Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Humps ~ What A Night!

I've fallen off the horse so to speak when it comes to posting these. I'm trying (TRYING) to rectify that. Grin. Here's one of my latest releases, What a Night. These crazy married's going to get hawt in here!

What a Night  
Shara Azod Publishing
Megan Slayer
Contemp, M/F, toys, Anal Sex
A Short Story
He’ll make her fantasies come true.
Mark wants this anniversary to be one his wife, Lyssa, will never forget. He’s going to pull out all the stops and make love to her all night long. But she’s got a few tricks up her satin sleeves as well. Will his plans go up in smoke, or will this be the night they’ve dreamed of?

And now for that hump!!

“There’s my sexy girl.” He snagged her in an embrace. “I love the red. It’s perfect against your skin.” He met her for a kiss, swiping his tongue over her bottom lip. She grabbed his ass and squeezed.
The man’s ass had been built for grabbing. Tight, round and just right for her hands. She melted into his touch and moaned.
Mark broke the kiss first, but didn’t let go of her. “I wanted to wait, but it’s not gonna happen.” He caged her between his body and the wall. “Need you.”
He hiked her skirt up over her hips and slipped one hand between her thighs. “No panties. Nice.” He caressed her slit, smearing her juices over her pussy lips. “Want to feel you around me.”
“What are you waiting for?” She popped the button on his dress slacks, then eased down the zipper. The soft cotton of his boxer shorts barely contained his erection. She suppressed a shudder as his warmth seeped onto her hand. She encircled his erection with her fingers, despite the fabric between them.
“You’re playing with fire,” Mark murmured against her neck. His kisses switched between love bites and licks. He worked his cock out of his boxers, then hooked her right leg around his waist.  In one swift move, he entered her and groaned. “Jesus, this is always the best.”
Her back knocked into the wall with every thrust, but she didn’t care. She needed him with a primal urge, as much as he needed her. She clenched her inner walls around him, holding him tight in her pussy.
“Shit, you make me never want to leave your cunt.” He buried his face against her neck and growled. His teeth scraped her skin and sent sizzles through her veins. He bit, adding a dimension of lust-filled pain to her pleasure.
Lyssa dug her nails into his shoulders and held on with all her might. Christ. She didn’t want this tryst to end either. She closed her eyes and rode the waves of desire as well as his cock. Her legs trembled and she gasped for air. Her pussy quivered.

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