Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sara Jay's Boon Collector!

Today I'm featuring fellow Soul Debt author, Sara Jay and her story, The Boon Collector. Check it out!

The Boon Collector
Short synopsis: 
Timid Tisha Sanderson never had much luck in love or life. When a smoking hot demon, Bane, comes to collect a debt from her ex-lover and decides to make her pay up instead, her life suddenly becomes more interesting.

Tisha finds herself on both the giving and receiving ends of torture in Hell as she attempts to escape Bane. As the lines between pleasure and pain blur, Tisha begins to connect with long-forgotten parts of herself. Her completion of the final dark deed grants her freedom.

The question is, does she still want it?

The closer she got to the kitchen, the hotter she felt. Sweat began to pearl on her forehead. Tisha absently wiped it off with the back of a wrist, wondering why her kitchen lights dimmed so low. She didn’t even own a dimmer switch.

The flickering glow seemed to be moving.

Just as she decided that she was seeing things, Tisha froze in the doorway of the kitchen and stared in shock. Feeling faint, she grabbed the doorframe, only to pull her fingers back instantly from the flickering glow.

The entire kitchen was on fire.

Flames ran furiously up and down the walls in vibrant displays of orange and yellow. Angry red welts slashed at her wallpaper, though nothing seemed to be burning. No smoke could be seen. The room was simply set ablaze.

The hairs on the back of Tisha’s neck leapt up.

“Boo,” a deep, masculine voice growled behind her.

Shrieking, Tisha leaped over the flames into the lit but otherwise empty kitchen. Backing away from the source of the sound, she saw a creature straight out of her nightmares.

He was unnaturally tall and muscular with a lean athletic frame hugged with an expensive-looking suit. Long black hair wildly framed his face in a lion-like fashion, and a goatee of the same shade framed his quirked mouth. Fiery red eyes that matched the flames in Tisha’s kitchen peered at her in amusement. He could have easily been a human wearing contacts, but then there was his purple-black skin. And the long, round-tipped tail.

“You -- you’re -- what are you?” Tisha wailed, cowering back from the creature helplessly. She felt behind her for a weapon but only encountered her burning wallpaper. Oddly, her fingers didn’t burn from it. They only felt warm.

The man casually brushed off invisible lint from his expensive suit, sighing. “You know the answer to that question already, Tisha.”

Something told her he was right. He did seem familiar, but that was absurd! Why would a -- well, whatever he was -- look familiar?

“How do you know my name?” she demanded. She later thought it was a bit of a stupid question, as he was in her house, after all.

“I know a lot of things about you. I know that you were so shy to correct your teachers that for twelve years people called you Tricia instead of your given name. I know that you lived with a deadbeat boyfriend for three months before he left you high and dry, not to mention penniless. I know you’re still wondering why you ever let him into your heart. And I know you’re going to pay his debt for me.”

“I -- what?” Tisha desperately searched around the room for a way out but saw no escape from this strange debt collector or the apparent arson he’d committed in her house. “Look, I don’t know how you know all of that stuff about me, but I can pay you. I still have the house I can mortgage. Please, don’t hurt me.”

“I don’t want your house or your money.” The purple-hued man laughed.

His eyes, so sharp and cruel, crinkled at the corners in juxtaposition. He really looked so familiar -- the angle of his square jaw, the wryness of his smile…

“Your man beseeched me for a boon not long ago and I granted it. I have come to collect. Since he isn’t here, it’s your duty to pay up.”

A parchment scroll suddenly appeared in the air, fully displaying Jeremy’s trademark scrawl. Before she could read it, the faded contract rolled up into itself and disappeared.

“Boon?” Tisha trembled. “You mean like, um, a wish? Are you a genie, then?”

whoosh of hot air blew back Tisha’s hair from her face and instantly, the dark monster stood right in front of her, towering over and nearly touching her.

“Do I look like a genie, my dear?” he murmured into her ear.

“Demon!” she gasped, completely unaware of why she would even guess that term. Now that she had said it, the word fit perfectly, but Tisha hadn’t grown up in a religious household. There was really no reason for her to guess that he would be such a creature.

“Yes,” he whispered, the sound breezing past her cheek.

“You -- you want my soul,” she whispered back, closing her pale blue eyes.

“Yes,” he breathed. “And I have this as collateral for it.” He pinched a lock of her blond hair between his claws.

“W -- what does my hair have to do with it?” she stuttered.

“Your ex made sure he wouldn’t have to pay when he provided a part of you for the spell instead of himself.” The demon shrugged. “It happens sometimes. We demons aren’t a picky bunch.”

No, no! she thought, shaking as a tear slipped down her face. This can’t be happening! It’s not real. I’ll wake up, and this will all be a bad dream.

“You are well awake, sweetheart,” the demon crooned. She heard a rustle of clothing and opened her eyes again. The demon now stood naked, his clothes miraculously unseen in the room.

Dazed, she stared at his body, a body that would’ve been perfect save for the odd, unnatural color and the tail. Even so, his long, lean muscles rippled across his abdomen. A pair of strong, bold shoulders looked ripe for holding on while --

Well, while riding the monstrous cock hanging below, she supposed.

Sara Jay’s world is filled with fantasy creatures, mythology, supernatural romance and saucy tales. If it’s smoking hot, and has fur, fangs or wings, it’s Sara’s thing. She enjoys reading and crafting stories that will keep you reading for steamy, sexy and fascinating reasons! Sara hails from the Midwest where she lives with her rugged husband, young daughter and a house full of shapeshifting cats.

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