Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Line Tuesday!!

It's ten line Tuesday and I'm in a racing mood. Thought I'd share a taste of my newest release, my racing novella, Hot Laps! You can get it at Amazon, BN, Resplendence Publishing or ARe, where it's a best seller!

Track Domination Series, Book One

Racing hearts and race trucks…things happen fast on track.

Adam Lowry is known in the racing community as the best crew chief. He doesn’t pull punches or put up with diva antics from drivers no matter what. But there is one man he never quite got over. Will Camden, his former lover and now the latest addition of the Flash Racing team.

All Will Camden needed was a second chance to prove he’s got what it takes to race with the big dogs in the truck series. When he’s asked to fill in for another driver at Flash, he’s determined to make the best of the situation. Knowing his ex is his crew chief is bonus points.

Can they make the jump from being a solid team on the track to solid in bed or will they crash and burn before the end of the race?

Now for those ten lines!!

Will leaned on the shower wall and groaned. The chill of the tiles helped diminish the fever on his skin, but not much. He smoothed one hand over his balls and continued to masturbate. Adam looked so damn hot bound in rope and with a red ass. Tingles radiated from Will’s head to his toes then centered in his groin. His nerve endings buzzed. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t drag enough air into his lungs.

“Adam,” he murmured and increased the speed of his strokes. He gritted his teeth and pulled on his cock, adding pain to his pleasure. More images of Adam came to mind. Adam strapped tight to the St. Andrew’s cross with red streaks crisscrossing his stomach, Adam holding his legs tight to his torso while Will plundered his asshole, holding Adam afterwards and whispering words of love to the only man he’d ever really cared for.

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