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White Hot Racing and the Men Who Love Them!

We're having a blog fest and you're going to win the prizes. Yep. Today I'm featuring my Resplendence Publishing titles, Hot Laps and Running Hot. Make sure you go to Naughty Edition Reviews to check out who else is participating!

Here are some snippets from the books. Both are AllRomance Ebooks Bestsellers! Enjoy!

Hot Laps by Megan Slayer 

Resplendence Publishing
Track Domination, Book 1
MM, Anal Sex, BDSM, Toys, Spanking
Racing hearts and race trucks…things happen fast on track.

Adam Lowry is known in the racing community as the best crew chief. He doesn’t pull punches or put up with diva antics from drivers no matter what. But there is one man he never quite got over. Will Camden, his former lover and now the latest addition of the Flash Racing team.

All Will Camden needed was a second chance to prove he’s got what it takes to race with the big dogs in the truck series. When he’s asked to fill in for another driver at Flash, he’s determined to make the best of the situation. Knowing his ex is his crew chief is bonus points.

Can they make the jump from being a solid team on the track to solid in bed or will they crash and burn before the end of the race?

“I’ve solved our problem. This is Will Camden. Remember him?”
Remember him? Adam choked back the snappy retort. A scar was hard to forget. For him, Will was that scar. Saying they shared a messy history was an understatement. Adam grabbed the bill of his hat then tugged the hat tighter down on his head.
Will, dressed in a crisp white polo shirt, ambled up to where Collin stood. A wide grin spread across his face, and his sapphire eyes still featured the bright sparkle Adam remembered so well. He’d be a good match as the next Flash driver, but damn. Why’d the past always have to come back and bite Adam in the ass?
“We’ve met.” Adam stuck out his hand. “Welcome to Flash.”
“My pleasure.” Will squeezed Adam’s hand, and the touch lingered a bit longer than Adam wanted.
Adam’s heart lodged in his throat. Being around Will would be fine on track, but they’d have to spend time together outside of the track. Then things would get sticky—and fast. Damned history between them anyway.
“He walked down pit road at the exact same time Gavin quit. I think it’s a sign.” Collin folded his arms. “And I think this is a good time for you two to patch things up.” He winked at Adam. “Will, the uniforms are in the hauler. Gavin’s about your size so they should fit. Get changed and I’ll have Adam get your seat ready.”
“You got it.” Will ducked behind Collin and into the truck hauler.
Adam waited a heartbeat then groaned. “Patch things up? Seriously? What did he tell you?”

Collin snorted. “He didn’t say a word. It’s you.” He leaned one shoulder on the hauler wall. “The moment I mentioned his name, you shut down. Anyone can see there was something between you. I assumed I was right, and I was. You and Will had a thing.”

* * * * *
And a bit about Running Hot!  

Running Hot by Megan Slayer 

Track Domination, Book 2

Resplendence Publishing

M/M, Anal Sex, Contemporary, BDSM, Toys, Spanking

All work and white-hot play makes this boss very, very happy.

Collin Marshall, owner of Flash Racing hadn’t planned on jumping back into the dating pool. He’s been burned one too many times by guys only wanting his money and relative fame. But even the boss gets the blues and there's one man he'd like to get to know a whole lot better--Sam Richmond.

Sam Richmond loves his job at Flash. Chief mechanic for both truck teams is a sweet job. Having Collin as eye candy? Even better. When a shipment of parts derails the team’s finishes at Iowa, it’s up to Sam to work with Collin to find a solution. Spending time with Collin forces Sam to see his boss in a new light--a sexy, dominant light.

Can these two continue running hot in and out of bed, or will their differences get the best of them?


“Working late again? Another fucked up part?” Collin rested his hands on his hips. “I’ve got to call the manufacturer. This is bullshit.”
Sam nodded. He heard Collin’s every word, but the man blew him away. Most owners didn’t exude the same power as Collin. From his salon haircut to the couture scuffs on his loafers, the guy’s look screamed money and attention to fashion. In the five years Sam had known Collin, other men had gone completely gray or bald. Not Collin. The same perfect
amount of salt and pepper colored his dark-brown hair. The shirt he wore, a button down with the sleeves rolled up, accentuated the muscles in his chest and the fact Collin worked out. Sam suppressed a groan. He shouldn’t be checking out his boss. Shouldn’t be interested in the way his khaki pants clung to his lanky frame or wonder how it would feel to run his fingers through Collin’s hair.
“Are you okay?” Collin waved his hand in front of Sam’s face. “You look like you’re miles away.”
A stiff, late-June breeze swirled past the open door in the garage and chilled the sweat on the back of Sam’s neck. “I’m good—just tired and stressed. I’ve got to disassemble this engine, but Adam’s right. The pushrod broke and tore up a bunch of shit. Second one for our team. Add in the one that busted for Adam and, yeah, this shipment is fucked.”
Collin nodded then dipped his head. “Quality isn’t always what it should be.” He kept his head down and fiddled with his watch. “Shit. It’s almost one in the morning.”
“Will be soon, Sir.” Sam bit back a groan. He’d never put his finger on why, other than manners, but he instinctively referred to Collin as Sir. “How’s Gary these days? I haven’t seen him around the shop. He probably wants you to get home.” Talking about Collin’s boyfriend made Sam’s stomach sour. Gary Yates acted as if he owned the shop, not Collin, and insisted the employees treat him as their boss. He acted like a condescending ass, too. As far as Sam was concerned, Gary could take a long walk…possibly out of state and never come back.
“I have no idea what Gary’s doing these days.” Collin sank onto the stool beside Sam. “It’s a long story that should be told over a cold one. I’ve got a couple beers in the fridge in my office, and I’m parched. Want one?”
A beer with his boss? Shit, yeah. Sam tapped his hand on the workbench to fight back his eagerness. “Promotional beer, right? From the brewery who sponsored us last November.”
“I passed a bunch of it around but kept a six pack for myself. Want some?” Collin waved his hand. “You work hard. You deserve a cold one.”
“Thanks.” Sam stuffed his hands into his pockets and followed his boss to the second floor. Along the way, he zeroed in on the slight sway of Collin’s ass when he walked—not enough to be obvious, but a tiny shift. Talk about sexy. He longed to quicken his pace and grab two handfuls of his boss’ ass. He’d make an impression and more than likely lose his job. Might be worth it.

* * * * * 
And for a special treat, here's the cover reveal for my next Track Domination Book, Switching Gears!


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