Monday, March 18, 2013

Race Quotes of the Week

It's that time. Bristol Baby! There were some real winners in this race and not just the guy on the track. Holy Moly! Read on!

"...shot up the race track..."
Well, let's hope someone cleaned it up.

"...dick goes around..."
They were actually talking about a driver. And yes, no matter how you explain this one, it sounds bad.

"...filling outside..."
Did he fill inside, too?

"...holding your breath, waiting for your spotter and thinking what's taking so long..."
Minus the spotter, that's what a lot of us wonder.

"...too tight on throttle..."
Is that what they call the little man these days?

"...use an opening in traffic to get ahead...."
In what, the conga line?

And the last one...
"...right rear hung out there..."
Find some pants.

I hope you enjoyed them. Do check out the past ones. I've got plenty. Grin.

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