Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Hump from...Great Catch

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The MM Goodreads Group does this really cool thing every summer where they have free reads inspired by pictures. The aim it so show that love, no matter what form, should never be hindered. This year's theme is Love Has No Boundaries. I took on the challenge of this picture.

My prompt was:

Dear Author,

We have been best friends since elementary school and started fooling around together the summer we turned fifteen. Other than being best friends, I know that we just fool around to have fun. It doesn’t mean anything more than that; at least I know that it doesn’t mean anything more than that to him.

He has always been such a fun and outgoing guy, doing anything for a laugh and never caring about what anybody thinks. Believe it or not, I used to actually be shy before we met, but now I’m almost as outgoing as him. He brings it out in me, I guess. I never thought I’d be good at baseball, but after having played catcher for him so many times in his backyard, I decided to try out for our high school varsity team after he made starting pitcher. (And ha-ha, yes we have heard just about all the pitcher/catcher jokes we can stand.) But like I said, he doesn’t care what anybody thinks and we always have a good time together, even when we have to take the boring bus to and from our games.

And like I said, I know that we just fool around to get off and have fun, and it’s not like we do it every day. Except lately it seems that when we are together, even when we are just hanging out, I can’t help but get the feeling that he is looking at me differently than he normally does… Like he is waiting for me to say something or do something. But it’s driving me crazy, because I know 
I want more. But I know he doesn’t… Does he?


Major English (Laura)

Here's my hump! You can read the full story here (But you've got to be a member!):

“Let me make you feel good.” Ky sucked Jake’s cock from tip to root into his mouth. He hummed around Jake’s girth and licked every inch of his lover. Each moan and groan spurred Ky on. He slipped one hand between Jake’s ass cheeks and caressed his asshole. The tight flesh puckered under his care.

“Ky.” Jake reached forward, threading his fingers into Ky’s hair. He gripped his lover’s head and set the pace, bobbing his cock in and out of Kyler’s mouth.

Ky wrapped his left hand around the base of Jake’s cock and continued to ease his finger into Jake’s hole. At the same time, he lapped at Jake’s erection. The first taste of precum exploded on Ky’s tongue as Jake fucked himself on Ky’s face, groaning and arching. 

Jake’s legs trembled and he tugged Ky’s hair, hard. “So close. Put another finger in my ass.”

Jake’s request knocked Ky for a loop. He liked hearing the catcher tell him exactly what he wanted. Kyler spit on his fingers, then added a second finger to Jake’s hole. He curled his finger enough to touch Jake’s prostate. When he did, Jake tensed, then spurted his seed down Ky’s throat.

Jake’s entire body vibrated, then he sagged into the mattress. His eyes closed and his chest caved with every breath. “Holy shit.” His limp dick slid from Kyler’s mouth and landed with a plop against his lower belly.

Kyler licked his lips, eased his fingers from Jake’s ass, then sat back on his haunches. The times they’d blown each other before were hot as hell, but with the added dimension of being in love? God, he couldn’t wait to make love to his man.

“Come here.” Jake rolled onto his side, then sat up. He nudged Kyler onto his back, then pinned the pitcher’s arms. “You blow my mind.”

“And your cock,” Kyler added with a grin.

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