Monday, February 11, 2013

Coming VERY SOON!!!

This is official from Margaret Riley but I have to share since Megan Slayer's book is FEATURED!!

Coming Friday 02/15/2013 (When it's Friday Somewhere!)

Available here!
Soul Debt: Paid in Full by Megan Slayer $3.99 Coming Soon
Ever danced with the Devil? I have. -- Book #2000!!

Operation Bliss: Dr. Feel Good by Ashlynn Monroe $3.49 Coming Soon
Nothing has prepared the crew of the Bliss for the new threat burning through the crew -- lust.

Zion in Wait by Cynthia Sax $3.49 Coming Soon
All work and no play makes this big cat very, very frisky.

Razor's Edge: Sinfully Delicious by Dirk Tyler and Kameron Brook $2.49 Coming Soon
Christine's try at speed-dating looks like a bust -- until she meets Sin.
Available Friday 02/15/2013 (When it's Friday Somewhere!)

Coming this week -- Changeling book #2000!
Happy Birthday Changeling! We're celebrating our birthday with the launch of our newest Multi Author series, Soul Debt, born from the hot ashes of the Flash Fiction Challenge Devil Made Me -- A demon has come collecting a debt. Since you answered the door, guess who gets to pay it. And payment needs to be satisfactory because the late fee is killer.

Soul Debt: Paid In Full by Megan Slayer $3.99 Coming 2/15/2013
Soul Debt: Party Girl by Ayla Ruse $4.49 Coming 2/22/2013
Soul Debt: Repossession by Mychael Black Coming 3/1/2013
Soul Debt: Terms of Payment by Sarah Barimen Coming 3/8/2013
Soul Debt: The Boon Collector by Sara Jay Coming 03/23/13

Margaret Riley

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