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Hump Day Humps with Guarding Me

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It's time for the Hump! Woo Hoo!! This book comes out on Thursday, so I'll update the link when I get it. But here's the hump, because you know you want it!

Guarding Me  

Megan Slayer
Shara Azod Publishing
Contemporary, IR, Military
Available Thursday!

Starting over is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best way to heal a broken heart.

Maya McCombs thought she had her life planned outdecent guy, a baby on the way and a solid job. That is until her plans blew up. Being single and pregnant isn’t high on her list, but she’s got to survive. No one said surviving meant she’d have to do it alone.

Master Sergeant Levi Court had big plans, too. He followed the woman he loved to a new state and a whole new set of circumstances. Too bad she isn’t interested in keeping the relationship going. On a whim, he heads to the Dinner Plate Diner. Maya is all he’s ever wanted in a woman. Can he prove to her that two hearts, no matter how broken, can be stronger together?

And now for that HUMP!!

“If you’d rather not do this, we can say goodbye and part ways.” He had to give her an out. Had to.
“Are you nuts?” She smoothed her hands up his chest, sparking a fire in his veins. “I’ve been waiting on a man who will treat me like I’m in heaven, not in the pits of hell.”
Maya leaned forward and stood on her tiptoes. She met him for a kiss, swirling her tongue along his bottom lip. Unable to hold back, he captured her in his arms. Levi caressed her lower back, learning her curves and tasting her sweetness. Good Lord, she was honey in his hands. The sweetest kind. He threaded his hand into her hair enough to massage her scalp with his fingertips. When she moaned, he tangled his tongue with hers. She rubbed her body along his, grinding on his crotch. His cock throbbed behind his zipper. Oh, shit. They needed to find a bed and soon. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, no way, but he fully bought into the idea of lust at first touch. She was lust in human form.
Maya broke the connection first and wobbled on her feet. He kept her in his arms, unwilling to let her go just yet.
“You know when you eat a spicy bowl of chili how your lips tingle?” she murmured.
“I’m feeling it, too.” He rested his forehead on hers and tapped her nose with his. “I’m glad I walked into the diner.”
“Me, too.”
Music from the club filtered out to the parking lot and she swayed in his arms. Maya stared up at him and kissed him again, this time slower and softer. She continued to rock in his embrace, moving in slow motion to the raucous beat.
Christ, he wanted to explore every inch of her, but being in the parking lot they’d get into trouble. He broke away from her long enough to catch his breath. “I want to bring that sparkle back to your eyes. We need to go somewhere else.”
“We do,” she whispered. “I’ll follow you.” Maya slipped from his arms and climbed behind the wheel of her car. She rolled down the window. “What’s the address?”
“Geddy Street apartments, Building E. I’m on the second floor.” He squatted next to her car door. “I’m right over there.” He nodded over his shoulder. “I’ll follow you.”
Levi strolled to his car, his step lighter and his mind at ease. He’d found one hell of a woman. Maybe not forever, but for now, and that suited him just fine. Forever never quite worked for him.
Fifteen minutes after leaving the club, he pulled into his parking lot. She waited in the row of visitor spots and climbed out when she spotted him. She’d pulled her hair up into a ponytail and wore a jacket. The bulky garment hid some of her curves and turned him on all the more. More to the imagination and oh, how he liked to fill in the blanks.
“Ready?” Levi offered his arm to her once more.
“So ready.” Maya cuddled up beside him and rubbed her cheek on his shoulder. Once they reached his apartment, he held the door for her.
“So this is Chateau Levi. Nothing too fancy.” He closed and locked the door. “The rent’s reasonable and my neighbors are cool. Make yourself at home.”
Maya plopped on the couch and crossed her legs. Sort of at home and mostly guarded. Levi sat opposite her.
“This isn’t your thing, is it? Coming home with a guy?”
She shrugged. “I’m not much of a one-night-stand kind of girl.” She laughed and met his gaze. “It shows, doesn’t it?”
“A little. Want to talk?” Probably not, but she couldn’t hate him for not asking.
Fire lit in her eyes. “After.” Maya scooted across the couch and straddled his lap. “This good girl wants to go bad for a while.” Mons to groin, chest to chest and eye to eye, she cuddled against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bit his bottom lip, then kissed him.
Holy Christ. Stars burst behind his eyelids. He wanted—no, needed more of her. Levi palmed her ass, hooking his thumbs in her belt loops. The more he tasted of her, the more he appreciated walking into the diner.
Maya sucked on his tongue, moaning just a little with each tug. She rocked her hips. The move put delicious pressure on his engorged cock.
Lust flowed through his body. He craved her. Wanted to feel her silken heat surrounding him.
Maya broke the connection first. “You’re dangerous.”
He wasn’t sure how. He’d barely done anything.
She grabbed the hem of her shirt and whipped the garment over her head. The white lace bra cupped her breasts, accentuating the taut little nipples. Her hair settled around her shoulders.
“Like what you see?” she whispered.
“I do.” He tipped her forward and shoved one of her bra straps off her shoulders. The lace dipped, revealing more of her breast. “Love this.” He sucked her nipple into his mouth and scraped his teeth over the dark skin. She tasted as sweet and sinful as she looked.
She ground her hips. “I want my soldier to fuck me.”

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