Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paws with a Cause with Wendi Zwaduk

It's my turn to write a post. Okay, okay. I wrote one already about the cat. But now I'm writing as my alter ego... Wendi Zwaduk. Megan and I aren't really that much different. Megan has more fun. Megan tends to ride the edge more often, but I don't mind. We have to balance each other out. I'm happy to balance.

I thought I'd write a little bit about my dog, Darlington. I'm a sucker for the pet shelter. They know when I go in, I'm battling not to take one of the critters home with me. BATTLING. DH knows this, too. That's probably why he doesn't send me there often.

We'd had a bad, bad storm, complete with bad thunder cracks, lightning, and lots of wind and rain. Dh had been on his way home and saw this 'white dog' down around yonder from the house. He then looked for the next couple days for this 'white dog'. I put the term in quotes because I have yet to see this dog. Anyway, he then decided I (at the time I wasn't sure why) should go to the dog pound to see if the 'white dog' had been turned in. I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, but off I went. When I got there I didn't really see any white dogs. Nope. There was a slightly deranged looking beagle and a husky pup and two pit bulls. Then I turned the corner. Still no white dog, but the one who was in the cage had the most pathetic, sad look on her face, I had to see her. She was as you can see below, part basset, part beagle. All stubborn.
I read the tag on her cage. She didn't have long before they'd have to destroy her. Now I have to add, the county where I live does have a plan in place that if the dog is at the pound for too long, it goes automatically to the APL. The APL is no kill. So really, I had nothing to worry about, but I didn't know that at the time. I felt so bad for this dog. She was so sweet and looked dumb, but sad. I had to take her home. There was one... well, two problems. One, we already had a dog. Would they get along? Eat each other? Fight? Then there was Dh. She wasn't the 'white dog'. Would he be okay with another dog in the house?

So I talked to him. He asked me, well, what would you name her? Darlington. I didn't even have to hesistate. He shook his head. "Which book did you get that name from?" Mine. I pointed out where the genesis of the name was and he shook his head again. "If she's there tomorrow, go get her. It must be meant to be."

I went first thing when they opened. Naturally, they couldn't find her at first. So I showed them where she was. Dog tags, a temporary leash and a flat tire later, I took her home. She peed on the floor, the carpet, the rug and the dog bed. She's scared to death of thunder and lightning. Hard rain sends her into a panic. She has separation anxiety and flips out when I leave. She ate part of the front seat of the camper because she got scared because of the fireworks... yeah, she's a bundle of fun. Oh! And she snores. LOUD.

But she adopted me. The other dog we have is one I picked out. APL dog, but she didn't really take to me. She took to the tot and boy, did she take to DH. He's her person. Darlington is my dog. For whatever reason, she cannot let me get out of her sight or at least hearing range. Her favorite game is to 'hunt' for me. She's smelly and loyal and a good tracker. I couldn't have asked for a better dog. Okay, I could've but, this is me and well, perfect isn't really my style.

Paws With A Cause® enhances the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally through custom-trained Assistance Dogs.

PAWS® increases awareness of the rights and roles of Assistance Dog teams through education and advocacy. Founded in 1979, Paws With A Cause is dedicated to helping its clients who are challenged by many disabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Seizure Disorders, and Hearing Disorders to name just some. Each of our dogs are trained to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tasks may include opening and closing doors, picking up objects, pulling a wheelchair, turning lights on and off, and alerting a person to particular sounds like a telephone, doorbell, smoke detector and many others. Our dogs change lives by enhancing the independence of our clients. By just opening a door, a dog opens up the world for a person with a disability and your donations will go to making that happen. PAWS thanks you so much for your donation and allowing us to open more doors.

Paws With A Cause
4646 South Division
Wayland, MI 49348

How to donate:
1. Go to Click on "Make a Donation"
3. Enter a amount you wish to donate. Everibbon will add a small fee to your donation for processing. My fee for donating $5.00 was .49 cents. So keep this in mind when deciding your donation amount. You will receive 1 entry into the giveaway for every $1 you donate.
4. In the box that says "on the behalf of" please put your name. This is the name that will be listed on the everibbon website so put a name you do not mind being visible to everyone. Do not check the box to make a anonymous donation because I will not be able to track your donation to enter you into the giveaways.
5. Next it will ask you for your credit or debit card information.
6. Then it will ask for your email address to send you a receipt. This is so that you can submit it for tax purposes.
7. Ta Da! Your all done making your donation. Now you need to contact Danielle to enter the giveaway.
8. Please email Danielle at with the name you used to donate your money. For example the name I used to donate on behalf of was Romance Book Junkies. Do not send me your name off your credit or debit card because I will not be able to see this. Along with the name you used please tell me how much you donated and if you live in the US or are International.
9. Your all done. Thank you for donating!

Warning: Do not try to email Danielle the name and donation amount of another person that is not yourself. If Danielle recieves more than one email with the same persons name and donation amount she will have to ask for your copy of the receipt from everibbon to verify that you are the correct winner. Thank you.

We will have 3 winners for the main giveaway.
We have 2 $65 gift certificates to any online book store.
Also we have a huge box of books and swag from Romance Book Junkies for US residents only.

Good luck to all and thank you for helping make this fundraiser a success.

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