Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Snoggin' with Gifted!

It's time for the Sunday Snog! Love these! Thought I'd share a white hot kiss from my latest release, Gifted with you. Yeah? Here's the info if you decide you'd like a copy of Gifted for yourself!

Gifted by Megan Slayer
BDSM, Contemp, M/F, D/s, toys, Spanking
Short Story
Available here!

Can change lead to the sexiest session of her life?

Nadia’s monthly trips to Master G relax her. She needs the BDSM sessions to escape the stresses of her business career. But playing with Master G means accepting all his requirements, including taking a new Dom. Enter Master S. He’s her wettest dream come to life. Maybe change is the one thing she truly needed and oh, it is so sexy.

And now for that snog!!

“So many choices and only a short period of time.” He withdrew a length of rope, something in plastic she couldn’t see, a leash and another collar. Something else crinkled, but she couldn’t make out what he’d picked up.

“You need a proper collar.” He crossed the short distance back to where she stood and left the other items on the metal table at her side. Master S unlocked the collar and held it around her throat. “As long as you wear this, you’re mine. Do you accept this collar?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.” Even Master G never used a collar on her, and she’d been his primary play toy. The collar, leather and thick studs, rested heavy around her throat. When she swallowed, the weight of the collar reminded her she belonged to someone.

“Turn around,” he said and snicked the lock in place. When she did as told, he unlocked the cuffs around her wrists long enough to pull her arms behind her back. “That’s better. On your knees. I want to see what you can do.”

Nadia settled at his feet. The cushioning on the floor padded her where she’d landed on her knees. She reached forward, grabbing his zipper with her teeth. Although she shouldn’t, she glanced up at her new master. His hands on his hips, Master S tilted his head to the side.

“Do you want my cock?” He arched his hips, giving her more access. “Work for it.” She gripped the metal tab in her teeth and tugged. Eventually the zipper parted and his dick sprang free of the leather constraints. His cock slapped her on the nose. “Thank you, Sir. Use me some more?” She squatted down more and licked the underside of his prick.

“Bad girls don’t follow the rules,” he said and swatted her cheek with his cock. “I’ll punish you later. Get me nice and wet.” He fisted her hair once more and guided himself into her mouth. “Take it all.”

Every nerve ending in her body misfired. She craved his touch and his domination. The rest of the world did slip away. Nothing mattered but what he wanted to do to her. Would he use the wax? Clamps? Vibrating ass plug? God, the possibilities were endless.

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