers fade and with them any chance she has of seeing Zane again unless he can convince her the best is yet to come.


White Hot One line: 
His stance was shaky -- the result of the pent-up magic trying to bind them together and failing, rather than sated passion.

~ ~ ~
Ticket to Ride by Ana Raine 

Red Velvet Christmas

Addison and Tyler have been together for five years, but when they move in together, Addison discovers Tyler has a secret -- a hidden stash of bondage magazines, with pictures of Addison tucked inside.
Addison never thought he'd be into kinky sex, but he'd do anything to please Tyler -- including venturing out to an adult toy store on a hunt to find out more about BDSM. He's intrigued enough to bring home a rope set so he can surprise Tyler with the best Christmas present ever -- a kinky, tied up Addison.

White Hot One-Line: 
My mouth was still bound, but even if I had been able to speak, I wouldn’t be able to find words as to how satisfied I was.

~ ~ ~ 
Reindeer Sex Games by Lacey Savage 

Red Velvet Christmas

Rudolph is convinced reindeer were meant to keep their hooves firmly on the ground, but that's just not an option when Christmas comes around. Santa and the rest of the world need him to guide that sleigh. He usually finds his courage in a glass of whiskey downed before takeoff. But this year, his favorite watering hole offers a little more excitement than he expected.

Nikki McAvoy knows of only one way to make it through the holiday season unscathed, and that's by hooking up with a stranger on Christmas Eve. When she spots Rudolph at the bar, she knows she's got her man. A bit of flirting leads to much, much more... and soon Nikki is spread-eagled and tied to a bed, playing the kind of reindeer games she's only fantasized about.

But when a dead-ringer for Santa Claus barges into the room claiming Nikki has ruined Christmas, she's got a lot of explaining to do…

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White Hot One-Liner:

She watched her gorgeous lover -- a man who’d been on top of her, inside her, only minutes earlier -- spread his arms and transform from a hot human male to a beautiful reindeer.

~ ~ ~ 
Merry Mate by BJ McCall

Red Velvet Christmas

A red velvet Santa's hat that only fits one's true love? Sierra doesn't believe in magic, but she's willing to give it a try and find her merry mate.

Banning is in love with Sierra, but the werewolves of Elk Mountain stick to their own kind. Banning would do anything to spend time with the beautiful she-wolf and he's more than willing to try on a Santa's hat to please her.

Humans are off limits, but what's a wolf to do when the hat is a perfect fit?


White Hot One-Liner: 

His heart still hammering from sexual exertion, he leaned down and kissed her back. “If I could howl, I would.”

~ ~ ~ 

Vera’s Christmas Wish by Sarah Makela 

Red Velvet Christmas, book 6

Vera's back in Finland looking to find some Yuletide love with a sexy elf.

Vera Hayes had the most amazing Christmas ever a year ago. Now she's back in Finland hoping to find Pekka, her sexy Finnish elf, in hopes of creating new and delightful holiday memories. Not having any luck, she goes back to her cabin where a deranged goat man storms inside demanding food and drink.

On the run from the goat man, she stumbles across Pekka overseeing a huge herd of reindeer. He's glad to see her, even if he's more than a little amused at the trouble she always finds herself in.

White Hot One-Liner: 

“You’re either not wearing underwear, or you’re not done undressing. Should I assist you?” A wicked glint shone in his eyes.

~ ~ ~ 

Ribbons and Lace Anne Kane

Red Velvet Christmas

All he wants for Christmas is a sexy little elf!
When Leonardo Delgado fell in love with a woman who was already engaged, he resigned himself to loving her from afar. But when her fiancée ran off with another woman, he knew exactly what he wanted to make his Christmas Merry!
Amanda-Lyn doesn’t believe in love any more. She takes a job as  an elf at the local mall, and starts to rebuild her life. A nice one-night stand without all that romantic nonsense is all she wants this holiday season. It might have worked, too, except for her sinfully handsome boss and a jolly old matching-making man in a red suit and cap. 

White Hot One-Liner:  

Time to make a fresh start, and Mr. Leonardo Delgado looked fresh enough to send curls of heat flooding through every inch of her body. 

~ ~ ~ 

Hearth and Home by Ayla Ruse 

Red Velvet Christmas

What’s an elf to do when she finds herself between Hearth and Home?

Santa strives for peace and harmony, not only on Earth, but in the Otherworlds as well. This year proves that peacekeeping is no easy task. First, he has an unhappy elf on his hands. Nikki runs one of his gift departments, but the corporate world is not making her happy. She wants a husband and her current elf pickings are slim. Second, Santa’s received a request from two of Bindoal Dimension’s most prominent males…Kobol Home and Braun Hearth need a wife. Santa’s easy solution? Put the three together and let them find a happily ever after.

For Nikki, Kobol and Braun, however, Santa’s gift comes with unexpected surprises. Nikki believes this is a one-night stand. Braun does not care for elves, and Kobol’s afraid Nikki will want to return to the corporate world.

Even though sparks ignite between the three, will this be enough for them to create a happily ever after, or will their expectations make for a regrettable Christmas Eve?

White Hot One-Liner:
Braun has his new present, Nikki, just where he wants her. With a wicked grin he says, “Now it’s time to open you up.”   

~ ~ ~ 

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