Monday, April 8, 2013

Racing Quotes of the Week

Martinsville always packs a punch. No one comes out of there without a little bit of damage. Some more than others. Here are the quotes. Always a pleasure to bring these to you!

"...shot off in the wrong direction..."
Hee hee. That's funny. Better aim correctly next time.

"...Got a nudge, got him out of whack..."
Maybe he liked it that way?

"...Getting tight in those corners..."
Gotta get tight somewhere.

"...She stayed off him. Good girl..."
I thought the point was to nab him? Shrug.

"...tries to gas it and nothing happens..."
Darn it.  I hate when that happens.

"...they used him up pretty good..."
But he liked it. A lot!

And the Doozy of the Week is great! Enjoy!
"...he slid up into him, who slid up into her and is still going.."
Either its a conga line or an orgy... either one sounds fun. Grin. 

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