Saturday, December 22, 2012

Under Review...Thor's Yule

When Jeanna decided to spend Christmas in the German wilderness, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. Not only was it just as lonely as it was stateside, but there's the matter of this naked man in the living room who claims to be Thor. Yeah. Right.

Thor could have granted Jeanna's wish with a mere thought, but something about the compelling, feminine voice touched him deep inside. Deciding to grant her request in person, Thor decides the only option he has is to seduce her into spending the Yule -- and every other night -- with him.

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It's time for another Under Review. Grin. I saw the cover for this book, saw the title and had to review this book. I had to. What drew me to the book, besides the cover, was the authors' decision to tackle Thor.

Okay, so yes, I'd love to tackle Thor, too. And in this book, he's very tackle worthy! Jeanna wants that perfect Christmas we'd all like. One with good cheer, lots of sweaty hot sex, oh, and the quintessential Christmas tree. She's a very identifiable character. She's not perfect and would love to be loved, not used. I enjoyed reading her part of the story and hoped she'd get her Christmas wish fulfilled.

Then there's Thor. Talk about a guy full of himself. But really, I didn't expect any less from him. Okay, there's at least one moment where he isn't doing much thinking and a ton of acting, but it's worth it. Liberties taken or not, it's hot.

Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod write quick and entertaining short stories guaranteed to satisfy. The writing flows and the words grab from page one. Why not grab a copy of Thor's Yule and see for yourself?

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