Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday Morning Armchair Quarterback - WEEK 3

It's Monday and time for some football quotes. These were so much fun this week. I've got some great Honorable Mentions, too, so let's get this started.

Honorable Mentions:
"Looked like he was pinned shut."
You shouldn't look at that!

"Squeezed out of more hot spots."
Ah, he's smooth. Got it.

"A tight little hole he tried to squeeze that one into."
Lots of tight squeezing taking place here. Sounds like fun.

Lots of fun. Okay, so now lets get to those great quotes for Week Three:

"You can feel it rise up from your feet."
Good gravy. It's that big? Damn.

"He's smokin' hot." 
Yes, he is, but should you say that on tv?

"He cons the center and presses."

"He just absolutely shook him down."
Is this a game or a stick-up?

"He's gotta come back down and come to life."
Being alive would help.

And how for the Doozy:

"Needs help outside the pocket."
Is he that big? Or are you exaggerating?

Stay tuned for next week. I'm sure there will be lots of funny quotes. I know I've got some real zingers for the Honorable Mentions. Enjoy!

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