Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Snoggin with Valentine's in the Club!

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It's that time again, Sunday Snoggin' time!! I love this time of the week. Want to read more snogs? Click here! This week mine is from my Valentine story, Valentine's in the Club, which is out at ARe! Check it out!!

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What happens in the club, stays in the club...except on Valentine’s Day. 
Being single on the dreaded day of love sucks. Ask Morgan. Three years in a row of sucky dates have made her gunshy. But a night of clubbing and a chance meeting with the man who features in her naughty fantasies just might turn this girl’s thoughts around. Maybe.
The moment he laid eyes on Morgan, Trip knew she was the woman for him. And what better day to make his move than Valentine’s Day? He’s about to find out how hard he’ll have to work to get what he wants—her.

And now for that snog!!

“Sue me or whatever, but I want you.” He situated his knee between her thighs. Morgan slipped down onto his  leg and rubbed. Tiny moans erupted from her throat. Just as he’d suspected—she wanted him as much as he needed her. 

“We can’t, Trip,” she whispered. “I work for you. We’re friends, and this will go to hell if we screw around.” 

“Don’t care.” Rational thought left his mind. No matter the cost, he needed her. Now. Trip buried his face against her neck and breathed in the soft, sandalwood scent of her perfume. “Fuck.” 

Morgan shivered beneath him and tipped her head back. Perfect invitation. “I want you,” he mumbled against her skin. Each taste, each touch made him realize he couldn’t turn back. “Trip.” She threaded her arms around him. “We can’t do this.” 

His ire rose. “Morgan, I mean it.” He  caged her face in his hands and rested his forehead on hers. “I dream about you. Crave you. I’ve listened to you and know you better than you think. This feels crazy to you, doesn’t it? Giving up control and giving me a chance? I’m not just some guy.” 

“Prove it.” 

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Smoking hot snog, yummy!