Saturday, December 15, 2012

Under Review...The Office Christmas Party

The problem with the big boss was he was just way too male. Too sexy. Too- everything! Shenice knew the enigmatic CEO was way outside her league and she would totally stop thinking about him. If only he would stop being so freaking hot!!!!

What Shenice didn’t know was she the sole reason Alistair couldn’t seem to get rid of the bulge in his pants. She was in his office giving him reports he could care less about was his growing infatuation, not because he cared about Midwest regional sales. If she licked those luscious lips at him one more time…

Office parties are often a time to let inhibitions go. This one was sure to explode!

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Now for my Review!!

Hot, hot, hot!

I love stories that get right to the point and don't mince words. This is one of those books. Ms. Azod and Ms. Karland get to the good part and I couldn't stop reading. The writing flows well and made me feel like I was right there in the action!

Shenice wants Alister. It's plain to see and man, does she fantasize about him. It's great. I felt like I was right there in her head and seeing him as she did. I liked her hesitance. She wanted to go for him, but the inevitable and understandable fear she'd be shot down was palpable. I rooted for her to either get her man! Who wouldn't?

Then there's Alister. Holy cow. What a hottie! I'd love one of him for my own. I liked how he made his moves. When he decided what to do, he went for it. So hot. The sex was electric and made me want to join in. I read and reread because I enjoyed playing the voyeur to their intimate acts.

If you want a hot story that's great for a lunch time read or right before bed to get the motor running, then this is the book for you!

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