Thursday, January 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday on Thursday and Two MORE Announcements!

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I am happy to announce that two of my WIPs, which turned into submissions, have been accepted. YAY! Contracts!!

First, Gifted, a totally raunchy, fun walk on the BSDM wild side will be released soon from Shara Azod. More info when I get it, but this story is HAWT!
Here's a little bit about it:

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, so sexy.

Sound like something you'd like to read? I'll keep you updated!!

The next item is the football story, the one I've sort of talked about...well, it's been contracted through Total-E-Bound Publishing as part of the Out of Bounds Anthology. My story is neatly packaged between one by my dear friend Cheryl Dragon and my pal Stephanie "Flash" Burke! Comes out in July. Here's the info:

Crossing the Line ~ Megan Slayer

Opposites can attract and come together with explosive results.

Ryan Malone punts for the Dragons and likes his life as an art restorer. Love isn’t in his game plan—unless Paul Toth is involved. They’ve known each other forever but never taken the next step. Ryan’s not sure if Paul can accept his kinky needs. All it takes is one chance to see if sparks will fly.

Paul’s ready and willing to snag the sexy punter. He doesn’t care what team Ryan plays for as long as he’s got Ryan’s nights. But Ryan’s holding something back. Can Paul unlock whatever Ryan’s hiding before their burgeoning affair gets struck down by penalties?

This story contains two men who are so much alike it's scary, some handcuffs, a plug, a crop and love in a locker room.

Now here's the Out of Bounds Anthology Blurb

Love doesn't always happen the way we want, but it's always what we need.

The Griffons and the Dragons have a wild football rivalry and not all of it's on the field. Whether it's realizing love comes in any form and doesn't have to play by the rules or coming to grips with being true to yourself, these men are up to the challenge.

Can they play the game of love and win? Reader Advisory

Contains scenes of men hugging, kissing, roughhousing, oh and lots of sweaty sex. Sex with handcuffs, sex with toys, sex with a crop involved. Yeah, there’s a lot of sex.

So there you have it. Two announcements and a lot of nothing done today otherwise. I'm trying. Grin. But I'm getting on it. I don't want to let you, my fantastic readers, down. Promise.

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