Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Snoggin' with Wild Flower

How about a hot read with Wild Flower. I just finished the story for Callum, Ansen's cousin in this book. I love both wolves and hope you do, too. Wild Flower is my contribution to the Sunday Snog!!

Wild Flower
Glow Band Book 5
Genres and Themes: Erotic Romance, Novella, Paranormal, Magic, Werewolves

She's the key to his destiny, if he's willing to embrace a position of power.

Ansen doesn't believe he's alpha material. He lives life on his own terms and keeps feelings out of the equation -- until a chance meeting at a Glow concert turns his world upside down.

Willow likes having all access to her favorite band. She lives in the shadows and keeps the band's fan site running without fail. But one glimpse of the dark stranger proves there's more to life than a laptop screen.

But is he too much of a gamble if her heart is the ultimate prize?

And now for that snog!!

A tiny part of her screamed to be careful. She'd been down dangerous roads before. Willow measured her breathing and relaxed into the simple innocence of meeting someone at a concert. The music swelled around them and washed away some of her inhibitions. She loosened up and ground against him.

Mr. Handsome didn't grab her, didn't push her. He moved with her and sang to her. The guy was like a dream come true. She turned in his arms and buried her face against his chest. The song blared around her in a pulsing rhythm, but nothing mattered except her and Mr. Handsome.

He threaded his fingers into her hair and tipped her head. Willow clutched his shirt. What harm could come from a simple kiss? She rose up on her toes and met him for the kiss. The scrape of his five o'clock shadow abraded her cheeks. The cola on his tongue exploded in her mouth.

The music dulled to nothing and the rush of the crowd disappeared. She opened her eyes and stared up at him. For a split second, a flash of yellow colored the blue of his irises. She broke the kiss and jerked backwards.

Mr. Handsome released her. "Sorry. I got caught up in you, Wild Flower."

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