Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hump Day HUMP! with Redeemed

Marteeka Karland has come up with a new feature for Wednesdays and I love it. I'm happy to take part! The Hump Day HUMP! I'm featuring my short story, Redeemed for my hump. Check it out! And check out more HUMPS here!

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Master G knows his subs and his limits. His heart is never involved, but he’s always careful. Except when Mistress Dee is involved—then all bets are off.

Mistress Dee lives to fulfill the needs of her subs, including one desiring a hot ménage with her and another man. She knows just who to ask. But can the Master she wants also be the man she needs?

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And now for that HUMP!

“More, Pet. Nice and wet.” Mistress Dee spanked his shoulders and back with the smooth side of the paddle. Each blow forced him to take more of the other man’s dick into his mouth. He shook his head and bobbed in time with the spanks.

“Better.” The spanking stopped and the shadows around him moved. Her boot-falls tapped on the tile floor. “That’s so pretty.”

A crack resounded in the room, but he knew she hadn’t used the paddle on him. The man grunted and buried his cock in Pet’s mouth.

“More, please, Mistress Dee,” the man said. “More.”

“Greedy.” Three more spanks echoed in the room. “Enough.” The paddle thumped on the padded table. “Up.”

The man pulled out of Pet’s mouth, then stood. Mistress Dee took hold of his leash and brought him to the wide padded sawhorse. “Wait for us.” When he turned to face her, she yanked his leather pants to his knees, hobbling him.

Pet’s body sizzled. He wished he were the one being ordered around. Then again, he also wished he were already climbing on that beautiful erection. His ass tingled and his balls twitched. Trusting Mistress Dee took every ounce of fortitude he possessed. The executive, the man who ran his life when he wasn’t at The Q, screamed for him to take charge and do what he wanted. No, this was time to break loose and take what he needed—her dominating him.


His ears perked when she called his name. He crawled across the room to where she waited. “Yes, Mistress?”

“Stand.” She took a step back, giving him room to move and also forcing him to find his way to his feet all on his own. When he finally managed to stand, she picked up a pair of scissors she kept on her table. “These,” she said and snipped the sides of his G-string, “need to go.” The skimpy garment fell away from his body, baring him to her.

“That’s better.” She put the scissors on the table, then patted the man’s stomach. “Take your place on the sawhorse. Ass in the air.”

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