Monday, May 6, 2013

Racing Quotes of the Week!

Talladega always equals fun, excitement, crashes and some really off the wall comments. Here are some of my favorites.

“...go to the back or stay up front – where do you go...”
This is a fun question. Depends on the mood.
“...rubbed wrong on the right rear...”
Uh-oh. That sounds bad.
“...jumping ahead of the line...”
Naughty. Should wait your turn!
“...stayed near the front...”
Must’ve wanted to see where he’s going.
“...she just aimed for the right hole...”
That’s a loaded statement. Must’ve been wearing a strap-on.
“ she survived that, I have no idea...”
A lot of luck.

Doozy of the Week - seriously...take out of context, this is bad. :-)
“...really poor job of putting it in the right spot...”
Snicker. And they get away with saying that on television.

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