Monday, March 11, 2013

Race Quotes of the Week!

It's time for the Racing Quotes of the Week. I was doing these on Thursday for Football, but with the races being on Sunday (or sometimes Saturday), this works better. Plus, I just love posting them!

“...You tell me what to do...”
Ah, I love a good BDSM reference. Power to the people!

"...Don’t slam it down the front stretch..."
You can, but it might be painful...unless you get into that sort of thing. Then, whatever works.

"...Not giving up that spot..."
Well, it might be a good spot. You never know. Maybe it's the sweet spot. *g*

"...CB has JJ way up inside..."
Hinky and hunky. Can we watch?

"...CB has his hands full, boys..."
Hmm... Full of what? Just wondered. Need some extra details.

Enjoy the quotes. Next week features the ones from Vegas, since I"m a week behind. Enjoy the hinky fun!

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