Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Equal Rights Blog Hop

It's time for the Equal Rights Blog Hop. My story, Living on My Own came out a few weeks ago, but the characters in the book weren't allowed to get married. I have lots of family members who are part of the GLBT family. They should have the same rights as everyone else. If they, like the characters in my story, want to get married and get the same benefits as heterosexual couples, then why not? I'm glad I'm part of this great community. I've met so many awesome, caring friends as well as learned what real love looks like. I hope one day everyone will be able to get married if that's what they want to do. In my home state of Ohio, gay marriage isn't legal yet. I hope one day it will be. As a par of the GLBT community, I'd love for everyone to have that chance.

Want to know a little bit more about Living on My Own? Here you go!

Living on My Own by Megan Slayer
part of the Mixed Tape series
also in Mixed Tape Volume 2

M/M, BDSM, erotic

MLR Press

Can the past really help the future?

Daniel Tate knew he'd walked out on a one in a million man, but some things are better dealt with alone. Leaving Kel meant losing his heart. He's conquered his demons. Now he's out to prove to Kelsey why being together is so much better than living on their own. When Kelsey Schriver's life fell apart, the last person he expected to come to his aid was his former sub. Their past burned bright, then snuffed out too fast for Kelsey. Is the past something he can forgive or something he can't surmount?

Now for the question to enter for the Grand Prize!!! What state is my home state? Put your answer in the comments along with your name and email so we can get in touch with you. I'll also be drawing on Monday for a copy of one of the books from my back list! What is the grand prize for the whole hop?

Queer Town Abbey is providing 3 Amazon Gift Cards of $25.00 each and winners will be picked at random
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laurie said...

i dunno so i am gonna guess hawaii!

Anonymous said...

You live in Ohio!


H.B. said...

Ohio is the state you live.

Thanks somuch for participating in the hop.

humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

Cornelia said...

your home state Ohio.Thanks for the hop.

Sherry said...

You live in Ohio!!
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Lena Grey said...

You live in Ohio.

Lisa said...



awindandbooks said...

Your home state is Ohio. Thank you for your blog post and for participating in the hop!

awindandbooks at gmail dot com

wulf said...

Your home state is OHIO! :)


Cathy Romanczuk said...

Well, you said Ohio. I used to live in 'burbs of Dayton--a looong time ago. Thanks for your blog post and for your giveaway. I think that love is love.

romanczukc AT yahoo DOT com

Sarah Madison said...

Ohio! Congrats on the Mixed Tape story--I've been hearing good things about that anthology!


Daniel M said...

Ohio thanks for hoppping! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Sophie Bonaste said...

You live in Ohio. Right next door to me;) Thanks for sharing and participating.

SophieBonaste at gmail dot com

Beth said...


So glad I live in Washington. Means my daughter can get married, once she finds the right woman of course.

carolcobun @

Emily said...

Your home state is Ohio.


Wendi Zwaduk said...

And the winner is...
SophieBonaste at gmail dot com

I'll be emailing you in just a bit. I know I"m late in drawing. Life got in the way. Thanks to all who hopped. Hope you found some good reads while you were here!