Thursday, January 31, 2013

Football Funnies of the Week!

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Like football? Love when the commentators say something that makes you do a double take? Then you'll be right at home here. I"m featuring some of the goofiest things the announcers said...that are real plays. Read on!

“ tight on the tight end’s outside...”
Sounds painful, but maybe its how they like it. Tight. 

“...airing it out deep...”
Oh, he must be done, then, and airing it out. 

“...a big receiver with good hands...”
Well, yeah, because if he's got big hands...then he's got a big..well, you know.

“...defensive backs are being more oppressive and they are winning the battle...”
But the battle for what? Hmm. Hinky, though.

“...a hook-up with Bollen...”
They finally announced it. Good for them to come out about it. Kudos!

Giggle. I hope you enjoyed the quotes. Next week is the special Super Bowl Edition! Don't miss it!

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