Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK FOUR

So it wasn't my week with my Bengals loosing. Hey, it happens. You win some, you get some taken out of your hindquarters. But it's time for the funny quotes. There are some real winners here. 

First, the Honorable Mentions:

"Getting it done with his legs."
Well, I'd hope so. Still sounds kinky.

"Give them a ball they can catch."
Okay, on the surface that sounds fine. But you know me. I thought, well, how is he catching it? Muwhahahahaha.

Now for my picks this week as the Funniest/Dirtiest of the Week:

"Dunno who will slow them down, the way they look."
It pays to look fierce!

"Four man rush."

"He goes that way."
And what way is that?

"Wherever he wants to go, he finds someone open."
Sounds like a real player.

"A sack for the defense."
Is it hairy?

"Looks really well orchestrated."
Snort. That's because he's a player.

"On the top with the release."
I suppose he could be on the bottom with the release. It's a power struggle.

And now for that doozy. Oh man.

"It has to come all the way out."
Yes, yes it does.

Stay tuned for next week. I'm sure there will be some real zingers then, too. I appreciate your reading and your being along for the ride.  Enjoy!

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