Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Snog ~ Redeemed

Like the snogs? So do I! Read more here! I'm trying to get back to blogging pretty regularly again. It's been a rough couple weeks. So, yeah, blogging sort of fell by the wayside. I'm getting back on the horse, though. Starting today with my Sunday Snog for Redeemed. Haven't got your copy? Want to know more? Then read on!

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Master G knows his subs and his limits. His heart is never involved, but he’s always careful. Except when Mistress Dee is involved—then all bets are off.

Mistress Dee lives to fulfill the needs of her subs, including one desiring a hot ménage with her and another man. She knows just who to ask. But can the Master she wants also be the man she needs?

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And now for that snog! Not exactly a kiss, but hey, sometimes the rules are meant to be broken. *G*

Mistress Dee strolled around her new toy twice, sizing him up. His erection pushed against the front of his leathers and a fine sheen of perspiration spread across his muscled back. She trailed her fingers over his tanned skin. Chiseled like a fine statue, but oh so real and not cluttered with tattoos like so many of the other Doms. Cream slickened the inside of her thighs. Just looking at his unblemished body made her mouth water.

“You suit me.” She threaded her fingers into his short hair and yanked his head back to look him in the eye. “Last time to back out. Do you wish to use your safe word?”

“Not a chance, Mistress. Thank you.”

If she wasn’t mistaken, a faint smile appeared on his lips then vanished. The devil. She let go of his hair, then opened her palm hard on his ass, the sound of the spanking echoing through the room. His grunt filled her ears.

“Thank you, Mistress, may I have another?” he wriggled his butt, in a silent invitation.

“What a naughty slave.” She swatted him again, this time much harder. He groaned and arched into her touch.

“Thank you, Mistress. May I have another?”

“I’m going to make you wait. Greedy slave.” She crossed the room to where she kept her array of paddles. The light above the second door blinked, signaling the arrival of her Pet. Part of her wanted to keep him out so she could continue to toy with Master G. The rest of her knew Pet needed to experience the thrill of a ménage. She’d give Pet what he wanted, then send him on his way. Giving up Master G? Now that was another issue altogether. She ran the paddle over her hand, testing the scrape of the studs on the leather surface.

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Glad to see you snogging again. ;)