Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog Fest 2013!!

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It's time for one of my favorite times of the year. The Blog Fest!! Woo Hoo!! I'm glad you're here on my blog. So what's here as a treat? An excerpt from my latest book, Saving Sam. And stay tuned at the end of the blog. There are lots of ways to enter to win a bracelet/earring set with a swag pack.

Saving Sam by Megan Slayer
A Zero, Ohio story  
Decadent Publishing
M/M, contemporary, Short story, Anal Sex, spanking

Give up his dream or go for exactly what he wants?

Sam Grau never planned on seeing his former best friend again. One-night stands worked well enough to ease his heartache and loneliness...except he wanted more. He’s got a choicechase his dreams or the man he loves. He can’t have both.

Josh Thomas never gave up on finding the one man who understood him down to the cellular level. He walked away once, but not a second time. He’s willing to sacrifice his heart and pride to show his quirky friends the men they’ve both become, all in the name of saving Sam.

An AllRomance Ebooks Bestseller

Available here:


Josh plopped down on the bar stool and studied his old friend. The man modeled efficiency. In ten minutes’ time, he cleared the tables, soaked glasses in water, and shut neon lights off. He still embodied the free spirit Josh had been in school. The red tips brought out the hazel in Sam’s eyes, and the guyliner accentuated the planes of his angular face. He even kind of liked the piercing below Sam’s bottom lip. What would it feel like if they kissed?
Heaven, more than likely. He’d wanted to tackle his former best friend for a quickie so many times, but never had. Somehow the line “we’re better as friends,” didn’t wash now, any more than it had back then. And who was this Ziggy? He didn’t remember his friend calling his junk by a name, but what did he know? Things changed with time. Maybe now he did and maybe he’d finally gone after his calling. A couple months earlier, he’d posted on Facebook about the club he still wanted to start for the LGBT youth in the area. Had he started the club yet? God knew he could use his past to help others.
“I need to wipe the tables down, then sweep.” Sam grabbed the broom and headed for the far side of the room. The chains on his pants swung in time with his steps. In the garish light, the red in his hair stood out even more but didn’t detract from the light in his eyes. Hell, he preferred him with the unusual hair color.
He mused on their collective past. Sam had worked the thin-and-nerdy look in college, but he’d grown gaunt. Dark scruff decorated his thin cheeks and sprinkled down his neck. His shoulders slumped more, and he didn’t make eye contact as much.
Looks didn’t matter. He’d always had a crush on his friend. In school, he’d sworn he wouldn’t act on the feelings because they got along too well. They’d ruin the friendship with sex. Too bad his heart had never forgotten his former roommate.
Sam stopped running and wiped the sweat glistening on his brow. “I forgot how much work there is when Jen and Clay aren’t here.”

“Then let me do some.” Josh grabbed his hand. “Come here.”

* * * * * *
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Looks interesting!! I'm always up for a good M/M story. :)

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Sin Chan said...

Sounds good. Please count me in.

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Loved the excerpt. I liked on FB, subscribed to the newsletter, followed the blog. My email is Thanks for the giveaway.

Mer said...

Thanks for the excerpt! I love second chances, and these two seem like an interesting couple.

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Holly Letson said...

Sounds like a good read.

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

Claira Pam - a pile of good things - is my winner!! I've emailed you off list. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented/entered/followed. I hope you found some great reads and do come back. The best is yet to come!!