Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ten Line Tuesday ~ Ten Lines from Savage Protector

This book just released today from AllRomance Ebooks and I can't be happier. (Okay, maybe if I didn't have a cold, THEN I'd be happier. Grin). I'd like to share ten lines of the story with you. Want a copy? Get yours here (and it's on sale!)

"Fuck." Pietro's voice strained and something cracked. The snapping of plastic split the air. "Shit. Almost there. Goddess." Pietro knelt next to Hans. "It worked. The collar is broken. Finally."

Broken? Little by little, Hans regained his senses. He touched the thick piece of plastic about his neck. He looked up into the bluest set of eyes he'd ever seen. Had Pietro always had such beautiful eyes?

"Here. I can remove it now." Cradling Hans between his legs, Pietro removed the collar. "There."

"You didn't have to." Hans rubbed the tender skin. Freedom. Having the collar off wasn't much, but he'd accept the small amount of liberty.

Pietro wrapped an arm around Hans and held him to his chest. "He beat you last year for escaping. You're going to have to really plan out your attack when you try to escape this time, or he'll beat you twice as hard. It's his game." He rubbed his cheek on the top of Hans' head. "I'm sorry."

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