Sunday, March 24, 2013

Racing Quotes of the Week

It's time for the Racing Quote of the Week. This week, since the California race was so out of the ordinary, I'm introducing the Doozy of the Week...that one quote that is so over the top it's a doozy!

“...So loose he can’t go higher...”
Well, that’s a problem.

“...Enters the box for a chassis adjustment on the back...”
Sometimes you’ve got to adjust stuff to make it hit the sweet spot.

“...Getting all he can get in that section...”
Lucky guy!

“...My front end is a little free...”
That’s a personal problem, but I’m sure there are lots out there who would happily help out.

“...Too hot on entry, will have to come around. He’d better learn. That’ll bite him again and he won’t like it...”
Hot entry? Well, some do like temperature play. Maybe he should try that. Or maybe he wants to get bitten. Different Kinks for Different Folks.

And now for the Doozy of the Week:

“I’m gonna beat his ass.”

Enjoy!  Next week the circuit takes a break, but I've got plenty more to share. :-)

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