Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hump Day Humps ~ Permanent!

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It's Hump Day Hump time and my hump is a fun one!! Yeah! Check out more here. And now for mine from Permanent!

Permanent by Megan Slayer
M/M, BDSM, Anal Sex, Toys, Voyeurism
Contemporary Novella
Sometimes love just ain’t enough...
River Cortland trusted the person he loved. His faith couldn’t protect him from the bitter sting of a cold-hearted Domme. If he’s going to learn to trust again, he’s got to deal with his past. His roommate and best friend, Tory, has seen the physical damage and hasn’t walked away. Can he deal with the emotional scars as well?
Tory McClellan wanted the carefree life...until one night with River changed everything. There’s more to the shy art teacher and Tory wants to know everything-how he tastes, the scent of his skin, the feel of his body as they make love. What terror lies behind River’s brown eyes? Better yet, how can Tory make the sadness go away and be in River’s life, permanently?
Reader Advisory: This story contains flashbacks of a rape, anal sex, light bondage and spanking.
Available At:

And now for that Hump!!

River smiled at Tory as he unbuttoned his jeans. River had dreamt of swallowing Tory’s cock, of taking him deep in his mouth and loving him until they both lost control. River worked Tory’s pants and boxers down his hips, relishing the sight of his dick. Talk about gorgeous. If Tory gave up television to model nude, he’d be a millionaire. River licked his lips, unsure of where to start.
“No more teasing. I want to feel your piercing sliding up and down my cock.” The words came out in a husky growl. “River…”
River grinned again and took Tory as far as he could into his mouth. The man felt like velvet-covered steel and tasted of spice. River groaned and stroked Tory’s sac, searching for his asshole. Oh yeah, he wanted Tory McClellan to remember his name. If things continued to improve and heat up, maybe he’d even convince Tory to pose nude for him.
After sex.
River pumped Tory’s cock, taking him deep and using suction as he withdrew. Tory’s hips bucked under River’s ministrations. “Holyfuckholyfuckholyfuck.”
River released Tory’s cock long enough to spit on his fingers. He had no idea if Tory would enjoy the double action, but hey…never let it be said River wasn’t up for a challenge. River eased one slick digit into the pucker of Tory’s ass, stroking the tense ring of muscle as he mouth-fucked Tory’s cock.
“River!” Tory slammed into his mouth, pushing River to take him to the limit. A tiny part of River wanted to back away. This is my best friend, not a fly-by-night boyfriend. He said he’d experimented, but for all I know, he’s not gay. The better part of River wanted to hold on to whatever he could.
Tory’s panted breaths blotted out River’s rational thought. River needed Tory to take him, to own him.
“Fuck, River.” Tory’s eyes closed and he jerked forward. Hot seed spilled onto River’s tongue and down his throat—salty and a little sweet. Pure heaven. Tory added a couple of extra thrusts and released his grip on River’s head.
River sucked on his bottom lip, licking every last drop of Tory. They’d walked the edge…too damn close to falling off.

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