Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Snoggin' with Cat Class!

My snog this week come from my upcoming Halloween short, Cat Class. Hope you enjoy my naughty cat shifter!!

Cat Class by Megan Slayer 
Trick or Treat Collection
Book one in the Stray Cats Series
Changeling Press
Contemporary, Paranormal, Holiday, M/F, Short Story

He's got cat class and cat style, but can he win her heart?

Trust a witch to give away black cats on Halloween.

Hayden knew her cat was different the moment she picked him up from the box at old lady Hildegard's house. But there's a full moon out this Halloween, and Hayden's about to find out just how special her fur baby truly is.

He's got cat class and cat style, but can he win her heart?

And now for that Sunday Snog!!

Joel coaxed her down the hall to the bedroom. “It’s late and I don’t want to talk anymore. Let me hold you.”
“You are.” Hayden shrugged out of his arms. She needed to change, but things were so much more complicated with him in human form. “How do we do this? I don’t mind getting naked in front of a cat. They don’t talk back. But you? You’ll see my flaws. I’m not sure I want you to.”
“We take our time and get used to each other.” Joel held her hand and led her to the bed. Instead of ripping off her clothes like she expected, he sat on the edge of the mattress. “Come here.” He eased her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m going to kiss you, touch you, and prove what we’ve got between us is real, no matter what I look like.”
Hayden tipped her head and captured his bottom lip between hers. She licked and nipped him, enjoying the feeling of his scruffy cheeks against her mouth. The bulge in his jeans rubbed her pussy and sent shivers through her body. For a guy who wasn’t supposed to have any skills, he knew his way around her body. She forked her fingers into his hair and pulled.
“Hay, that feels good.” He hiked her skirt higher, baring her bottom.
Hayden sucked in her stomach and backed away from him. “Let’s turn the light out.”
“And miss out on seeing you?” Joel loosened her zipper. He palmed her ass. “You forgot I spent most of my time on your bed watching you. I know what you look like and I’m hooked. I want to see you and feel you.”
“Joel.” She fisted his shirt in both hands. “This is surreal.”
“For me, too.” He kissed her again, this time leaving a trail of heat from her lips to her neck, then down to her cleavage. His breath warmed her skin and his light tough eased her fears.
Might as well go for it. She inched off his lap and stood. The skirt slipped past her hips and pooled at her feet. She grasped the hem of her tunic and yanked the silky material up over her head.
“Beautiful,” Joel gasped. He threaded his fingers with hers and held her close. From her breasts to her belly, he kissed and licked. The strap of her bra slipped down her shoulder, revealing more of her to him. She fought the urge to push it back into place.
“Leave it,” he murmured and moved the other strap out of the way. The cups barely covered her nipples. Joel reached around her and popped the clasp, then moved the pesky lace. “That’s what I wanted to see. You.”
He cupped her face in both hands. “Teach me what I need to learn. Take the lead and show me everything.”
He wanted her to take the lead? Good Lord. Hayden squared her shoulders. He wanted to learn, she’d teach him. She pushed him onto the bed and crawled astride his thighs. One by one, she unfastened his buttons, raking her fingers over his chest between buttons. He gazed up at her and his lips parted.
“Baby.” He palmed her breasts, pinching and flicking her nipples.
“Like that,” she murmured, then pulled the elastic from her hair.
Joel’s eyes lit up and he stroked her bare arms. “That is so sexy.” He sat up, keeping her on his lap, and flattened his tongue over her breast.
Sparks shot from her nipple to her core. She wanted more of his kisses, more of his touches, more of him. When he switched to her other breast, she moaned and rocked on his lap. Cream coated her panties and her skin tingled. She spread her legs wide, rubbing her juices on him.
“I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I don’t want it to stop.” 

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