Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hump Day Hump with Film Me!

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My Hump, which is unconventional, comes from Film Me. Grin. I love this story!

Film Me (Challenges 5)
Author: Megan Slayer
BIN: 06473-02081
Word Count: 8K
Page Count: 26

Genres: Erotic Romance, Razor's Edge, Contemporary, BDSM
Themes: Voyeurism

Wes Long is a legend. Everyone wants to be in his films. But Wes has challenged Jinx for more.

Jinx Star has been around the world of adult films for more than five years. Leading man Wes Long is a legend with a long list of partners to his credit. But Wes has challenged Jinx for more. He'll accept nothing less than her total submission - on and off the set.

Jinx Star,

I have a challenge for you. If you accept, I will make it worth your while.
I want you to star with me in my last movie. Hunger involves more than just sex.
Are you willing to submit to me? Completely submit to me?
I'll be on the set at five.


Her heart hammered and she sank down onto the chair. Wes not only wanted her, but also her submission? She'd only done a few BDSM movies with light bondage and a little spanking. Nothing truly hardcore. Hell, she didn't understand the harder stuff. She dropped the note, then scrubbed her hand over her mouth. What time was it? The clock over the bed read five minutes to five, but sometimes the set designers used the clocks as nothing more than props.
Did she want to submit to him? She closed her eyes and a vision of Wes came to mind. He stood over her, staring down at her with his icy blue eyes and scruff on his cheeks. His steely jaw was set, every muscle in his body defined. Her mouth watered as she imagined his cock, erect and waiting for her. A thin trail of hair led from his belly button to the thatch of curls at the base of his cock. He wielded a flogger with the same determination he used when he bent his partner in half during sex. She could almost feel the sting of his paddle on her ass.
"Do you wish to submit?"
His words dragged her from her fantasy, and she snapped her eyes open. Wes folded his arms, blocking the light from the set lamp. "Carrie?"
Holy shit. He'd used her real name. Her mouth opened and closed twice before she finally managed to say something.
"Sorry. No one -- no one uses my real name around here." She fumbled to her feet, then stuck out her hand. "Nice to meet you."
Wes smiled, the dimple on his cheek deepening. He tugged her tight to his chest, almost like they were being filmed, but with more emotion. "Do you know how long I've waited to catch you between movies?"
She reeled. "I didn't think you'd noticed me." She glanced up at him. He'd been fantastic to watch on the screen, but being with him in person trumped any movie. What would it feel like to have those whiskers abrading her inner thighs? What about his ropes around her wrists? She shivered and continued to stare at him.
"For now I'll use your real name. We need to talk -- not as adult stars but as regular people." He settled on her chair, then tugged her onto his lap. Wes used his middle finger to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear. His touch brought on another round of shivers. For a moment, she almost believed he cared about her as a person.
"I'm listening." She fought the urge to touch him. "What's up?"
"I've made plenty of movies in my time and I'm just about done, but there's one last person I want to work with." He smoothed his fingers down her cheek. "You."

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