Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Snoggin' Vaulting Style!

It's time for the snogs and I've got a great one to share with you. Here's my contribution, Vaulting. Read the other snogs here!

Vault for the gold or fall in love? What about both? 
Available here!
Dylan Parker wants nothing more than to win the gold. He’s worked on his vaults long and hard to be the best. And he is…until the best, Aiden Conrad, shows up at his gym. What’s a guy to do when the object of his affection also happens to be his stiffest competition?
Aiden’s no slouch when it comes to competition. He’s got more than a couple of medals under his belt, but finding love? That’s his one weakness. When he meets Dylan, all bets are off. Dylan might be damn good on the vault, but is he just as good in bed? Aiden’s next goal? Dylan.
Can these two hard-headed men find common ground and passion in each other’s arms or are they destined to fail in the biggest competition of all—the game of love?
Reader Advisory: This book contains lots of gymnastics fun, voyeurism and hot sex in the locker room.

Available here!

And now for that snog!!

Aiden touched the bruised area on Dylan’s shoulder. “What’d the doc say?”
“I bruised it real good, but it’s nothing I can’t power through.” Dylan shrugged away from Aiden. “He said you two had a thing.”
“Who said?”
“Jerome. Something about you two hooking up or something.” Dylan stared at his hands. God, he sounded just like the drama-queen chicks he dreaded dealing with on the days the girls came to the complex.
“And you believe him?” Aiden tipped Dylan’s chin, then tapped twice. “Give me a moment.” He raced across the room and closed the door. Within a heartbeat, he stood before Dylan again. “I am very careful about who I train with and who I let in my bed.”
Dylan nodded, unsure of where the conversation was going, but he knew for damn sure he’d heard the word bed.
“Jerome Hicks isn’t my type, no matter what he says, and I refuse to hook up with him. Trust me, I wouldn’t get horizontal with him when we were in London and I’m not interested now.” Aiden’s breath skittered across Dylan’s lips. “I’ve got someone better to worry about.”
Dylan’s skin prickled and he longed to run his fingers over Aiden’s stomach. His cock pressed tight against his training shorts. Aiden had to feel the heat from Dylan’s raging hard-on. No way he couldn’t.
“Who are you worrying about?” Dylan regretted the words the moment they left his mouth, but in the heat of the moment he didn’t have time to regret. He fought to breathe, but even the lingering effects of the ice didn’t cool him. “You don’t have to tell me. It’s none of my business.”
“You. I want you.” Aiden bridged the gap between them and thrust his fingers into Dylan’s hair. He swiped his tongue across Dylan’s bottom lip, then pressed his body flush into Dylan’s. When Dylan gasped, Aiden took the kiss further and stroked Dylan’s tongue with his own.
Dylan moaned. Never in his life had he experienced something so freaking hot and never where someone could walk in at any moment. He gripped Aiden’s waist and ground his hips, his cock throbbing against Aiden’s. Aiden smelt of sweat and a rainy morning. Dylan released his hold on Aiden’s waist to cup his cheeks. Smooth, like he’d just shaved. Dylan wondered if other parts of Aiden’s anatomy were freshly shaved, too.
Just as fast as the kiss had happened, Aiden pulled away. A bright fire burned in his eyes. “That,” Aiden murmured, “is just for starters.”
From head to toe, Dylan’s body vibrated. Just for starters? When could they start investigating the rest of whatever Aiden wanted to do?

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