Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten Lines from the WIP for Ten Line Tuesday!!

Here are ten hot lines from my latest WIP. No title yet, but I'll come up with something. :-) Enjoy!

Trip McDivott served as the principal player in all her naughty fantasies. Now he wanted her alone in his office. If she wasn’t mistaken, she could’ve sworn she heard Lacey giggle over the thundering dance music. The cooler air of his office slapped her back to reality. This was her boss. She shouldn’t imagine him wanting her for anything other than as an employee.
Fucking cruel Valentine’s Day strikes again.
“Trip, let go of me. I’m here for fun, not so we can have a staff meeting.” She nudged him away from her, only to have him hold her tighter. “Trip, don’t make me bust your balls.”
He shut the door with one hand, then turned on her. “We need to talk.”

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