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It's time for the Sunday Snogs!! Check out this one from Running Hot, Book 2 in my Track Domination Series!

Running Hot by Megan Slayer
Track Domination, Book 2  

Resplendence Publishing

M/M, Anal Sex, Contemporary, BDSM, Toys, Spanking

All work and white-hot play makes this boss very, very happy.

Collin Marshall, owner of Flash Racing hadn’t planned on jumping back into the dating pool. He’s been burned one too many times by guys only wanting his money and relative fame. But even the boss gets the blues and there's one man he'd like to get to know a whole lot better--Sam Richmond.

Sam Richmond loves his job at Flash. Chief mechanic for both truck teams is a sweet job. Having Collin as eye candy? Even better. When a shipment of parts derails the team’s finishes at Iowa, it’s up to Sam to work with Collin to find a solution. Spending time with Collin forces Sam to see his boss in a new light--a sexy, dominant light.

Can these two continue running hot in and out of bed, or will their differences get the best of them?

Another unconventional Snog!!

“You don’t have to call me Sir. Collin works. Sit back. Relax.” Collin propped his right ankle on his left knee and rested his bottle on his right knee. “Other than the young gun being quick on the trigger, how are things on the team? You’re happy?”
“Very.” Sam eased backward on the couch until he rested in the crook of the back and arm. “Ethan’s strong-willed, but once he gets himself sorted out, you’re right, he’ll come around. I see big things for him.”
“What about you? You’re here late. The wifey isn’t upset?” Collin downed a swig of the beer. “Wait, no, you’re one of the lucky single souls. I envy you.”
“Me?” Sam choked on his brew. “Not a chance.” He snorted then coughed. “I seem to attract guys who want a one-night or a quickie with my driver friends. They use me to get to him. Sucks. And for the longest time, I actually believed a couple of them loved me.”
He glanced at Collin, whose eyebrows rose. Shit. He’d said too much. Damn it. Collin made talking so easy. Or maybe it was the late hour, the brew…or the fact he hadn’t talked to anyone outside of race discussion in a long, long time. He groaned.
“Sorry, man. I get carried away and spill my guts sometimes.” Sam picked at the edge of the beer label with his thumbnail. “Shutting up now.”
“You don’t have to shut up.” Collin planted both feet on the floor then leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. He held the bottle in both hands. “Those guys were fucktards, as Will likes to say. They didn’t know a good thing when they had it.” His deep hazel eyes shimmered. “One day, they’ll wish they could change the past.”
The words, you think, teetered on the tip of Sam’s tongue. Part of him wished Collin were talking about him. The rest of him knew better. He was only a mechanic and crew chief. He didn’t make the money or carry the clout needed to snag a guy like Collin.
Unsure of what to say to his boss, Sam swallowed the last of his beer then stood. “I should be going. I need to get back here at seven-thirty to make sure truck twenty-two fits the templates right. We fucked it up today, and I switched gears for a while.” He glanced around the room. “Garbage?”
“I’ll take it.” Collin’s fingers slid over Sam’s as he grabbed the bottle.
For a moment, sparks shot from Collin to Sam. Did Collin feel them, too? Sam doubted it. He nodded at his boss then stuffed his hands into his pockets. Maybe, it was the employer/employee thing, but he always felt so damned submissive around Collin.
Collin chucked both bottles into a small diamond-plate garbage bin. “Gift from the guys in accounting a couple years ago.” He shrugged. “Why don’t I walk you out?”
“Uh—sure.” Sam chided himself for sounding so lame.
“We should do this again sometime.” Collin ushered Sam into the hallway then clicked off the office lights and shut the door. “Maybe not because of a part failure, but we should.”
“You get another couple of those beers, and I’m all yours.” Sam laughed to hide his embarrassment. Talk about a come-on. Get a beer, and I’m all yours. Shit.

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